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Merge pull request #11339 from arunagw/running-actionpack-isolated

Running isolated test for assertions and journey
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2 parents 1ec090e + cbaf71b commit ef8f49edf3d4613fafff11695da2355e6332b41e @senny senny committed Jul 6, 2013
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@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ end
namespace :test do
task :isolated do
ruby = File.join(*RbConfig::CONFIG.values_at('bindir', 'RUBY_INSTALL_NAME'))
- Dir.glob("test/{abstract,controller,dispatch}/**/*_test.rb").all? do |file|
+ Dir.glob("test/{abstract,controller,dispatch,assertions,journey}/**/*_test.rb").all? do |file|

spastorino Jul 13, 2013


Shouldn't we add also routing here? BTW may worth checking on each gem to see if we are considering everything


arunagw Jul 14, 2013


I will check this soon. thanks for noticing.

sh(ruby, '-w', '-Ilib:test', file)
end or raise "Failures"

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