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*Rails 3.1.0 (unreleased)*
+* brought back config.action_view.cache_template_loading, which allows to decide whether templates should be cached or not [Piotr Sarnacki]
* url_for and named url helpers now accept :subdomain and :domain as options [Josh Kalderimis]
* The redirect route method now also accepts a hash of options which will only change the parts of the url in question, or an object which responds to call, allowing for redirects to be reused (check the documentation for examples). [Josh Kalderimis]
2 railties/guides/source/configuring.textile
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* +config.cache_classes+ controls whether or not application classes should be reloaded on each request. Defaults to _true_ in development, _false_ in test and production. Can also be enabled with +threadsafe!+.
+* +config.action_view.cache_template_loading+ controls whether or not templates should be reloaded on each request. Defaults to whatever is set for config.cache_classes.
* +config.cache_store+ configures which cache store to use for Rails caching. Options include +:memory_store+, +:file_store+, +:mem_cache_store+ or the name of your own custom class. Defaults to +:file_store+.
* +config.colorize_logging+ specifies whether or not to use ANSI color codes when logging information. Defaults to _true_.

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