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Specify request method in guides [ci skip]
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@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ NOTE: Support for parsing XML parameters has been extracted into a gem named `ac
The `params` hash will always contain the `:controller` and `:action` keys, but you should use the methods `controller_name` and `action_name` instead to access these values. Any other parameters defined by the routing, such as `:id` will also be available. As an example, consider a listing of clients where the list can show either active or inactive clients. We can add a route which captures the `:status` parameter in a "pretty" URL:
-match '/clients/:status' => 'clients#index', foo: 'bar'
+get '/clients/:status' => 'clients#index', foo: 'bar'
In this case, when a user opens the URL `/clients/active`, `params[:status]` will be set to "active". When this route is used, `params[:foo]` will also be set to "bar" just like it was passed in the query string. In the same way `params[:action]` will contain "index".
2 guides/source/
@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ You would probably need to map URLs like these:
# config/routes.rb
-match '/:locale' => 'dashboard#index'
+get '/:locale' => 'dashboard#index'
Do take special care about the **order of your routes**, so this route declaration does not "eat" other ones. (You may want to add it directly before the `root :to` declaration.)

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