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Template test were moved to AV

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1 parent 995e9c4 commit f5305e7c5f31cb7577429d4cb28c1ae061824ad1 @lukaszx0 lukaszx0 committed Jun 18, 2013
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2 actionpack/Rakefile
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ end
namespace :test do
task :isolated do
ruby = File.join(*RbConfig::CONFIG.values_at('bindir', 'RUBY_INSTALL_NAME'))
- Dir.glob("test/{abstract,controller,dispatch,template}/**/*_test.rb").all? do |file|
+ Dir.glob("test/{abstract,controller,dispatch}/**/*_test.rb").all? do |file|
sh(ruby, '-Ilib:test', file)
end or raise "Failures"

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