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1 parent 143fbbd commit f567a7f228a2e7a9000acf1a31e933246b0ecde4 @FooBarWidget FooBarWidget committed Sep 13, 2008
@@ -252,6 +252,10 @@ def simplified_type(field_type)
class IndexDefinition <, :name, :unique, :columns) #:nodoc:
+ # Abstract representation of a column definition. Instances of this type
+ # are typically created by methods in TableDefinition, and added to the
+ # +columns+ attribute of said TableDefinition object, in order to be used
+ # for generating a number of table creation or table changing SQL statements.
class ColumnDefinition <, :name, :type, :limit, :precision, :scale, :default, :null) #:nodoc:
def sql_type

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