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delete reaping frequency from the db config

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1 parent 07f187b commit f63fff6a8492b32c5e44202b938ce5d9600faa2a @tenderlove tenderlove committed Jan 5, 2012
Showing with 6 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +6 −4 activerecord/lib/active_record/connection_adapters/postgresql_adapter.rb
10 activerecord/lib/active_record/connection_adapters/postgresql_adapter.rb
@@ -10,12 +10,14 @@ module ActiveRecord
module ConnectionHandling
# Establishes a connection to the database that's used by all Active Record objects
def postgresql_connection(config) # :nodoc:
- config = config.symbolize_keys
+ conn_params = config.symbolize_keys
# Forward any unused config params to PGconn.connect.
- conn_params = config.except(:statement_limit, :encoding, :min_messages,
- :schema_search_path, :schema_order,
- :adapter, :pool, :wait_timeout)
+ [:statement_limit, :encoding, :min_messages, :schema_search_path,
+ :schema_order, :adapter, :pool, :wait_timeout,
+ :reaping_frequency].each do |key|
+ conn_params.delete key
+ end
conn_params.delete_if { |k,v| v.nil? }
# Map ActiveRecords param names to PGs.

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Oh, I forgot about the :reaping_frequency. But now the config for use within PostgreSQLAdapter doesn't have symbolized keys any more. Is this intended?

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