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Move anonymous class to the top, add documentation

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1 parent b9b48c7 commit fae8f72076c7feef271176636aef9e2dca3930fe @lukaszx0 lukaszx0 committed Jul 12, 2013
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  1. +9 −4 actionpack/lib/action_controller/base.rb
13 actionpack/lib/action_controller/base.rb
@@ -3,6 +3,15 @@
require "action_controller/metal/params_wrapper"
module ActionController
+ # The <tt>metal</tt> anonymous class is simple workaround the ordering issues there are with modules.
+ # They need to be included in specyfic order which makes it impossible for 3rd party libs (like ActiveRecord)
+ # to hook up with its own functionality. Having anonymous super class type of Metal with <tt>AbstractController::Rendering</tt>
+ # included, allows us to include <tt>ActionView::Rendering</tt> (which implements <tt>AbstractController::Rendering</tt> interface)
+ # after the <tt>AbstractController::Rendering</tt> and before <tt>ActionController::Rendering</tt>.
+ metal = do
+ include AbstractController::Rendering
+ end
# Action Controllers are the core of a web request in \Rails. They are made up of one or more actions that are executed
# on request and then either it renders a template or redirects to another action. An action is defined as a public method
# on the controller, which will automatically be made accessible to the web-server through \Rails Routes.
@@ -161,10 +170,6 @@ module ActionController
# render action: "overthere" # won't be called if monkeys is nil
# end
- metal = do
- include AbstractController::Rendering
- end
class Base < metal

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