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properly reference geminstaller config under ci dir

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1 parent 8a4d723 commit fb20d6f09d5e91280bf2b5888a7299b50dba7a7b @thewoolleyman thewoolleyman committed with NZKoz Aug 25, 2008
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@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
# for now, use the no-passwd sudoers approach (documented in ci_setup_notes.txt)
# A security hole, but there is nothing valuable on rails CI box anyway.
-build_results[:geminstaller] = system 'sudo geminstaller --exceptions'
+build_results[:geminstaller] = system 'sudo geminstaller --config=#{root_dir}/ci/geminstaller.yml --exceptions'
cd "#{root_dir}/activesupport" do

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