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@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ application. Accepts a valid week day symbol (e.g. `:monday`).
* `config.eager_load_paths` accepts an array of paths from which Rails will eager load on boot if cache classes is enabled. Defaults to every folder in the `app` directory of the application.
* `config.enable_dependency_loading`: when true, enables autoload loading, even if the application is eager loaded and `config.cache_classes` is set as true. Defaults to false.
* `config.enable_dependency_loading`: when true, enables autoloading, even if the application is eager loaded and `config.cache_classes` is set as true. Defaults to false.
* `config.encoding` sets up the application-wide encoding. Defaults to UTF-8.
@@ -145,6 +145,12 @@ your Gemfile.
If you are using Rspec for testing please see the extra configuration required in the gem's
### Autoloading is disabled in production environment
Autoloading of classes is now disabled in production environment by default. If your code
is dependent on autoloading in production, then you can opt out by setting
`Rails.application.config.enable_dependency_loading` to true.
### XML Serialization
`ActiveModel::Serializers::Xml` has been extracted from Rails to the `activemodel-serializers-xml`
@@ -293,7 +299,7 @@ Set the following in your config to enable HSTS when using subdomains.
When using Ruby 2.4 you can preserve the timezone of the receiver when calling `to_time`.
ActiveSupport.to_time_preserves_timezone = <%= options[:update] ? false : true %>
ActiveSupport.to_time_preserves_timezone = false
Upgrading from Rails 4.1 to Rails 4.2

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