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Remove Obsolute root specifiying short syntax

This syntax does not seem to work. Throws the error
  "can't convert String into Hash (TypeError)"

Tested on:
* Ruby 1.9.3
* Rails 3.2.3
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1 parent 09be692 commit feaa7b35a0214240eb34780ab51b843571e74904 @gaurish gaurish committed May 22, 2012
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@@ -629,7 +629,6 @@ You can specify what Rails should route +"/"+ to with the +root+ method:
root :to => 'pages#main'
-root 'pages#main' # shortcut for the above
You should put the +root+ route at the top of the file, because it is the most popular route and should be matched first. You also need to delete the +public/index.html+ file for the root route to take effect.

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