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@@ -390,11 +390,8 @@ NOTE: Creating your own assertions is an advanced topic that we won't cover in t
Rails adds some custom assertions of its own to the `test/unit` framework:
-NOTE: `assert_valid(record)` has been deprecated. Please use `assert(record.valid?)` instead.
| Assertion | Purpose |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ------- |
-| `assert_valid(record)` | Ensures that the passed record is valid by Active Record standards and returns any error messages if it is not.|
| `assert_difference(expressions, difference = 1, message = nil) {...}` | Test numeric difference between the return value of an expression as a result of what is evaluated in the yielded block.|
| `assert_no_difference(expressions, message = nil, &block)` | Asserts that the numeric result of evaluating an expression is not changed before and after invoking the passed in block.|
| `assert_recognizes(expected_options, path, extras={}, message=nil)` | Asserts that the routing of the given path was handled correctly and that the parsed options (given in the expected_options hash) match path. Basically, it asserts that Rails recognizes the route given by expected_options.|

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