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Fix reference to old :sql schema_format location

After 15fb430 the default location of the :sql schema_format location was
changed from environment_name.sql to structure.sql. This pull request updates
a reference to the old schema format location in the migration guides.
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atambo authored and vijaydev committed Dec 19, 2011
1 parent e149d50 commit fec2999e65ad355b911911205e48432b24ab93a4
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@@ -814,7 +814,7 @@ replaying the entire migration history. It is much simpler and faster to just
load into the database a description of the current schema.
For example, this is how the test database is created: the current development
-database is dumped (either to +db/schema.rb+ or +db/development.sql+) and then
+database is dumped (either to +db/schema.rb+ or +db/structure.sql+) and then
loaded into the test database.
Schema files are also useful if you want a quick look at what attributes an

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