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Change 'validates_presence_of' to 'presence: true'

Of course validates_presence_of is still working but it is not explained in the guide, I think consequently should use 'presence: true' in this documentation.
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commit ffde34d51075e584658b5d492a9d2b101c5633b7 1 parent 1655f41
@szines szines authored
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2  guides/source/
@@ -434,7 +434,7 @@ end
Note that the default error messages are plural (e.g., "is too short (minimum
is %{count} characters)"). For this reason, when `:minimum` is 1 you should
-provide a personalized message or use `validates_presence_of` instead. When
+provide a personalized message or use `presence: true` instead. When
`:in` or `:within` have a lower limit of 1, you should either provide a
personalized message or call `presence` prior to `length`.
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