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Commits on Feb 13, 2016
  1. @maclover7

    Merge pull request #23660 from meinac/change_x_gzip_to_gzip

    maclover7 committed
    Change x-gzip to gzip in docs [ci skip]
  2. @meinac

    Change x-gzip to gzip in docs [ci skip]

    meinac committed
    For more information about GNU zip mime type please check IETF's web site [RFC6713]( or [IANA](
  3. @eileencodes

    Merge pull request #23377 from bogdan/last-with-sql

    eileencodes committed
    Fix AR::Relation#last bugs instroduced in 7705fc
  4. @maclover7

    Merge pull request #23654 from kamipo/fix_grammar_a_to_an

    maclover7 committed
    Fix grammar `a` to `an` [ci skip]
  5. @kaspth

    Merge pull request #23655 from y-yagi/add_missing_option_to_example

    kaspth committed
    add missing name option to flash test example [ci skip]
  6. @y-yagi
  7. @kamipo

    Fix grammar `a` to `an` [ci skip]

    kamipo committed
  8. @vipulnsward

    Merge pull request #23653 from kamipo/add_missing_author_name

    vipulnsward committed
    Add the missing author name [ci skip]
  9. @kamipo

    Add the missing author name [ci skip]

    kamipo committed
    The author name was lost in the merge commit 6fedc7d.
  10. @bogdan

    Make ActiveRecord::Relation#last to reverse SQL order

    bogdan committed
    instead of loading the relation into memory
Commits on Feb 12, 2016
  1. @tenderlove

    push kwargs up to the user facing API

    tenderlove committed
    this lets us leverage Ruby's kwarg handling (exceptions for missing
    params, etc) ASAP which allows us to skip active support method calls
    and make sure the exception stack is closer to where the user called the
  2. @kaspth

    Fix expected hash syntax.

    kaspth committed
    3f70e8b set a new bar for tests, but they weren't updated.
    Update their expectation.
  3. @kaspth

    Prefer empty? to any?.

    kaspth committed
    If the collection isn't empty any? will loop through it.
    Spare the loop and be more concise with what we're asking the
    collection about.
  4. @kaspth

    Stop mutating return value.

    kaspth committed
    `PartialRenderer.render_collection_with/without_template` returns an array
    of rendered partials. Avoid dup'ing and shifting it by indexing into
    the collection instead.
  5. @kaspth

    Inline `fetch_or_cache_partial`.

    kaspth committed
    Wasn't pulling its weight for a simple yield anymore.
  6. @kaspth

    Write to collection cache where the template is rendered.

    kaspth committed
    Moves us closer to having access to a local template variable,
    we can ask for eligibility and its virtual_path.
    Currently we rely on `@template`, which we don't have available
    when rendering collections without a fixed template.
  7. @kaspth

    Only write to collection cache if we have a callable cache key.

    kaspth committed
    A callable cache key writes to the collection cache under a certain namespace.
    Which means if we don't have scoped cache key we can just rely on the
    `cache model_name do` in the templates to cache them.
    Less writes, more sharing.
    Add `assert_customer_cached` to better illustrate this in tests, and remove
    tests which then don't communicate as much.
  8. @kaspth

    Check `partial_rendered_times` to clarify expectations.

    kaspth committed
    It was difficult to see when the partials were rendered, and how many times
    we expected it to be rendered before. Because we weren't explaining it.
  9. @rafaelfranca

    Use Ruby 1.9 hash syntax

    rafaelfranca committed
  10. @kaspth

    Remove useless callable_cache_key? check.

    kaspth committed
    `automatic_cache_eligible?´ is only called if there was no `:cache` key
    to fetch in the `@options` via `cache_collection?`. So the check will
    always be false.
  11. @kaspth

    Test collection caching with callable cache key.

    kaspth committed
    When people pass `cache: -> item { item.upcase }` they scope the collection
    cache keys so the individual partial cache isn't reused.
    Test that behavior.
  12. @tenderlove
  13. @tenderlove

    use a real LookupContext in the digest tests

    tenderlove committed
    This will ensure that the digestor stays in parity with the
    LookupContext object.
  14. @kaspth

    Remove single_template_render? method.

    kaspth committed
    Written when I didn't understand the internals as well. Action View
    generally just refers to `@template` when meaning a fixed template
    render. So follow that implicit convention.
  15. @kaspth

    Don't search in locals for cache_options.

    kaspth committed
    We should only support a top level `cache_options`. We also don't
    have to default the options to a hash as Active Support's cache
    defaults that arg to nil.
  16. @tenderlove

    use assert_not_equal so there will be better error messages

    tenderlove committed
    in the case of failure it is nice to see what the two digests are.
  17. @tenderlove

    use kwargs to avoid hash slicing

    tenderlove committed
    we can use kwargs in this case to avoid values_at and except calls on
    the options hash
  18. @kaspth

    Merge pull request #23611 from abhishekjain16/routes_options

    kaspth committed
    Fix routes to match verb and URL path with -g option also.
  19. @kaspth

    Add fixes accidentally removed.

    kaspth committed
    Yesterday, when improving how `parsed_body` extracted a parser I wrote
    77bbf1e. Then I thought that was too many changes in one commit
    and broke it up locally... or so I thought.
    When pushed the extra commits removed the changes! Wups!
    In shame, lob those changes together here:
      * 3b94c38 which meant to fix the CHANGELOG syntax error.
      * 5007df5 which meant to mention `parsed_body` in the docs.
      * 036a7a0 which meant to memoize the `parsed_body`.
  20. @kaspth

    Flesh out request encoding + response parsing changelog entry.

    kaspth committed
    Add more info about the APIs added and how they work.
    Use string keys when comparing the parsed response, like how JSON would
    be parsed.
  21. @vipulnsward

    Merge pull request #23642 from tvon/chore/fix-path-omission

    vipulnsward committed
    Fix 'config/production.rb' path in comment
  22. Use correct path in documentation.

    Tom von Schwerdtner committed
    [ci skip]
  23. @vipulnsward

    Merge pull request #23641 from abhishekjain16/docs_fix

    vipulnsward committed
    [ci skip] Fix enqueuing spelling to maintain consistency
  24. @abhishekjain16
  25. @rafaelfranca

    Merge pull request #23639 from Gaurav2728/update_change_log_entry_act…

    rafaelfranca committed
    use rails instead of rake [ci skip]
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