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Commits on Apr 17, 2015
  1. @rafaelfranca

    Merge pull request #19802 from sikachu/add-missing-require

    rafaelfranca authored
    Add missing require for String#strip_heredoc
  2. @sikachu

    Add missing require for String#strip_heredoc

    sikachu authored
    This method is being used in `#xml_http_request`, but was not properly
    required. This causes `NoMethodError` on projects that are doing
    integration test.
  3. @seuros

    Merge pull request #19800 from yui-knk/fix/wrap_doc3

    seuros authored
    [ci skip] Replace `list` with `array`
  4. @yui-knk
  5. @seuros

    Merge pull request #19795 from yui-knk/fix/without_guide

    seuros authored
    [ci skip] Update code example of Enumerable#without
  6. @yui-knk
Commits on Apr 16, 2015
  1. @seuros

    Merge pull request #19780 from 10io/active_job_testing

    seuros authored
    add active job testing section [ci skip]
  2. @10io
  3. @schneems

    Merge pull request #19778 from thenickcox/commands_docs

    schneems authored
    [ci skip] Document running a rake command as a rails command
  4. @thenickcox
Commits on Apr 15, 2015
  1. @seuros

    Merge pull request #19775 from vngrs/fix_typo_asser_url

    seuros authored
    fix typo asser url [ci skip]
  2. @meinac

    fix typo asser url [ci skip]

    meinac authored
  3. @seuros

    Merge pull request #19774 from davydovanton/doc-update-asser-url

    seuros authored
    [Skip ci] Add information about :host options
  4. @davydovanton

    [Skip ci] Add information about :host options

    davydovanton authored
    Added informations about :host options for each url helper
    (#javascript_url, #video_url, #stylesheet_url, etc) based on #asser_url
  5. @rafaelfranca
  6. @blasterpal

    Correct small typo.

    blasterpal authored
      * files are written to hard "disk" not "disc".
  7. @kaspth

    Merge pull request #19765 from y-yagi/fix_typo_in_form_builder

    kaspth authored
    remove extra `=` in form builder example [ci skip]
  8. @y-yagi
  9. @senny

    Merge pull request #19763 from jonatack/fix-typos-in-docs

    senny authored
    Fix typos and improve the documentation
  10. @jonatack

    Fix typos and improve the documentation

    jonatack authored
    This is a squash of the following commits, from first to last:
    Fix minor, random things I’ve come across lately that individually
    did not seem worth making a PR for, so I saved them for one commit.
    One common error is using “it’s” (which is an abbreviation of “it is”)
    when the possessive “its” should be used for indicating possession.
    Changes include the name of a test, so remove the `[skip ci]` (thanks @senny).
    Line wrap the changes at 80 chars and add one more doc fix.
    Add a missing line wrap in the Contributing to Ruby on Rails Guide.
    Line wrap the `TIP` section in the Contributing to Ruby on Rails Guide as well.
    Rendering the guide locally with `bundle exec rake guides:generate` did
    not show any change in on-screen formatting after adding the line wrap.
    The HTML generated is (extra line added to illustrate where the line
    wrap takes place):
        <div class="info"><p>Please squash your commits into a single commit
    when appropriate. This
        simplifies future cherry picks and also keeps the git log
    Squash commits.
  11. @senny

    Revert "Merge pull request #19755 from yuki24/activerecord/support-fo…

    senny authored
    This reverts commit 524d405, reversing
    changes made to 34d3a60.
    Reasoning behind the revert are in the PR discussion:
    - This means that types can no longer cast to/from `Set`, and reasonably
      work with `where` (we already have this problem for `array`/`json`
      types on pg)
    - This adds precedent for every other `Enumerable`, and we can't target
      `Enumerable` directly.
    - Calling `to_a` on a `Set` is reasonable.
Commits on Apr 14, 2015
  1. @zzak

    Merge pull request #19446 from andersonDadario/fix_security_guide_cap…

    zzak authored
    Fix security guide captcha 03 21 2015 [ci skip]
  2. @arthurnn

    Merge pull request #19757 from Strech/http-auth-realm-unquoting

    arthurnn authored
    Tiny optimization of http auth Realm unquoting
  3. @carlosantoniodasilva

    Merge pull request #19752 from yuki24/use-prepend-rather-than-alias

    carlosantoniodasilva authored
    Use #prepend rather than using 2 aliases
  4. @yuki24
  5. @rafaelfranca
  6. @troter @rafaelfranca

    avoid double initialization error caused to sidekiq

    troter authored rafaelfranca committed
    Sidekiq::CLI#boot_system require "#{dummy_app_path}/config/environment.rb".
    But this file has already been required in'test/support/integration/helper.rb'.
    This patch will change to use Sidekiq::Launcher directly.
  7. @rafaelfranca

    Merge pull request #19758 from andreynering/remove-gzip-doc

    rafaelfranca authored
    Removing GZip section since Sprockets 3.0 no longer create .gz files
  8. @andreynering
  9. @rafaelfranca
  10. @rafaelfranca

    Merge pull request #19736 from kmcphillips/master

    rafaelfranca authored
    Set default form builder for a controller
  11. @Strech
  12. @eileencodes

    Use `silence_warnings` on `StaticTests`

    eileencodes authored
    When 7e50492 was merged setting `Encoding.default_internal` and
    `Encoding.default_external` would throw a warning when the ActionPack
    tests were run.
    Example warning: `actionpack/test/dispatch/static_test.rb:12: warning:
    setting Encoding.default_external`
    This patch silences the warnings as other similar tests do for setting
    default_internal and default_external.
  13. @pixeltrix

    Merge pull request #19751 from y-yagi/fix_indent_of_controller

    pixeltrix authored
    fix indent in routes when using namespaced controllers
  14. @senny

    Merge pull request #19755 from yuki24/activerecord/support-for-set

    senny authored
    Add support for Set to Relation#where
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