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Apr 18, 2014

  1. Vijay Dev

    Merge branch 'master' of

    authored April 18, 2014

Apr 17, 2014

  1. Kris Selden

    Optimize select_value, select_values, select_rows and dry up checking…

    … whether to exec with cache for Postgresql adapter
    Reduces creating unused objects, with the most dramatic reduction in select_values which used to map(&:first) an array of single element arrays.
    authored April 17, 2014
  2. Arthur Nogueira Neves

    Bring SQLite3Adpter init API closer to others

    authored April 17, 2014

Apr 15, 2014

  1. eric-chahin

    Changed change_column in PG schema_statements.rb to make sure that th…

    …e uuid_generate function was not being quoted.
    authored April 15, 2014
  2. Richard Schneeman

    [ci skip] Use valid current config in example

    `reaping_frequency` is used in Active Record `reap_frequency` is not
    authored April 15, 2014

Apr 11, 2014

  1. Aaron Patterson

    please use Ruby, not ActiveSupport

    authored April 11, 2014
  2. Yves Senn

    PostgreSQL, warn once per connection per missing OID. Closes #14275.

    [Yves Senn & Matthew Draper]
    authored April 10, 2014
  3. Yves Senn

    PostgreSQL, adapter automatically reloads it's type map. Closes #14678.

    [Yves Senn & Matthew Draper]
    authored April 10, 2014

Apr 08, 2014

  1. Matthew Draper

    Drop in @jeremy's new database.yml template text

    In passing, allow multi-word adapters to be referenced in a URL:
    underscored_name must become hyphened-name.
    authored April 09, 2014
  2. Matthew Draper

    Give a deprecation message even when the lookup fails

    If the supplied string doesn't contain a colon, it clearly cannot be a
    database URL. They must have intended to do a key lookup, so even though
    it failed, give the explanatory deprecation warning, and raise the
    exception that lists the known configs.
    Conveniently, this also simplifies our logical behaviour: if the string
    matches a known configuration, or doesn't contain a colon (and is
    therefore clearly not a URL), then we output a deprecation warning, and
    behave exactly as we would if it were a symbol.
    authored April 08, 2014

Apr 07, 2014

  1. Matthew Draper

    Use connection-specific bytea escaping

    In our normal usage, it's rare for this to make a difference... but is
    more technically correct.
    As well as a spec that proves this is a good idea, let's also add a more
    sane-looking one that just covers basic to_sql functionality. There
    aren't many places where we actually use escape_bytea, but that's one
    that won't be going away.
    authored April 07, 2014

Apr 04, 2014

  1. Yves Senn

    PostgreSQL and SQLite, remove varchar limit. [Vladimir Sazhin & Toms …

    …Mikoss & Yves Senn]
    There is no reason for the PG adapter to have a default limit of 255 on :string
    columns. See this snippet from the PG docs:
        Tip: There is no performance difference among these three types, apart
        from increased storage space when using the blank-padded type, and a
        few extra CPU cycles to check the length when storing into a
        length-constrained column. While character(n) has performance
        advantages in some other database systems, there is no such advantage
        in PostgreSQL; in fact character(n) is usually the slowest of the
        three because of its additional storage costs. In most situations text
        or character varying should be used instead.
    authored April 03, 2014

Apr 03, 2014

  1. Rafael Mendonça França

    Merge pull request #14569 from matthewd/sqlite_relative_deprecated

    Revise 'sqlite3:' URL handling for smoother upgrades
    authored April 03, 2014
  2. Rafael Mendonça França

    Merge pull request #14570 from matthewd/uri_deprecation_warning

    Avoid a spurious deprecation warning for database URLs
    authored April 03, 2014
  3. Dmitry Lavrov

    Treat blank UUID values as nil

    authored March 27, 2014 senny committed April 03, 2014

Apr 02, 2014

  1. Matthew Draper

    Avoid including DB details in exception messages

    The keys are quite sufficient; we shouldn't be throwing passwords
    authored April 03, 2014
  2. Matthew Draper

    Avoid a spurious deprecation warning for database URLs

    This is all about the case where we have a `DATABASE_URL`, and we have a
    `database.yml` present, but the latter doesn't contain the key we're
    looking for.
    If the key is a symbol, we'll always connect to `DATABASE_URL`, per the
    new behaviour in 283a2ed.
    If the key is a string, on the other hand, it should always be a URL:
    the ability to specify a name not present in `database.yml` is new in
    this version of Rails, and that ability does not stretch to the
    deprecated use of a string in place of a symbol.
    Uncovered by @guilleiguaran while investigating #14495 -- this actually
    may be related to the original report, but we don't have enough info to
    authored April 03, 2014
  3. Matthew Draper

    Complete change of `sqlite3:///` path handling

    That which was now relative is now absolute.
    authored April 03, 2014
  4. Matthew Draper

    Revise 'sqlite3:' URL handling for smoother upgrades

    Restore the 4.0 behaviour for 'sqlite3:///', but deprecate it. We'll
    change to the absolute-path interpretation in 4.2.
    The current "correct" spellings for in-memory, relative, and absolute
    URLs, respectively, are:
    Substantially reverses/defers fbb79b5.
    Uncovered by @guilleiguaran while investigating #14495, though that
    sounds like a different issue.
    authored April 02, 2014
  5. Dave Lee

    PostgreSQL, Support for materialized views. [Dave Lee & Yves Senn]

    Expand the query used in #table_exists? to include materialized views in the
    kinds of relations it searches.
    authored November 30, 2013 senny committed April 02, 2014

Apr 01, 2014

  1. Jeremy Kemper

    Clarify 'database does not exist' message and implementation.

    * Clarify what the situation is and what to do.
    * Advise loading schema using `rake db:setup` instead of migrating.
    * Use a rescue in the initializer rather than extending the error
      message in-place.
    * Preserve the original backtrace of other errors by using `raise`
      rather than raising again with `raise error`.
    References 0ec45cd
    authored April 01, 2014
  2. Yves Senn

    fix, adjust OID query without range support to include required fields.

    This is a follow-up fix to f7a6b11 and
    authored April 01, 2014
  3. Yves Senn

    refactor, use `typtype` instead of `typinput` to segment PG types.

    authored April 01, 2014
  4. Yves Senn

    PostgreSQL, register custom domains. Closes #14305.

    This patch registers custom domains in our OID-type_map.
    They will behave exactly as the type specified by `pg_type.typbasetype`.
    /cc @matthewd
    authored April 01, 2014
  5. Yves Senn

    PostgreSQL determine `Column#type` through corresponding OID. #7814

    I ran the whole test suite and compared the old to the new types.
    Following is the list of types that did change with this patch:
    DIFFERENT TYPE FOR floatrange: NEW: floatrange, BEFORE: float
    The `floatrange` is a custom type. The old type `float` was simply a coincidence
    form the name `floatrange` and our type-guessing.
    authored March 26, 2014

Mar 31, 2014

  1. Yves Senn

    refactor, put `PostgreSQLColumn` into `column.rb`.

    We have `connection_adapters/column.rb` so it's easier to remember
    that the column in in a separate file.
    authored March 31, 2014

Mar 30, 2014

  1. Luke Steensen

    fix mysql builds

    authored March 30, 2014
  2. Luke Steensen

    fix bug on non empty defaults for pg array columns

    fixes #10613
    authored March 30, 2014
  3. Rafael Mendonça França

    No need to call to_sym

    It is already called inside type_to_sql method.
    authored March 30, 2014

Mar 28, 2014

  1. Kelley Reynolds

    Replace trivial regexp with string or index, twice as fast

    authored March 28, 2014

Mar 26, 2014

  1. Rafael Mendonça França

    Remove unused method

    This method is not being called anywhere in our code and a GitHub search
    show it is not being used in any project.
    authored March 26, 2014
  2. Rafael Mendonça França

    No need to gsub the string

    authored March 26, 2014
  3. Rafael Mendonça França

    Don't use send when we own the method

    authored March 26, 2014
  4. Rafael Mendonça França

    Make method private

    authored March 26, 2014
  5. Rafael Mendonça França

    Improve the method

    * cache `` value
    * Avoid extra `concat` call
    * Avoid extra `<<` call
    authored March 26, 2014
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