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Commits on Nov 10, 2015
  1. @fxn
  2. @fxn
  3. @fxn
  4. @fxn
  5. @rafaelfranca

    Merge pull request #22216 from grosser/grosser/fast-ret

    rafaelfranca committed
    fast and consistent return when local_cache does not exist
  6. @pixeltrix

    Merge pull request #22244 from pacso/time-days-in-year

    pixeltrix committed
    Add days_in_year method to Time class
  7. @pacso

    Add days_in_year method

    pacso committed
  8. @fxn
  9. @fxn
  10. @fxn
Commits on Nov 9, 2015
  1. @yukas
  2. @fxn
  3. @fxn
  4. @fxn
  5. @fxn


    fxn committed
    "checker" is the name being used everywhere.
  6. @fxn

    more ad-hoc sleeps

    fxn committed
    This sucks, but otherwise I get occasional Fs on Mac OS X.
  7. @fxn

    create the tmpdir under test

    fxn committed
    Mac OS X tries by all means to hide that /var is /private/var, and that is
    what FSEvents reports back.
  8. @fxn
  9. @fxn
  10. @fxn

    refactors the file monitors test suite

    fxn committed
    In particular files are no longer created in the current working directory,
    but in a temporary folder.
  11. @fxn
  12. @fxn


    fxn committed
  13. @fxn

    stop ascending at the longest common subpath

    fxn committed
    This commit also bases everything on Pathname internally.
  14. @fxn
  15. @fxn
  16. @fxn
  17. @fxn
  18. @fxn
  19. @fxn

    implements an evented file update checker [Puneet Agarwal]

    fxn committed
    This is the implementation of the file update checker written
    by Puneet Agarwal for GSoC 2015 (except for the tiny version
    of the listen gem, which was 3.0.2 in the original patch).
    Puneet's branch became too out of sync with upstream. This is
    the final work in one single clean commit.
    Credit goes in the first line using a convention understood
    by the contrib app.
  20. @spastorino

    Merge pull request #22206 from grosser/grosser/dry

    spastorino committed
    dry up increment/decrement
Commits on Nov 7, 2015
  1. @grosser
  2. @kaspth

    Merge pull request #21897 from swaathi/master

    kaspth committed
    Parameterize with options to preserve the case of string
  3. @kaspth

    Merge pull request #22197 from grosser/grosser/fetch

    kaspth committed
    do not override fetch on local cache
  4. @grosser

    dry up increment/decrement

    grosser committed
  5. @grosser

    do not override fetch on local cache

    grosser committed
    fetch is supposed to behave differently, this was a mistake merged in
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