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Commits on Mar 4, 2011
  1. José Valim
Commits on Dec 5, 2010
  1. Ryan Bigg Xavier Noria
Commits on Aug 24, 2010
  1. Santiago Pastorino
Commits on Aug 2, 2010
  1. Santiago Pastorino

    Makes rails destroy scaffold don't duplicate routes.draw do |map| |ma…

    spastorino authored
    …p| when using the deprecated syntax
    [#5263 state:committed]
Commits on Jul 13, 2010
  1. Fixed many references to the old config/environment.rb and Rails::Ini…

    Benjamin Quorning authored
Commits on Jul 6, 2010
  1. Mark Hayes Rohit Arondekar

    Fixed typo in Rails::Generators::Base [#5051 state:resolved]

    mhayes authored rohit committed
Commits on Jun 28, 2010
  1. José Valim
Commits on May 15, 2010
  1. Adrian Sanchez José Valim

    Bundler deprecated options in Gemfile with application template using…

    adrianss authored josevalim committed
    … method "gem" [#4534 state:resolved]
    Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Commits on Apr 26, 2010
  1. Anil Wadghule Jeremy Kemper

    Use Config::CONFIG['host_os'] instead of RUBY_PLATFORM [#4477 state:r…

    anildigital authored jeremy committed
    Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
Commits on Feb 26, 2010
  1. Dr Nic Williams José Valim

    #add_source: Fixed docco + added required newline to line added to Ge…

    drnic authored josevalim committed
    Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Commits on Feb 17, 2010
  1. José Valim
Commits on Feb 10, 2010
  1. Michael Bleigh José Valim

    Fixes unescaped version passthrough of generator 'gem' command. [#3901

    mbleigh authored josevalim committed
    Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Commits on Feb 7, 2010
  1. Dan Kubb

    Added newline to appended gem config in Gemfile

    dkubb authored Yehuda Katz committed
    Signed-off-by: Yehuda Katz <yehudakatz@YK.local>
Commits on Feb 6, 2010
  1. Roman Dittert

    fix usage examples and more to use new invocations

    romdi authored Carl Lerche committed
    Signed-off-by: Carl Lerche <>
Commits on Dec 22, 2009
  1. Joshua Peek
Commits on Dec 10, 2009
  1. Joshua Peek
Commits on Nov 25, 2009
  1. Fix the application.rb generator

    Carl Lerche authored
Commits on Nov 4, 2009
  1. José Valim Jeremy Kemper

    Pass config.generators options along when RAILS_GENERATORS is set and…

    josevalim authored jeremy committed
    … show --force-plural message just once.
    Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
  2. José Valim Jeremy Kemper

    Remove --freeze (since Rails will come bundled in all new apps) and u…

    josevalim authored jeremy committed
    …pdate gem action to change Gemfile instead of config.environment.
    Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
Commits on Oct 15, 2009
  1. Have config/application.rb contain the application definition and req…

    Carl Lerche authored
    …uire that file instead of config/boot.rb or config/environment.rb in script/*.
Commits on Sep 24, 2009
  1. Move railties/lib/* into railties/lib/*

    Yehuda Katz + Carl Lerche authored
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