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Commits on May 18, 2013
  1. @jholton

    destroys association records before saving/inserting new association …

    jholton committed May 18, 2013
    This is a backport of #10417
    fixes bug introduced by  #3329
    These are the conditions necessary to reproduce the bug:
    - For an association, autosave => true.
    - An association record is being destroyed
    - A new association record is being created.
    - There is a unique index one of the association's fields.
    - The record being created has the same value as the record being
    destroyed on the indexed field.
    Before, the deletion of records was postponed until after all
    insertions/saves.  Therefore the new record with the identical value in
    the indexed field caused a non-unique value error to be thrown at the
    With this fix, the deletions happen first, before the insertions/saves.
    Therefore the record with the duplicate value is gone from the database
    before the new record is created, thereby avoiding the non-uniuqe value
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