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Commits on Apr 02, 2010
Carl Lerche Fix class_attribute so that it works with singleton classes. ab281f5
@paul paul Slightly less annoying check for acceptable mime_types. This allows A…
…ccept: application/json, application/jsonp (and the like), but still blacklists browsers. Essentially, we use normal content negotiation unless you include */* in your list, in which case we assume you're a browser and send HTML [#3541 state:resolved]
@spohlenz spohlenz Restore changed_attributes method in ActiveModel::Dirty and loosen ex…
…pectation on including class' initialize method.

[#4308 state:committed]

Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
@rizwanreza rizwanreza Merge branch 'master' of git:// 0dd3eac
@rizwanreza rizwanreza Routing guide updated for new Routes DSL. It still misses the new fea…
@tenderlove tenderlove errors.rb needs to be declared as UTF-8 [#3941 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: wycats <>
@lifo lifo Consistency when using Relation constants bc7da9b
@lifo lifo Add Relation extensions b77dd21
@lifo lifo Oops :extends is not a MULTI_VALUE_METHOD 83ebe62
@josevalim josevalim Maintain the usage of :as consistent in the router. Whenever it's sup…
…plied, it changes the NAMED ROUTE. If you want to change the PATH, use :path instead. Example: resources :projects, :path => 'projetos'
@josevalim josevalim Merge branch 'master' of git:// 1cd3d29
@lifo lifo Scope#current_scoped_methods_when_defined is no longer needed 0be31f8
@lifo lifo Scope#method_missing can safely rely on Relation#method_missing ee07950
@lifo lifo Make Relation#first and Relation#last behave like named scope's 62fe169
@lifo lifo Goodbye ActiveRecord::NamedScope::Scope cfa2832
@lifo lifo Make Relation#inspect less noisy 13eb2c8
@rolfb rolfb Raise exceptions instead of rendering error templates in test environ…
…ment [#4315 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@josevalim josevalim Add a test which ensures action_dispatch.show_exceptions is properly …
@spastorino spastorino utc_offset is no longer required on TimeZone and if it's not supplied…
… we delegate to TZInfo
@spastorino spastorino delegate unknown timezones to TZInfo 1b742ea
@jeremy jeremy CI: omit ruby-debug19 from Gemfile since the ruby source dep hoses pe…
@fxn fxn guides: badge insertion was a quick hack, rewrites that 4e391a3
@fxn fxn guides: warn about edge guides at the top of the home preamble, and m…
…ention that only for edge guides, stable guides need no warning
@jeremy jeremy Key partial name cache on controller and object class *names* to avoi…
…d memory leaks in dev mode
@spastorino spastorino Fixing index style [#4313 state:committed]
Signed-off-by: wycats <>
Commits on Apr 03, 2010
@lifo lifo Remove unnecessary argument for creating scopes 684e4d3
@lifo lifo Improve named scope lambda 41a2ba6
@lifo lifo Improve scope docs c6372d6
@wycats wycats Fix memory leak in dev mode b29e893
Carl Lerche Remove an unused argument 386b7bf
Carl Lerche Make the query built by has_many ...., :dependent => :____ lazy since…
… all the information is not really available yet.
@wycats wycats Refactored url_for in AV to have its own instances of the helpers ins…
…tead of proxying back to the controller. This potentially allows for more standalone usage of AV. It also kicked up a lot of dust in the tests, which were mocking out controllers to get this behavior. By moving it to the view, it made a lot of the tests more standalone (a win)
Carl Lerche Sanitize association conditions using the correct class 52ffaa1
Carl Lerche Raise a StatementInvalid error when trying to build a condition with …
…hash keys that do not correspond to columns.
Carl Lerche Bring back +extra_conditions+. This effectively reverts 386b7bf 467d251
@fxn fxn Merge commit 'rails/master' 11161e6
@fxn fxn adds a preamble to the guides generator, documents what it does and t…
…he environment variables it supports
@spastorino spastorino :action => "update" used in a non RESTful way confuses 10ad158
@spastorino spastorino :action => "create" added to form_for with name only to show appropia…
…te behavior
Commits on Apr 04, 2010
@wycats wycats * Change the object used in routing constraints to be an instance of
  ActionDispatch::Request rather than Rack::Request.

* Changed ActionDispatch::Request#method to return a String, to be
  compatible with the Rack::Request superclass.

* Changed ActionDispatch::Request#method to return the original
  method in the case of methodoverride and #request_method not to,
  to be compatible with Rack::Request
@wycats wycats Pass in the request as an optional second parameter to redirect a8c3c71
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fixed layouts_and_rendering guide so that it validates XHTML 1.0 Strict 8fa3183
@fxn fxn sanity check arguments in guides generation collapsed into a single W…
…ARNINGS flag, EDGE_GUIDES renamed to EDGE to be coherent with the rest, preamble revised
@tmm1 tmm1 Use a constant proc to generate ActionView::Template finalizers. For …
…some strange reason, finalizers created via ActionView::Template.finalizer_for cause Template instances to leak on MRI.

Signed-off-by: wycats <>
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fixing credits page so that it validates XHTML 1.0 Strict and adding …
…myself to it
@fxn fxn guides assets are now centralized in the assets directory, with stand…
…ard subdirs
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Added .DS_Store to .gitignore 7f956af
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Updated changelog on getting_started and layouts_and_rendering 96b7022
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Added 'Rails Guides Reviewers' section to credits be72a39
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fix testing guide so that it validates XHTML 1.0 Strict af87232
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fixed debugging guide to pass XHTML 1.0 Strict 395f171
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Merge branch 'w3validations' 2790ca6
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Move credits pic to new assets/image folder 532f1fe
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fix XHTML on performance guide 62fd691
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Replace <pre> by <shell>, <ruby> and <yaml> on plugins guide; making …
…it validate XHTML 1.0 Strict
@josevalim josevalim No .DS_Store on .gitignore. Text editor files should be ignored in yo…
…ur ~/.gitignore.
@pixeltrix pixeltrix Add tests to prevent regression of lazy evaluation of has_many ..., :…
…dependent => :___

[#2627 state:committed]

Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
@fxn fxn fixes duplicate element IDs in some guides 7d7e062
@pixeltrix pixeltrix Update various documentation examples to use new routing DSL 48b2451
@pixeltrix pixeltrix Merge branch 'master' of 00884a5
Kristopher Murata Parameterize should accept malformed utf8 characters [#4323 state:res…

Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
@jeremy jeremy Fix signed cookies by explicitly passing config to the cookie jar e395997
@jeremy jeremy Revert "Pass in the request as an optional second parameter to redirect"
Was not tested.

This reverts commit a8c3c71.
@jeremy jeremy Use call stack printer if available 50cdb65
@wycats wycats Reapply redirect {|params, request| } with passing tests this time b546945
@fxn fxn Merge commit 'docrails/master' 723e91e
@fxn fxn Revert "Added 'Rails Guides Reviewers' section to credits"
The credits page mentions the doc team and guide authors.

This reverts commit be72a39.
@fxn fxn Jaime is not an author by now 1a142fc
Commits on Apr 05, 2010
@rizwanreza rizwanreza We don't need explicit :url => { :action => "create" } in form_for wh…
…en following Rails conventions.
@wycats wycats render_to_string should have the identical signature as render 209fb51
@wycats wycats Whitespace 485512c
@wycats wycats Whitespace b96486d
@wycats wycats Bump the version d61c768
@wycats wycats Make it easier to subclass AC::Metal with most, but not all, of the m…
…odules in AC::Base
@wycats wycats Move filter_parameter_logger to deprecated.rb 5c8b4c6
Ryan Bigg Further (re)work done. Mostly centering around ActionMailer Railtie a…
…nd Lazy Loading Hooks.
Ryan Bigg Further expansion on the Railties and moved Common Includes section t…
…o the bottom.
Ryan Bigg Covered further what happens in config/application.rb. Mostly bundler…
… stuff.
@fxn fxn <% yield to <%= yield in rdoc of _layout_for, and copy-edits it now t…
…hat we are on it
@fxn fxn revises some <%= in rdoc 9ed919e
@josevalim josevalim Rename config.cookie_secret to config.secret_token and pass it as con…
…figuration in request.env. This is another step forward removing global configuration.
@josevalim josevalim Remove app/views from the load paths [#4226 state:resolved] c140aca
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Changelogs: change link from credits page to home page for Jaime's co…
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Merge branch 'w3validations' a0e4bb9
@rizwanreza rizwanreza Routes Guide: Added Section on customizing path names for resources. f5c54bc
@rizwanreza rizwanreza Active Record Query Interface Guide: Added LIMIT so the query transla…
…tes correctly.
@fxn fxn moves Object#singleton_class to Kernel#singleton_class to match Ruby …
…also there, same for #class_eval to simplify, and adds coverage for class_eval
@fxn fxn minimal update to 3.0 release notes, will link to CHANGELOGS ultimately bb4cf38
@fxn fxn AS guide: updates definition file for singleton_class and class_eval 081963a
@spastorino spastorino deprecate form_for(symbol_or_string, ...) in favor of :object_name op…
@spastorino spastorino create option to include_root_in_json for ActiveResource [#2584 state…
@lifo lifo Memoize association.named_scope calls 1f7b444
Ryan Bigg It seems the test directory backtrace line is output with a / before …
…it, thereby previously making it not match the regex. Support APP_DIRS that have backtrace lines maybe beginning with /. [#4277 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@rolfb rolfb Changed the way inflections for uncountables work for 'funky jeans' [#…
…3576 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@spastorino spastorino changed from :object_name to :as on form_for api d270da5
@josevalim josevalim A new application now comes with a layout and a stylesheet. ea2c5fa
@josh josh Fix cookie access in integration tests with other host names 570c54c
@josevalim josevalim Merge branch 'master' of gitproxy:rails/rails 3b53468
@josevalim josevalim Update the documentation for Engine and Railtie. 542946a
@josevalim josevalim Update the documentation for Engine and Railtie. 4bacc2a
@dhh dhh Merge branch 'master' of 40a3e67
@wycats wycats Include author in changelog 0087d07
@dhh dhh Added all the new HTML5 form types as individual form tag methods (se…
…arch, url, number, etc) (Closes #3646) [Stephen Celis]
@dhh dhh Merge branch 'master' of ebc80ea
Commits on Apr 06, 2010
@Savar Savar remove_index now uses quote_table_name() [#4300 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: Michael Koziarski <>
@josevalim josevalim Remove :layout option from generators. 77b238d
@josevalim josevalim Rename search_field to test_search_field (ht: Piotr Usewicz) 46e2a44
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fix 2_2_release_notes so it validates XHTML 1.0 Strict 6be0fa6
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fix 3_0_release_notes so it valides XHTML 1.0 Strict 852e26a
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fix contributing_to_rails guide so that it validates XHTML 1.0 Strict 6a4bf55
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fixed rails_on_rack guide to validate XHTML 1.0 Strict d14deb7
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fix configuring guide to validate XHTML 1.0 Strict 71057c8
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fix form_helpers guide to validate XHTML 1.0 Strict 29d55d8
@fxn fxn guides: adds page title to home and credits, and revises it in the rest 80e7178
@josevalim josevalim Use raw in yield since templates engines should not be required to ht…
…ml_safe their contents.
@bensie bensie First run of updating erb syntax for 3.0 92eab84
@fxn fxn guides: adds support in the indexer for custom header IDs, and some r…
@fxn fxn Merge commit 'rails/master' 4c4fd1a
@josevalim josevalim Use config.filter_parameters on in-browser request dump. [#4335 state…
Commits on Apr 07, 2010
@lifo lifo Reset named scope cache whenever the @target is reset 48634bf
@josevalim josevalim Alleviate the pain in working with utf8 templates by setting a defaul…
…t encoding.
@josevalim josevalim Move the error raising to api_behavior. 149d13e
@josh josh Remove #size call on rack input io 0863924
@jeremy jeremy Use request.body IO and rewind, if possible 3957d44
@fxn fxn new helpers #favicon_link_tag and #apple_touch_icon_link_tag d18ff1b
@josh josh Make sure MemCacheStore logger exists eed89e6
@fxn fxn adds a default source to #apple_touch_icon_link_tag ec8610c
@fxn fxn adds #favicon_link_tag and #apple_touch_icon_link_tag to AP's CHANGELOG 6891f46
Commits on Apr 08, 2010
@mikel mikel Adding Rails.env= to railties to allow changing of rails env on the f…
…ly for rake tasks etc

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@josevalim josevalim Fix a bug in ActionDispatch::Static where Rails cannot find assets if…
… started in another directory which is not the RAILS_ROOT.
@josevalim josevalim Update rails.js to the latest one at… 91d1012
@lifo lifo Some doc updates reflecting the new query API 2c27e3d
@jeremy jeremy Merge branch 'master' of ab5aa55
Kristopher Murata Dirty datetime attributes should be aware of time zone info [#3658 st…

Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
@jeremy jeremy Remove superfluous condition e7f0d37
@dhh dhh Revert "adds #favicon_link_tag and #apple_touch_icon_link_tag" -- the…
…se tags are too specific.

This reverts commit 6891f46, ec8610c, and  d18ff1b.
@tenderlove tenderlove fisting stack trace [#4349 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
@dhh dhh Consistently use lowercase instead of camelCase for all JS class name…
…s in Rails
@NZKoz NZKoz Add accessors for request and response so tests don't have to mess wi…
…th internal ivars
@NZKoz NZKoz Revert "When creating database with rake, create schemas in schema_se…
…arch_path if it doesn't exist."

This reverts commit 6c2a067.

Reverting because it breaks the ability to run tests using a non-superuser.


Commits on Apr 09, 2010
Carl Lerche Fixed that default locale templates should be used if the current loc…
…ale template is missing [DHH]
@fxn fxn adds #favicon_link_tag back, rdoc explains why it is useful, and how …
…to get a link for Mobile Safari with it
@jeremy jeremy Expect an incompatible encoding exception when a template doesn't hav…
…e a magic comment and its source encoding doesn't match the default external encoding
@jeremy jeremy Expect an incompatible encoding exception when a template with a magi…
…c comment renders a partial without one and its source encoding doesn't match the default external encoding
@spastorino spastorino db:test:prepare for tasks only if AR is loaded 8088477
@spastorino spastorino Don't include fixtures if --skip-activerecord is given a654ef2
@josevalim josevalim Still use the directory command and also remove the fixture comments. cb8fa35
@fxn fxn adds an entry for #favicon_link_tag in AP's CHANGELOG 773b2f0
@bensie bensie ERB update for AC overview guide 42d3764
@bensie bensie More on the new ERB syntax in the guides 4f0982d
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fixed duplicated IDs on associations_basics guide to validate XHTML 1…
….0 Strict
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta Fixed duplicated IDs on active_record_querying guide to validate XHTM…
…L 1.0 Strict
@jaimeiniesta jaimeiniesta update changelog 1133146
@eparreno eparreno CL guide: revises fonts in a few places 5fa70e8
Ryan Bigg Further expansion into how Bundler loads the gemfile. b2a2d9f
@radar radar Mention a way to turn off bundler and begin talking about version_req…
@radar radar Further work on the bundler section. Almost there now. c93580b
@radar radar Continue expanding on Bundler. 69d5259
@radar radar Expansion on require method from runtime.rb da69c5d
@jeremy jeremy Trim application.html.erb fat 157216b
@jeremy jeremy Layout contents are html-safe 19e6006
@jeremy jeremy Discourage << as public API, much less config ea6a67c
@jeremy jeremy Include app name in layout title c44cacb
@jeremy jeremy Partially revert "A new application now comes with a layout and a sty…

This reverts commit ea2c5fa.


@jeremy jeremy Use thor shorthand for indicating that application.html.erb is a temp…
@norman norman Make tidy_bytes work on 1.9 and improve its performance. [#4350 state…

Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
@dhh dhh Notice/alert are out of the layout, so notice has to go back into sho…
…w to make it work for scaffolding
@dhh dhh Need a double escape there 00ff3ba
@dhh dhh Stray carrier returns 38f1d35
@fxn fxn image_path -> path_to_image in a couple of places, plus motivation fo…
…r path_to_image in rdoc
@spastorino spastorino fix stack trace lines on class_eval
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@spastorino spastorino Fixed method sign error
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Commits on Apr 10, 2010
@jeremy jeremy Refactor for readability e77a031
@jeremy jeremy Routes can be selectively namespaced by path or controller module ac0280c
@jeremy jeremy Add test showing root match in path namespace 561d9ef
@jeremy jeremy Dial back from 'namespace :controller => ...' to 'scope :module => ...' 7353fc1
@wycats wycats Use path_names, not resource_path_names, consistently 13bbf98
@josevalim josevalim Revert "Use path_names, not resource_path_names, consistently"
Breaks tests on Ruby 1.8.7.
This reverts commit 13bbf98.
@wycats wycats Update the routing guide for style and to add information on new rout…
…ing features
@josevalim josevalim Remove input, form, error_messages_for and error_message_on from the …
…framework. If you think you will miss them, feel free to use the dynamic_form plugin available at
@wycats wycats Updated changelog 5087b83
@josevalim josevalim Merge branch 'master' of gitproxy:rails/rails 2f79c5b
@josevalim josevalim Remove error_messages_for from scaffold. 26e05ef
@josevalim josevalim Move verification to a plugin as well:… ece157e
@josevalim josevalim Remove error_messages_for data from locale. 55d159b
@josevalim josevalim Update versions (otherwise you install a gem from source as beta3 but…
… internally it's beta2) and update CHANGELOG.
@josevalim josevalim Use pluralize to properly inflect the number of errors. 9446376
@radar radar Re-define empty? for errors to check if the values inside the Ordered…
…Hash are empty rather than the OrderedHash itself. [#4356 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@josevalim josevalim Fix a typo in load_once_paths [#4357 state:resolved] (ht: Kim Altintop) b22d091
@tenderlove tenderlove kill warnings on 1.8.7 [#4331 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@tenderlove tenderlove clear the rest of the warnings, run with warnings turned on [#4332 st…

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@dougalcorn dougalcorn ActiveSupport::BacktraceCleaner#remove_filters! allows for completely…
… untouched backtrace [#4079 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@fosrias fosrias Made arrays of ActiveRecords, and any classes, with namespaces conver…
…t to valid xml. [#3824 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@wycats wycats Revert "Revert "Use path_names, not resource_path_names, consistently""
This reverts commit d3ec4b1.
@wycats wycats Use <plain>, not <pre> in guides 093ab3e
@spastorino spastorino form_for :as rubydoc and tidy up a bit the form_for doc 95d13cc
@wycats wycats Not using class_eval wasn't adding clarity here 76e0a9e
@fxn fxn makes a pass to the intro rdoc of form_helper.rb, will revise form_fo…
…r tomorrow
@fxn fxn removes some duplication in previous edit b7d8f5a
Commits on Apr 11, 2010
@tenderlove tenderlove clearing up many warnings, removing unnecessary regular expresion com…
…parisons [#4365 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
@jeremy jeremy Avoid deprecated String#to_a by using Array.wrap(...) instead of Arra…
@jeremy jeremy Fix evals missing context 6d29f97
@mikel mikel Removing quoting and adding Mail 2.3.5 8f22be0
@mikel mikel Removing quoting.rb, upgrade to, changing all utf-8 reference…
…s to UTF-8, updating tests where incorrect encoding
@mikel mikel Fixing up some bad test cases 6c6bef2
@mikel mikel Added explict setting of charset in set_fields! method to make sure M…
…ail has the user defined default
@mikel mikel Mail::Part now no longer has nil as a default charset, it is always s…
…et to something, and defaults to UTF-8
@mikel mikel Don't need no quoting test, done in mail a9e918f
@mikel mikel Moved test of QP into mail fd9ee49
@mikel mikel Cleaning up expectations from the new way mail does it bd89c39
@mikel mikel New mail is more intelligent on encoding and decoding 2a793fa
@mikel mikel Updating actionmailer to Mail version 2.2.0 fc5d817
@mikel mikel Updating changelog for Mail 2.2.0 dd02090
@fxn fxn second pass to the intro rdoc of form_helper.rb 9111f42
@fxn fxn your beloved typo only spotted in github diff no matter how careful y…
…ou were before pushing
@spastorino spastorino Make namespace work with options[:to] [#4351 state:committed]
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@josevalim josevalim Merge branch 'master' of gitproxy:rails/rails 1f80b8b
@wycats wycats Merge branch 'master' of 803df08
@tenderlove tenderlove mode postgresql adapters table_exists? method take the schema in to a…
…ccount. [#4341 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: wycats <>
Commits on Apr 12, 2010
@wycats wycats Merge remote branch 'mikel/master' 59c6082
@ryanb ryanb fields_for returns block result when outside ERB
Signed-off-by: wycats <>
@josevalim josevalim Move set_fields! to the old API module. b5f9a9f
@josevalim josevalim Fix ActionMailer test broken in 99d5459 3fc609e
@josevalim josevalim Let capture handle the yielding. 3eda7cf
@anildigital anildigital Make RUBY_PLATFORM windows regex consistent [#4345 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@pixeltrix pixeltrix Generate module file for namespaced models [#4230 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@phs phs table_name_prefix and table_name_suffix are class_attributes instead …
…of cattr_accessors. [#4230]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@joevandyk joevandyk Avoid unnecessary allocations in Inflector.underscore [#3626 state:re…

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@josevalim josevalim Ensure match path, :controller => name works as expected. a8b1ca2
@spastorino spastorino Make dev and edge app generation options generate edge arel on Gemfile
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@josevalim josevalim Fix a bug in url generation for generic routes. 86defed
@indirect indirect Update the Bundler snippet for 0.9.15 and above ca37865
@spastorino spastorino Fix namespaced_controllers_with_namespaced_routes test
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Commits on Apr 13, 2010
@felipero felipero moved rails binary to rails gem, so rubygems can find specific versio…
…ns of rails [#4382 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: wycats <>
@anildigital anildigital Replace deprecated RAILS_ROOT to Rails.env [#4373 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: wycats <>
Emmanuel Oga make ActiveRecord::Base.subclasses a public method
Signed-off-by: wycats <>
f8eddcc Remove RAILS_ROOT from webrick_server docs.
Signed-off-by: wycats <>
@pixeltrix pixeltrix Refactor compute_type to handle situations where the correct class is…
… already loaded

Signed-off-by: wycats <>
@craigw craigw Fix a typo in the documentation. [#4318 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: wycats <>
@wycats wycats Add a test that used to fail but is fixed now [#3417 state:resolved] 36f3634
@norman norman Improve reliability of Inflector.transliterate. [#4374 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
@spastorino spastorino Added missing require and delete unused one on proc.rb 7fa6c16
@jeremy jeremy Fix regexp typo 4d09832
@dhh dhh Update changelogs for release 4c8af9b
@dhh dhh Simple release script 5c89727
@dhh dhh Cleanup indention and spacing and turn errorExplanation into error_ex…
…planation now that nobody depends on it anymore
@anildigital anildigital Use correct RUBY_PLATFORM regex for Windows env [#4385 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
@Rakoth Rakoth Add test case which check content type when rendering rjs partial in …
…html template

Signed-off-by: wycats <>
@josevalim josevalim template_name and template_path should not be added to mail headers. b4fd5e6
@wycats wycats Merge branch 'master' of 8e9df34