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Jul 23, 2011
Santiago Pastorino Remove jquery-rails from Gemfile ae65c0b
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2194 from cldwalker/after_initialize
Fix after_initialize and Base.create edge case
Gastón Ramos - added test case for issue:
  Namespaced model partial_path is wrong in namespaced controllers
Santiago Pastorino Revert "Merge pull request #2194 from cldwalker/after_initialize"
This reverts commit 1983007, reversing
changes made to ae65c0b.
Damien Mathieu rake assets:precompile should always perform caching - Closes #2199 038e493
Aaron Patterson simplify singleton_class? method be48abb
Ben Woosley Simple fix to the NoMethodError noted in #2177.
Unfortunately #respond_to?(:controller) won't work as suggested, nor will respond_to?(:params), as #controller is present and #params is delegated to #controller. #delegate makes respond_to? return true regardless whether the target responds to it.
Aaron Patterson Merge pull request #2229 from gramos/fix-issue-1951
Fix issue 1951 Namespaced model partial_path is wrong in namespaced controllers
Aaron Patterson just use normal ruby for stubbing 5b88219
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2235 from arunagw/location_var_fix_cherry-pick
Location var fix cherry pick from master to 3-1-stable
Jul 24, 2011
Gastón Ramos - added ActionView::PartialRenderer#merge_path_into_partial(path, par…

  fix issues/1951
Raghunadh Improve rails:template undefined LOCATION variable error message fixed fb6a76c
Ignazio Mostallino now the documentation reflects the actual returned value for a missin…
…g translation
Joe Fiorini Tests now require MySQL2 adapter in order to run 9a16cc0
Evan Farrar Replaced ‘ with ' in the guides. 505a43b
Evan Farrar Changed several instances of British English to be American English e593f8c
Carol Nichols Changing Textile emphasis underscores to em tags; the link with under…
…scores that follows is causing the emphasis underscores to be parsed incorrectly.

This appears to be a bug with RedCloth; parsing with official Textile creates the HTML that I expect. I have filed ticket # 226 on RedCloth's lighthouse project and I will attempt to fix the problem with RedCloth.

This commit is a workaround for the RedCloth bug that will give this guide the right formatting.
Ömür Özkir Changed a few instances of of words in the API docs written in Britis…
…h English to

American English(according to Weber)


Ömür Özkir Missed a few instances of British English spelling in the last commit
oh and obviously I meant according to Webster, not Weber
Xavier Noria Revert "Tests now require MySQL2 adapter in order to run"
Reason: Setting up MySQL and Postgres needs installing servers
and libraries that perhaps you don't need in your machine. We
think fixing a bug in Active Support without running the suite
of Active Record for all possible drivers is OK. That's why
we explain first --without db, and after that we cover AR
specifically. mysql2 is no different than mysql or pg in that

This reverts commit 50d5e0f.
Mike Howard Changed wording of paragraph 2.1.1 Models to clarify table/model

changed wording 'one table ... corresponds to one model' to 'each table
Mike Howard Clarified notes in 3.2 Creating the Blog Application
Changed descriptino of Gemfile to add reference to Bundler
Changed description of README to add 'You should edit ...'
Changed description of Rakefile to reflect dynamic nature of Rakefile
and point to app/lib/tasks/ as the place to add app-specific rake tasks.
Jason Noble Added some context for rack apps, linked to the Rails on Rack guide. fa0751a
Update "Getting Started" for Rails 3.1
Add additional files generated by rails 3.1 generator.
Jason Noble Added explanation to Components of Rails to help users not get hung u…
…p on details
Jason Noble Added link to the RubyGems User's Guide 2d689d5
Jason Noble Update guide to be based on Rails 3.1. 75f0298
Jason Noble Modified the content based on vijaydev's comment 27f4d73
Jason Noble Add link to the Layouts and Rendering guide to explain more on view t…
Jason Noble Moved ActionController, ActionView and ActionDispatch sections under …
Xavier Noria little details seen while reviewing eea9ca8
Andrew White Use top level Rails constant 4b1b9ac
Jul 25, 2011
David Chelimsky Paramify param values in controller tests. 7fd726d
José Valim Merge pull request #2253 from dchelimsky/stringify-parameter-values-i…

Stringify parameter values in tests branched off 3-1-stable
Make polymorphic_url calls go through application helpers again.
This brings back the ability to overwrite/extend url generating methods in application heleprs.
José Valim Merge pull request #2256 from thedarkone/polymorphic-url-helper-3-1
Backport #2252 into 3-1-stable
Bring back the ability to provide :order for update_all. 787194e
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2257 from thedarkone/udpate-all-order-3-1
Backport #2251 into 3-1-stable
Dave Rogers Ensure the constraints block is only applied to the correct route
addresses issue #1907 - any routes that follow a route with a constraints
  block are inheriting the previous route's constraints.
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2260 from davidtrogers/3-1-stable
3 1 stable
Erik Michaels-Ober Allow a route to have :format => true
When format is true, it is mandatory (as opposed to :format => false).
This is currently not possible with resource routes, which automatically
make format optional by default.
Erik Michaels-Ober Add documentation for :format => true 78d151d
José Valim Merge pull request #2263 from sferik/format_true
Allow a route to have :format => true
Ben Marini Fix example code for #validates_with instance method d4832f1
Michael Lavrisha Provide consistant indentation for the example code 3cbf9a6
Jason Noble Wrapped text content to 120 chars 5d7343f
Michael Lavrisha Rewrite apart of the REST section to be in the present tense

Jason Noble Reformatted to 80 chars. be584c4
Jason Noble Add a note about the fact that the Windows prompt will look different…
… than the linux/osx prompt
Jason Noble Fix TIP formatting issue 290849c
Fixed Typo 12faf80
Jason Noble Remove "bundle install" section, as rails new ______ runs bundle inst…
…all for you
Jason Noble Update wording of TIP about --database option for rails new b2fc1e8
Jason Noble Updated rails_welcome.png to latest Rails welcome page. e737b76
Jason Noble Make the rails not found tip more explanatory. 9e34a41
Mike Howard Updated migrations.textile to clarify Using Models in Your Migrations
Rewrote entire section including example code, error message, and work
Michael Lavrisha Update the TIP formatter to handle multiline tips
- includes 3 tests
Jason Noble Extend description of rails generate scaffold and what it's options a…
Jason Noble Fix two spaces after end of sentence. 4eb030e
Jason Noble Add in a tip about opening two command prompt windows d4e8479
Elliot Winkler Improve ch. 1 of the Form Helpers guide b3c06a2
Vijay Dev Revert "Update the TIP formatter to handle multiline tips"
This reverts commit e3dbe66.

Reason: Code changes are not allowed in docrails.
Vijay Dev Revert "Add in a tip about opening two command prompt windows"
This reverts commit 1e5fa59.

Reason: It's somewhat a grey area. We don't really want to tell the
users how they want to use the terminal.
Xavier Noria let TIP and friends handle a multiline paragraph
Normally I would have done this in master, but there was already
a guide with wrapped content, so worked here. I am going to
cross-merge now.
Santiago Pastorino Don't use Rack::Sendfile middleware if x_sendfile_header is not present e10dd20
Santiago Pastorino Remove unused use_sprockets config 0018402
Aaron Patterson updating sprockets to beta 12 64cb34d
Aaron Patterson bumping up arel version 6dcdcdc
Aaron Patterson bumping to rc5 a518833
Santiago Pastorino Bump rack up. Closes #2107 ec2cac2
Jul 26, 2011
Santiago Pastorino Check that Rack::Sendfile is not included unless config.action_dispat…
…ch.x_sendfile_header is set
Damien Mathieu use sprocket's append_path and assert_match f44f412
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2278 from dmathieu/fix_actionpack_3-1
Fix actionpack 3 1
Aaron Patterson fixing whitespace errors 5f6accf
Aaron Patterson fixing tests on ruby trunk 1768b6c
Dan Gebhardt Include empty app/mailers directory in mountable and full plugins 9d93a44
Josh Kalderimis enable Travis CI irc notifications to #rails-contrib on 0094cab
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2288 from joshk/3-1-stable
Irc notifications (from Travis with love)
Santiago Pastorino Remove cruise files 8f67029
Dan Gebhardt fixed problem in which options[:html][:remote] would be overridden in…
… form_for() - fixes #2094
Dan Gebhardt added test case for fix to issue #2094 b589f0c
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2279 from jdelStrother/load_missing_constant
Constantize a regexp in Dependencies#load_missing_constant
Jonathan del Strother Replace unnecessary regexp in Dependencies#load_missing_constant 626798a
Jul 27, 2011
lsylvester fix some types in schema_test.rb 8dade49
Jon Leighton Add a proxy_association method to association proxies, which can be c…
…alled by association extensions to access information about the association. This replaces proxy_owner etc with proxy_association.owner.


Jon Leighton Update deprecation messages to point out the availability of proxy_as…
…sociation. Fixes #1148.
Christos Zisopoulos Improve performance and memory usage for options_for_select with Ruby…
… 1.8.7
Xavier Noria Merge pull request #2302 from christos/performant_options_for_select
Improve performance and memory usage for options_for_select with Ruby 1.8
José Valim Merge pull request #2287 from dgeb/3-1-mailers-in-plugins
Ensure that app/mailers gets created in new plugins
Joshua Peek Make Rails.application.assets available in initializers 1edfadf
Xavier Noria contrib app minor tweak 6f745f4
Jul 28, 2011
Handle the empty array correctly. 09dd71c
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2319 from thedarkone/errors-include-3-1
Backport #2305 into 3-1-stable
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2295 from dgeb/mo-better-plugins
Improve dependency management and gemspec file for plugins
Santiago Pastorino Tidy up a bit plugin new gemspec f2c8309
Tasveer Singh Do not add files in assets/ directories to Sprockets b4ca7d3
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2326 from castlerock/plugin_generator_fix
pluging generator test fix
There is no need to be destructive with the passed-in options.
This fixes a bug that is caused by Resource/SingletonResource mangling resource options when using inline "multi"-resource declarations.
Make use of the inherited initializer. 34c5089
José Valim Merge pull request #2332 from thedarkone/resources-router-fix-3-1
Backport #2330 into 3-1-stable
Santiago Pastorino Generated apps with --dev or --edge flags depend on git versions of s…
…ass-rails and coffee-rails
Jul 29, 2011
Aaron Patterson dump IO encoding value along with schema.rb so the file can be reload…
…ed. fixes #1592
Aaron Patterson default writing the schema file as utf-8 d13df74
Aaron Patterson delay backtrace scrubbing until we actually raise an exception. fixes #… 61c5c3d
Jul 30, 2011
Jon Leighton Revert "Replace inline lambdas with named methods" and "Don't wrap op…
…erations on collection associations in transactions when they are not needed, so the connection adapter does not send empty BEGIN COMMIT transactions blocks to the database."

This reverts commits df63c99 and b17fd25.

The change had unintended side effects, please see #2337.


Jul 31, 2011
Brad Ediger remove_possible_method: test if method exists
This speeds up remove_possible_method substantially since it doesn't
have to rescue a NameError in the common case.

Closes #2346.
Jon Leighton Merge pull request #2372 from bradediger/issue-2346-3-1-stable
Issue 2346 3-1-stable port
Arun Agrawal skiping magic comment test. checking encoding_aware?
Loading AS encoding.
José Valim Merge pull request #2373 from arunagw/31_schema_dumper_test_fix
3-1-stable schema dumper test fix
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2382 from vijaydev/rakeaboutfix3.1
Fix #2368 (3-1-stable)
Aug 01, 2011
Vijay Dev fixes #2368. rake about not showing the middleware, db adapter and db…
… schema version
thoefer2 modified fix #1872 according to jose valim´s suggestions 7b39dda
José Valim Merge pull request #2307 from thoefer/3-1-stable-fix1872
Fix the issue where default_url_options is being cached on test cases. Closes #1872. Closes #2031.
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2393 from bdurand/fix_cache_read_multi
Fix ArgumentError in ActiveSupport::Cache::CacheStore.read_multi
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2324 from zenapsis/3-1-stable
Rails 3.1 throws a Errno::ENOTDIR if files are put in assets directories
Aaron Patterson use as Dir.exists? is only 1.9.2+ ebfad37
Aug 02, 2011
Christopher Meiklejohn Support backwards compatible interface for migration down/up with rai…
…ls 3.0.x.
Christopher Meiklejohn Ensure that .up and .down work as well. 96fc074
Aaron Patterson add a migrate class method and delegate to the new instance 3e56758
Aug 03, 2011
Santiago Pastorino This dep is already defined in activerecord.gemspec 1f1bfaf
Santiago Pastorino Don't require assets group in production by default, you can change t…
…his default in the application.rb anyways
Aaron Patterson fixing deprecation notice for dynamic finders that use hashes. fixes #… c1b85ed
Aaron Patterson make assert_difference error message not suck e63d3f7
Santiago Pastorino Fix a bit precompile and lazy compile comments 5f05642
Aug 04, 2011
Jon Leighton Quote these dates to prevent intermittent test failure. Suppose local…
… time is 00:50 GMT+1. Without the quoting, the YAML parser would parse this as 00:50 UTC, into the local time of 01:50 GMT+1. Then, it would get written into the database in local time as 01:50. When it came back out the UTC date from the database and the UTC date of two weeks ago would be compared. The former would be 23:50, and the latter would be 00:50, so the two dates would differ, causing the assertion to fail. Quoting it prevents the YAML parser from getting involved.


Aaron Patterson fixing assert_difference issues on ruby 1.8 3727232
Aaron Patterson we should not ignore all gems in here b0b7070
Vijay Dev move the note after the scaffold files listing d2c9c9e
Hendy Tanata Fix two spaces between sententes on README.rdoc. 5b51e58
Alberto Perdomo Association and Callbacks guide: Added section on shortcut syntax 'va…
Pete Campbell Explicitly included hashes in sentence regarding SQL-injection-safe f…
Removed trailing slash of 'Download and installation' Github URL as p…
…er convention
Vijay Dev document meta method 7e494f0
Arun Agrawal Extra "l" removed before h2. 8cefafb
Waynn Lue Superfluous "the". f21e8e0
Bratish Goswami '/' was outside of anchor tag. e231c49
Vishnu Atrai Active Resouce guide initial load dcb965b
Vishnu Atrai Introduction for active resource 35a028d
Vishnu Atrai configuration for active resource d240ce8
Vishnu Atrai usages of active resouce 88c101b
Vijay Dev make the warning clear about the effect of using validates_associated…
… on both sides on an association.
Vijay Dev remove some parts of the section on shortcut helpers, document custom…
… validators
Vijay Dev prefer to use if..end unless the condition is simple/compact 2fb540e
Vijay Dev 3.1 release notes draft d016102
Vijay Dev 3.1 release notes - added AP and Railties sections 08f4a8c
Waynn Lue "blog" is more common than "weblog" these days. 478dc71
Arun Agrawal Rack::Sendfile is no more default middleware. 9232033
Arun Agrawal Adding more info as rake about is fixed e3e1109
Vijay Dev 3.1 release notes Active Record changes, Architectural changes and
organizing sections.
Waynn Lue typo in "wont" 20251c8
Vishnu Atrai Active Resource - guide for reading and writing data 35eb96f
Vishnu Atrai Active Resource - guide for create 814e05e
Vishnu Atrai Active Resource - guide for update/save 566d2b9
Vishnu Atrai Active Resource - guide for destroy 6b361aa
Perry Flinn Fix typo 'console' -> 'constant' 690eae7
Vijay Dev fixed incorrect tags 8207d0c
Vijay Dev minor changes in migrations guide 19eb720
Vijay Dev typo fix b0cf7ea
Thillai Arasu grammatical changes 346cd04
Waynn Lue The trailing '/' isn't being picked up by Github anyway, and the link…
… works as is.
Rashmi Yadav The trailing '/' isn't being picked up by Github anyway, and the link…
… works as is.
Xavier Noria Revert "grammatical changes"
Reason: As discussed in GitHub, it is debatable, and present tense
is fine (and simple, and preferred).

This reverts commit 54ccda9.
Xavier Noria Revert "Explicitly included hashes in sentence regarding SQL-injectio…
…n-safe forms"

Reason: The hash form is secure, and preferred over the array form if possible.

This reverts commit 6dc7495.
Aug 05, 2011
Guillermo Iguaran Fix AR test suite error under Rubinius 2.0 b1be622
Santiago Pastorino Fix test for Rubinius 8118e41
Santiago Pastorino Revert "to_key on a destroyed model should return nil". Closes #2440
This reverts commit c544872.
Santiago Pastorino Avoid generating app/views/layouts/application.html.erb on mountable …
…engines, just generate the namespaced one
Aug 06, 2011
Santiago Pastorino Use rake >= 0.9.3.beta.1 in Ruby 1.9.3 741151c
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2450 from guilleiguaran/activesupport-gzip-1.8
Fix ActiveSupport::Gzip under Ruby 1.8.7. Closes #2416
Aug 07, 2011
José Valim Test against 1.9.3 as well. 33d02f1
Santiago Pastorino x_sendfile_header now defaults to nil and production.rb env file doesn't
set a particular value for it. This allows servers to set it through
X-Sendfile-Type, read for more
info. Anyways you can force this value in your production.rb
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2455 from vijaydev/patch-7
Edit changelog to mention about x_sendfile_header default change
Gregg Pollack Added irregular zombie inflection, so zombies no longer gets singular…
…ized into zomby
Xavier Noria guides generation: apparently this workaround for RedCloth is not nee…
…ded anymore
Aug 08, 2011
Joshua Peek Merge pull request #2448 from igrigorik/master
Asset pipeline fixes: clear out tmp cache and use environment in digest generation

Santiago Pastorino Initialize config.assets.version the same way it's done in Sprockets d008c99
Jon Leighton Make it the responsibility of the connection to hold onto an ARel vis…
…itor for generating SQL. This improves the code architecture generally, and solves some problems with marshalling. Adapter authors please take note: you now need to define an Adapter.visitor_for method, but it degrades gracefully with a deprecation warning for now.


Jon Leighton Fully marshal AR::Base objects. Fixes #2431. c202c10
Jon Leighton Bump arel version

Aaron Patterson reduce file stats by improving our dir glob pattern 4c49286
Aug 09, 2011
Jon Leighton Remove TODO comment I didn't mean to commit 6e2e060
Jon Leighton Okay, the new incompatible arel is now called 2.2 and the sun shines …
…upon thee once more
Santiago Pastorino rake assets:precompile defaults to production env 004bb66
Aug 10, 2011
Aaron Patterson add the gem requirement for sqlite3 47c6a77
Aaron Patterson Revert "Ensure original exception message is present in both Template…
…::Error#message and Template::Error#inspect."

This reverts commit 403b06e.

The call to `message` calls `inspect` on our exception.  The exception
holds a reference to the environment, and the controller.  This string
becomes very large, and the call to `super` dups the string (in tern
doubling the memory used).  I'm reverting this for 3.1 but leaving the
commit on master.  We should stop holding references to so many objects
and reduce the size of our inspect.
Aug 11, 2011
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2489 from grzuy/master
Remove parameters_for_url from form_tag method header
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2497 from akaspick/url_for_fix
When calling url_for with a hash, additional (likely unwanted) values (such as :host) would be returned in the hash
Aug 12, 2011
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2512 from arunagw/cant_dup_on_nil_3-1-stable
Cant dup on nil 3 1 stable
Aug 13, 2011
Arun Agrawal We actually don't need a reverse_merge! here. dup removed was giving …
…error with nil class.
Jon Leighton Work around for lolruby bug. (Read on for explanation.)
We were experiencing CI test failures, for example:

* 3-1-stable:!/rails/rails/builds/79473/L407
* master:!/rails/rails/builds/79507/L80

These failures only happened on 1.8.7-p352, and we were only able to
reproduce on the Travis CI VM worker. We even tried creating a new 32
bit Ubuntu VM and running the tests on that, and it all worked fine.

After some epic trial and error, we discovered that replacing the

  fuu = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump(fuu))


  marshalled = Marshal.dump(fuu)
  fuu = Marshal.load(marshalled)

seemed to prevent the failure.

We have NO IDEA why this is. If anyone has some great insight to
contribute then that is welcome. Otherwise, hopefully this will just
help us get the CI green again.

Many thanks to @joshk for help with sorting this out.
Jon Leighton Fix default scope thread safety. Thanks @thedarkone for reporting. af96a91
Jon Leighton Perf: don't mess around with thread local vars unless we actually nee…
…d to
Myron Marston Allow ActiveRecord observers to be disabled.
We have to use Observer#update rather than Observer#send since the enabled state is checked in #update before forwarding the method call on.
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2518 from myronmarston/fix_active_record_observer…

Fix active record observer disabling for 3-1-stable
Aug 14, 2011
Arun Agrawal Bringing back the jquery-rails. One test is dependent. 322b978
Arun Agrawal Need to use initializers true here to pass the test. 5a5171b
Santiago Pastorino Merge pull request #2522 from arunagw/railties_test_fix
Railties test fix
José Valim Ensure changing RAILS_GROUPS will load the proper dependencies. 0e19c7c
Aug 15, 2011
Jon Leighton Deprecate the use of non-public methods by Module#delegate aa1d1e4
Jon Leighton Fix deprecation warnings due to private methods which are delegated to. 1aab850
Jon Leighton Fix the line number in the backtrace when Module#delegate raises 75d5195
Jon Leighton Removing unnecessary require, solve 'circular require considered harm…
…ful' warning.
Arun Agrawal Including delegation 801cd66
Jon Leighton Merge pull request #2535 from arunagw/delegation_fix
Delegation fix
Jon Leighton Ensure empty has_many :through association preloaded via joins is mar…
…ked as loaded. Fixes #2054.
Jon Leighton Update travis config on @joshk's instructions 81151eb
Santiago Pastorino rake assets:precompile executes in production environment as default …
…if RAILS_ENV was not provided
Jon Leighton Merge pull request #2538 from arunagw/notifications_test_fix
Notifications test fix
Jon Leighton Support updates with joins. Fixes #522.

Jon Leighton Support for multi-table updates with limits, offsets and orders

Jon Leighton Refactor building the update manager 24ade58
Jon Leighton Use a SelectCore rather than a full SelectManager e85c644
Jon Leighton use update.key instead of update.ast.key. make better use of select m…
Jon Leighton Use new SelectManager#projections= method c701b3f
Jon Leighton Use new SelectManager#source method c6bf713
Jon Leighton Bump arel dependency c388a95
Aug 16, 2011
Arun Agrawal Notification Test Fix f4e535e
Jon Leighton Don't refer to ActionController::Base in the wrap_parameters initiali…
…zer - use config object instead. Cuts about 15% off the load time. (#734)
Jon Leighton Be more lazy about creating time zone objects. Decreases startup time…
… by about 10%. (#734)
Jon Leighton Fix wrap_parameters initializer template 4b70376
Jon Leighton Fix tzinfo require (it broke test_raises_when_an_invalid_timezone_is_…
…defined_in_the_config in railties)
Jon Leighton Don't reference ActiveRecord::Base in initializers/wrap_parameters.rb…
…. Use config.active_record instead. This yields about a 20% decrease in startup time because it means that the connection is not created immediately on startup. Of course, this is only useful if you are not going to immediately use the database after startup.
Jon Leighton Fix assets tests in railties 0ab65e8
Vijay Dev fix misleading comment (originally made by Tate Johnson, we lost this…
… commit while porting to the rails repo)
Vijay Dev document alias for rails runner 9e9b127
Vijay Dev rephrase how the verbose methods in a migration work 073d9ff
raul murciano Action Mailer guide update: the :to parameter now supports both Strin…
…g and Array values to indicate recipients.
raul murciano Action Mailer guide: mention how to use :cc and :bcc parameters. 282ee95
raul murciano Typo dbd72be
Kamil Śliwak Fix a typo in 'Configuring Rails Applications' guide
- The initializer is called `set_autoload_paths`, not `set_autoload_path`. See
Vijay Dev minor changes in app templates guide 0c3bdc0
Vijay Dev assets guide - add info about require_directory, minor rephrasings d8c6bab
Jacob Mattingley Fixed mistakes in layouts/rendering guide about yield
yield(:unspecified_block) actually returns true even if :unspecified_block never
exists. This means you can't use the form yield(:unspecified_block) or yield.
Sebastian Martinez Document Hash#extract!. ebf0cc4
Vijay Dev document Array#append and Array#prepend methods in AS guide f3f5a8f
Jeff Dutil Fix formatting of active_record_validations_callbacks.textile so guid… 4b4e67f
Jon Leighton Use lazy load hooks to set parameter wrapping configuration. This mea…
…ns that it doesn't force Action Controller / Active Record to load, but it doesn't fail if they have already loaded. Thanks @josevalim for the hint.
Xavier Noria syncs the 3.1 release notes and asset pipeline guide with master ae69c4c
Xavier Noria Merge branch '3-1-stable' of into 3-1-stable 2330c0c
Jon Leighton Fix non-public method warning in Module#delegate. Fixes #2548. c238ba0
Aaron Patterson Properly escape glob characters. 09ad48f
Aaron Patterson prevent sql injection attacks by escaping quotes in column names f9b642c
Aaron Patterson Tags with invalid names should also be stripped in order to prevent
XSS attacks.  Thanks Sascha Depold for the report.
Aaron Patterson properly escape html to avoid invalid utf8 causing XSS attacks a19ee5c
Aaron Patterson bumping to 3.1.0.rc6 633a569
Aug 17, 2011
Xavier Noria fixes generation of the AR querying guide 2e45cfe
Jeff Dutil Fix spacing in plugins.textile to fix html rendering and remove extra…
… whitespace from security.textile
Jeff Dutil Fix ruby typo to correctly render code block in initializer.textile 4b411c8
Aug 18, 2011
Xavier Noria minor details revised in a gsub
Regexps have a construct to express alternation of characters, which
is character classes. In addition to being the most specific idiom to
write this pattern, it reads better without the backslashes. Also, it
is better not to use a capture if none is needed. As a side-effect of
these changes, the gsub is marginally faster, but speed is not the
point of this commit.
Aug 19, 2011
Vijay Dev mailer guide: fixes indentation, and use fixed width fonts wherever n…