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Aug 02, 2010
Yehuda Katz Properly deprecate `config.load_paths` and `config.gem` f73e9d2
Aug 03, 2010
José Valim Merge branch 'master' into 3-0-stable 503931d
Samuel Lebeau Avoid potentially expensive inspect call in router. [#4491 state:reso…

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Rohit Arondekar Failing test for validates_length_of, when both too_short and too_lon…
…g messages are set [#5283 state:open]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
José Valim validates_length_of should not change the options hash in place. [#5283
… state:resolved]
José Valim Freeze options so we raise an error when people modify it in place. 3b170b2
Santiago Pastorino Stub is_a? not instance_of? here 677e1e5
Subba Rao Pasupuleti Tidy up error.rb code
[#5288 state:committed]

Signed-off-by: Santiago Pastorino <>
Yehuda Katz Properly deprecate validate_on_#{on} 1318bf6
Yehuda Katz properly deprecate #{type}_validation_on_#{on} 9ae7f04
Yehuda Katz update this for a change in the core method 4474470
Yehuda Katz Allow :name to be a Symbol (was this removed by accident?) 7a1bba4
Yehuda Katz Even though exempt_from_layout is no longer needed, some people are s…
…till using it. Deprecate it instead of removing.
Yehuda Katz Fix the session= deprecation to include the secret key 43cc69c
Yehuda Katz Deprecate ActionController::UrlWriter properly 84703be
Yehuda Katz Fix a couple of mistaken deprecation solutions 146a013
Yehuda Katz Move the deprecations before the load hooks af8e085
Yehuda Katz Deprecate the @controller instance variable 109dc3c
Rainer Blessing query value is converted to_s instead of to_yaml 8b7219b
Yehuda Katz Put lib back on the autoload path 46a1da7
Yehuda Katz Fix up constant deprecation to be less dependent on load order b46b5a6
Aaron Patterson avoid passing AR::Base objects to Arel when we can 9269e55
Aug 04, 2010
Rohit Arondekar Give extracted options back to args in AMo callbacks. Fixes two faili…
…ng tests in AR.

Signed-off-by: Santiago Pastorino <>
Yehuda Katz Shim 07c5e54
Yehuda Katz Provide a bit more information in the deprecation for config.gem 91e4249
Yehuda Katz require_dependency should require using the normal mechanism if possi…
…ble to avoid double-requires
Yehuda Katz Add a fake UrlRewriter, since instantiating it in tests happens, but …
…is basically crazysauce
Yehuda Katz Concernify SanitizeHelper and TextHelper so including TextHelper corr…
…ectly include SanitizeHelper and extends its ClassMethods
Yehuda Katz Fix a subtle bug involving RAILS_ROOT fbc40a4
Yehuda Katz If a file is in the load path, require it without its full path (in m…
…ore places)
Yehuda Katz I'm unsure how cloning was working in Rails 3 before 2498cda
José Valim Revert "Put lib back on the autoload path"
This was causing engines/gems to eager load everything in lib. Another fix is comming soon.

This reverts commit 02a5842.
Aaron Patterson do not pass AR objects to ARel f316a85
José Valim Revert "If a file is in the load path, require it without its full pa…
…th (in more places)"

Caused failures in ActionMailer test suite.

This reverts commit 963638a.
Piotr Sarnacki Reload action_methods in AbstractController after defining new method.
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Aaron Patterson fisting indentation 906ef23
Aaron Patterson call to_a since we are not passing anything to all() ba9602b
Aaron Patterson avoid passing lists of lists to the group clause 05a49c7
Aug 05, 2010
Łukasz Strzałkowski Typo in class name 18bcc54
Łukasz Strzałkowski Fixed broken test suite - there was problem with namespacing in Depre…
…catedConstant class
Xavier Noria Merge remote branch 'docrails/master' into 3-0-stable 902d732
Tom Stuart Fix ActiveSupport::Callbacks' define_callbacks and ActiveSupport::Con…
…cern documentation to look like native English
Xavier Noria AS guide: documents DateTime#advance e34fb80
Aaron Patterson fixing whitespace errors 0a86cb5
Neeraj Singh more documentation for class_inheritable_* 06e4c48
Neeraj Singh fixing typo 148dd2e
Aug 06, 2010
Xavier Noria AR guide: fixes a query bed98b9
Xavier Noria AS guide: documents calculations with Time objects 0bb8d05
Aaron Patterson do not rely on arel class structure 8fb0c9f
Aaron Patterson sorry AR, my privates are none of your business a897a1f
Aaron Patterson test to ensure that respond_to? delegates to arel 001a574
Aaron Patterson reduce the number of times current_connection_id is called in with_co…
Aug 07, 2010
Xavier Noria adds Abstract Controller to the API 413c9c8
Xavier Noria quick hack: hijacks the predicate RDoc::Parser.binary? so that it doe…
…s not consider a handful of ordinary Ruby files in the Rails tree as binary (and thus excluded from the API)
Xavier Noria undoes one of the modifications to RDoc::Parser.binary? 78c7705
Aug 08, 2010
Xavier Noria updates horo dependency to 1.0.1 783dc52
Xavier Noria routing guide: documents the CONTROLLER environment variable understo…
…od by the routes task
Neeraj Singh correcting wrong example d55491c
Aug 09, 2010
Dan McNevin updated the action_controller guide with the new session configuratio…
…n options
Adam Meehan typo in AM 5c109e2
Xavier Noria AC guide: commit review, block examples go at column 0, use .example.…
…com as example domain
Xavier Noria adds URL to the body generated by the redirect macro in the routes ma…
…pper as per the RFC, extracts common test pattern into a test macro, adds a test to cover the :status option
Xavier Noria form helpers guide: fixes an example 195e891
Xavier Noria adds missing requires for Object#try efb2bd0
Yehuda Katz Improve best_standards_support to use only IE=Edge in development mode 22cbc3f
Yehuda Katz rename _snowman to _e f85b206
Yehuda Katz Properly deprecate register_javascript_include_default and reset_java…
Brian Lopez update tests for mysql2 support a263a8f
Brian Lopez typo 98384b1
Brian Lopez skip the before_type_cast_on_datetime test entirely for mysql2 3ccf350
Brian Lopez ignore this test for mysql2 b02751c
Brian Lopez move mysql2 adapter into core 2d68183
Jeremy Kemper Merge remote branch 'brianmario/3-0-stable' into 3-0-stable cbf89a3
Aug 10, 2010
Xavier Noria AS guide: documents date/datetime/time arithmetic with durations 3c404c5
Xavier Noria AS guide: documents Process.daemon 8968eec
Xavier Noria AS guide: documents Module#delegate 68bed3a
Xavier Noria AS guide: documents Module#(instance_)method_names aaa52c6
Xavier Noria AS guide: documents Module#redefine_method ca3fc4b
Xavier Noria adds the AS guide to the guides index 63ffec8
Xavier Noria AS guide: removes some duplication, and makes a second pass on method…
… delegation
Xavier Noria fixes a typo reported by rymai b2eaac2
José Valim Revert "require_dependency should require using the normal mechanism …
…if possible to avoid double-requires"

This was causing double requires since 991cd59 was reverted.
This reverts commit 8bf7973.
Gonçalo Silva added support for more printers d9b77dd
Aug 11, 2010
Nick Sieger Missed one spot for --skip-active-record, which means that new Gemfil…
…e isn't set up right

Signed-off-by: Santiago Pastorino <>
layout_for works again with objects as specified in the documentation…
… and Rails 2.3 [#5357 state:resolved]
José Valim Ensure @config is not a reserved instance variable in controllers. [#…
…5342 state:resolved]
Aaron Patterson stop using private methods 8464ee0
Aaron Patterson unless Array#empty? is faster than if Array#present? dac2b37
Aaron Patterson avoiding tap saves us time a56ee4c
Aaron Patterson dry up the hash dup and avoid sending nil values 5352a89
Aaron Patterson avoid multiple hash lookups ff760dd
Aaron Patterson subtracting blank strings is slightly faster than blank? c8509d5
Raising exception if fixture file can't be found 1c970b8
Yehuda Katz Replace snowman with utf8=✓ f2d22ec
Mark Turner fixed indentation in test cases
Signed-off-by: wycats <>
Aug 12, 2010
Xavier Noria no need to assign if we are gonna return bfd7281
Xavier Noria AS guide: some revisions 36cb62e
José Valim Make update_attribute behave as in Rails 2.3 and document the behavio…
…r intrinsic to its implementation.
Neeraj Singh adding more documentation for autosave option 06af291
Neeraj Singh updating documentation for named_scope and default_scope 198bffe
Xavier Noria commit review: applies guidelines to "# =>" 1e6e868
Paco Guzmán applied guidelines to "# =>" ab68d4b
Xavier Noria revises some autosave docs, style and content 4dcce5d
Neeraj Singh Ensure we can nest include calls [#5285 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Greg Campbell Add missing ActiveModel::Validations require
[#5311 state: resolved]

ActiveModel::Validations uses Hash#except, but does not require it from
ActiveSupport.  (This wasn't showing up in the tests, because it was
required in the helper, and was also required in

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Subba Rao Pasupuleti tidy up validations length code [#5297 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Subba Rao Pasupuleti no callbacks should be created for empty array [#5289 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Xavier Noria be more precise re :validate and :autosave 91ae6e9
Jeremy Kemper It's snowing! e428300
Aug 13, 2010
Aaron Patterson symbol to proc is slow, we should avoid it fb6edb1
Aaron Patterson do not use arel constants directly abd9736
Aaron Patterson avoiding symbol to proc again e86b758
Aaron Patterson removing references to arel constants bacf781
Aaron Patterson avoid direct use of arel constants 108179b
Santiago Pastorino Moves local_request? to require.local?
[#5361 state:committed]
Aaron Patterson removing a lolinject 79e15f0
Prem Sichanugrist Removing most of the symbol to proc usage in Active Record
This will hopefully make Active Record run a bit more faster.
Aaron Patterson converting to a symbol is not necessary 59e63e7
Santiago Pastorino This method is actually not used, it's implemented on the concrete ad…

[#5331 state:committed]
Santiago Pastorino Makes AR use AMo to_key implementation ccd4364
Aug 14, 2010
Santiago Pastorino Deletes trailing whitespaces (over text files only find * -type f -ex…
…ec sed 's/[ \t]*$//' -i {} \;)
Santiago Pastorino Fixes some ActionMailer tests 05ba082
Subba Rao Pasupuleti Adding missing required statement
[#5056 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: Santiago Pastorino <>
Santiago Pastorino deprected -> deprecated b3ece73
Mark Hayes in Rendering objects with RecordIdentifier example, locals should ref…
…erence @account not @buyer
Santiago Pastorino object/try should be required after abstract_unit to have AS in the l…
…oad path
Santiago Pastorino Both tests are using the same model, move the model to another file a…
…nd add the missing require
Santiago Pastorino Add missing model 707248a
Santiago Pastorino Should be Boolean there a036999
Santiago Pastorino MySQL2 added to CI 477a9d4
Aug 15, 2010
Santiago Pastorino Makes topics.written_on null => true back again some tests rely on that 0f1b9bb
Santiago Pastorino connection reader is defined later 6d68cde
Santiago Pastorino Revert "connection reader is defined later"
This reverts commit f4cce71.
Santiago Pastorino remove already defined method to avoid warnings ae7732f
Santiago Pastorino Makes use of class << self instead of def self. 5f7bfb1
Santiago Pastorino This is not needed anymore bdeeca3
Mikel Lindsaar Making time_zone_options_for_select return a html_safe string
Signed-off-by: Santiago Pastorino <>
José Valim to_key should return all exists keys (if any exists), regardless if t…
…he object is persisted or not. If you need it to reflect persistance, you should use to_param.
Santiago Pastorino Revert "Makes AR use AMo to_key implementation"
This reverts commit ccd4364.
Mark Turner make rake routes print the name of a Rack endpoint app [#5338 state:r…

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
José Valim Improve routes task code and print the application as :to => RackApp. [
…#5338 state:resolved]
Bryce Thornton Allow for any possible TLD when using the :all option with the cookie…
… session store. This works for subdomain.mysite.local,,, etc. [#5147 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Subba Rao Pasupuleti select tags coerce the :selected option, options to strings before co…
…mparison [#5056 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Yehuda Katz render :file in 2.3 behaved like render :template in Rails 3 (adding …
…the current controller as a prefix)
Yehuda Katz headers["X-Foo-Count"] = 2 is deprecated properly now 6883681
Yehuda Katz find .text.html and .text.plain files, and deprecate it b8ec4ea
Yehuda Katz Add back #callback and deprecate it a34dce9
Yehuda Katz Test callbacks 83cb532
Yehuda Katz Make sure apps upgrading from 2.3 get defaulted to UTF-8 (ht: parndt) 452a56a
Aug 16, 2010
Xavier Noria routing guide: wildcard segments are quite flexible, go beyond the si…
…mple use case
José Valim annoted_source_code may return nil if an erro rhappens during templat…
…e compiling.
Tobias Lütke Added test case to verify that transaction callbacks are correctly pr…
…opagated to class observers

Signed-off-by: Santiago Pastorino <>
Santiago Pastorino assert_equal here 020aeb6
Peter Wagenet Class Attribute setter returns set value
Signed-off-by: wycats <>
Mark Turner added testcase for belongs_to with a counter_cache and touch
[#5365 state:committed]

Signed-off-by: Santiago Pastorino <>
Santiago Pastorino Restore pet -> owner relationship to the previous state 6f478b0
Aug 17, 2010
Raimonds Simanovskis added dependencies in Gemfile for running ActiveRecord tests with Ora…
…cle database
Raimonds Simanovskis Replaced hardcoded SessionStore table creation SQL with calls to Acti…
…veRecord adapter migration methods

Otherwise hardcoded table creation SQL was failing on Oracle database
Xavier Noria the (public) routing DSL does not accept symbols for get|post|put|del…
Xavier Noria code gardening: we have assert_(nil|blank|present), more concise, wit…
…h better default failure messages - let's use them
Santiago Pastorino recommended is the right word here 22d242c
Josiah Ivey Debugging Guide: Improve grammar for the RJS section 21063e5
Luke brown Added an example and explaination for using an optional path scope fo…
…r the locale
Xavier Noria debugging guide: revises the section on debugging RJS 4b21dfe
Jeff-Lawson Bug Fix -- clean up connection after stored procedure [#3151 state:re…
Jeff-Lawson Bug Fix -- clean up connection after stored procedure [#3151 state:re…
to_sentence should return a duplicate 92f4cca
Yehuda Katz Sadly, this segv's in 1.8 :( 0a41ece
Yehuda Katz 1.8 block variable shadowing strikes again 588ac71
Aug 18, 2010
Trey Bean Missing object for comparison in ActiveModel::EachValidator example c…
Xavier Noria you rarely want ^ or $ in validations, use \A when you mean \A 23303d6
André Arko Allow member actions (get, etc) to accept strings, with test c40856c
Santiago Pastorino Bump up rdoc to 2.5.10 82eff0f
Don't pluralize resource methods [#4704 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: Santiago Pastorino <>
Aaron Patterson call to present? is not necessary 7e85b16
Aaron Patterson refactoring to remove duplicate logic 2f6383e
Yehuda Katz Revert "It's snowing!"
This reverts commit e428300.
Aaron Patterson refactor if / else to ||= a16ec2f
Aug 19, 2010
Xavier Noria get rid of the warning "+ after local variable is interpreted as bina…
…ry operator even though it seems like unary operator" in Ruby 1.9.2
Xavier Noria avoids a ton o warnings activesupport/lib/active_support/dependencies…
….rb:239: warning: loading in progress, circular require considered harmful ... activesupport/lib/active_support/core_ext/hash/indifferent_access.rb while running the suite in Ruby 1.9.2
Xavier Noria now for real, the suite loads everything and these went unpatched 632a224
Xavier Noria avoids warnings about mismatched indentations in Ruby 1.9.2 6fb6ddb
Jeremy Kemper Memoize STI class lookups for the duration of a request 64f4dc6
Santiago Pastorino We need bundle update only here bef90f8
Aaron Patterson we should wrap strings as sql literals 1ef9b98
Aaron Patterson removing useless ternary 49e406e
Santiago Pastorino Bump up rack-mount to 0.6.10 21c9795
Neeraj Singh While creating a new record using has_many create method default scop…
…e of child should be respected.

author.posts.create should take into account default_scope
defined on post.

[#3939: state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Andrew White Move edit route before show route so that it will have precedence if …
…the :id parameter allows slashes [#5409 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Andrew White Move regexps in options hash to :constraints hash so that they are pu…
…shed into the scope [#5208 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
José Valim Use attribute readers as they are faster in general. 8f2b278
Andrew White Optimize find_sti_class when store_full_sti_class is true

Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kemper <>
Aaron Patterson updates return number of rows matched rather than number of rows affe…
Aug 20, 2010
Santiago Pastorino Bump up tzinfo to 0.3.23 ac66de4
Aaron Patterson fisting after_rollback and after commit callbacks 809a04b
Xavier Noria the pdoc task is no longer needed d033b23
Xavier Noria deletes the rdoc task of each component, they are no longer published…
… separately
Andrew White Allow symbols for :path resource(s) option [#5306 state:resolved]
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Andrew White Don't add the standard https port when using redirect in routes.rb an…
…d ensure that request.scheme returns https when using a reverse proxy.

[#5408 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Neeraj Singh after_validation should be called irrespective of the result of valid…

I confirmed that this is the behavior on 2.3.x .

[5419 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Aaron Patterson adding FOUND_ROWS to the connect flags for mysql2 612c233
Andrew White Support routing constraints in functional tests
Extend assert_recognizes and assert_generates to support passing
full urls as the path argument. This allows testing of routing
constraints such as subdomain and host within functional tests.

[#5005 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Nick Sieger Fix hash modification during iteration in Mapper [#5420]
Signed-off-by: Santiago Pastorino <>
Jeremy Kemper Revert "Just add connection management middleware if running in a con…
…current environment."

This reverts commit 6b29dc8.
Brian Lopez reload bob after his journy to a new timezone 7dbc99e
Aug 21, 2010
Xavier Noria requires horo 1.0.2 9011f8f
Xavier Noria prevent RDoc from autolinking "Rails" in the API home page 68e2d1e
Raphael Lee Trifling typos
[#5422 state:committed]

Signed-off-by: Santiago Pastorino <>
Santiago Pastorino Move encoding settings for testing purposes to abstract_unit file 11e9883
Santiago Pastorino Set default_internal and default_external on AM for testing purposes e88f8be
Aug 22, 2010
Santiago Pastorino Set default_internal and default_external on AS for testing purposes 2106782
Andrew White Cache the symbolized path parameters using a instance variable in the…
… request object rather than the environment hash. This it to prevent stale parameters in later routing constraints/redirects as only the normal path parameters are set by Rack::Mount.

Also if a constraint proc arity is more than one, pass the symbolized path parameters
as the first argument to match redirect proc args and provide easier access.

[#5157 state:resolved]

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Santiago Pastorino Fix namespace problem on object which inherit from ActiveSupport::Bas…
Santiago Pastorino Silence warnings for Encoding.default_external= and Encoding.default_…
Aaron Patterson removing duplicate tests 6ca6ef2
Santiago Pastorino Bump up rack-mount to 0.6.12 6edae45
Aug 23, 2010
Santiago Pastorino type fixed 8235c92
Raimonds Simanovskis updated test_should_record_timestamp_for_join_table for Oracle bedf6a0
Raimonds Simanovskis Do not use time zone in test_read_attributes_before_type_cast_on_date…
…time for Oracle database

As currently string_to_time method is not doing time zone conversion to database time zone
Xavier Noria adds USAGE to the generator generator USAGE (not sure this meta thing…
… is any good at 8:12 AM with little coffee)
Xavier Noria generators guide: edit pass b97ad85
Xavier Noria removes words moved in previous edit of the generator generator USAGE 2570fda
Brian Lopez no need to depend on mysql2 master anymore
Signed-off-by: Santiago Pastorino <>
Brian Lopez mysql2 adapter is being maintained in the mysql2 gem itself
Signed-off-by: Santiago Pastorino <>
Aaron Patterson we should mark strings as SQL Literal values eeb9b37
Aaron Patterson sql literal strings should be marked as sql literal strings 1cc653f
Aaron Patterson we should mark sql strings as sql literals 6a1ea88
José Valim Update CHANGELOG for ActionPack. a1ca2e0
Aaron Patterson marking sql literals as sql literals 36fcc99
Santiago Pastorino Config is deprecated on 1.8.8 and 1.9.3 use RbConfig c8b84a1
David Heinemeier Hansson Prep for RC2 8931dd1
David Heinemeier Hansson Prefer the mysql2 gem for MySQL database.ymls fc6db62
David Heinemeier Hansson Depend on latest Bundler RC 880eaa1
Santiago Pastorino Point guides to bundler 1.0.0.rc.6 aafb290
David Heinemeier Hansson Depend on latest arel RC bc61196
David Heinemeier Hansson Bump rails version 04aa14f
David Heinemeier Hansson mysql db defaults to mysql2 gem 822fa17
Aug 24, 2010
Raimonds Simanovskis use database from ARUNIT_DB_NAME environment variable when running te…
…sts on Oracle