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Commits on Dec 23, 2011
@tenderlove tenderlove Adding an integration test. Fixes #4136 a32d3d0
@tenderlove tenderlove adding an integration test for splat regexp substitutions. fixes #4138 5f2bfce
@jonleighton jonleighton Fix build when IM=true 96c38ec
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4141 from arunagw/fix_build
Fix build 3-2-stable
@fxn fxn removes Enumerable#pluck from the AS guide 824334c
@alvarobp alvarobp serialize fails on subclass 6b9ab88
@jonleighton jonleighton Fix #4046. 7bb754e
@jonleighton jonleighton Doh, remove debugging line 9d9440f
@vijaydev vijaydev Rails 3.2 Release Notes 4a86708
@jonleighton jonleighton Fix situation where id method didn't get defined causing postgres to …
Commits on Dec 24, 2011
@jeremy jeremy Remove broken #compute_source_path 684448b
@ai ai Gzip files on page caching
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@josevalim josevalim Provide a class optin for page_cache_compression. ba86892
@josevalim josevalim Remove unecessary config_accessors. c4ef3d3
@german german added ability to specify from cli when generating a model/migration w…
…hether particular property should be an index like this 'rails g model person name:string:index profile:string'
@josevalim josevalim Tidy up migration types. 557014d
@josevalim josevalim Update CHANGELOGs. fc42998
@josevalim josevalim Fix regexp intervals. 1db5f4e
@vijaydev vijaydev minor edits in caching guide 853439c
@vijaydev vijaydev add latest changes to 3.2 release notes 929bfb8
@josevalim josevalim assert_not_match -> assert_no_match. 0e8cbbe
@tenderlove tenderlove delegating and deprecating logger#silence. fixes #4159 b590fe4
@tenderlove tenderlove avoid deprecation warnings when running AR tests a410a9c
@josevalim josevalim Last attempt to fix 1.8.7 tests. bea3524
Commits on Dec 25, 2011
@fxn fxn (draft) guides for the Kindle and Kindle apps [Mip Earson & Xavier No…
@kuroda kuroda Reconnect to the first database after db:create
Otherwise, the schema and seed will be loaded onto the
test database.
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4175 from kuroda/3-2-stable
Reconnect to the first database after db:create
@fxn fxn guides generation for the Kindle looking good now [Mip Earson & Xavie…
…r Noria]
@fxn fxn download guides for the Kindle and Kindle apps from the home page d6d561e
@fxn fxn registers guide generation for the Kindle and Kindle apps in the Chan…
@mipearson mipearson Mip Earson -> Michael Pearson in changelog. 51fd3f3
@vijaydev vijaydev fix kindle apps link in edge guides index 7a3121b
@vijaydev vijaydev Some fixes in rails guides generation
* Passing edge information to the views fixes the lack of the edge badge
and sets the appropriate welcome page on
* Changes in the welcome message to hyper link the rails tree based on
the version.
* Mention the Amazon url from where kindlegen can be downloaded.
@vijaydev vijaydev add back the version info to the title in guides index page 4cf40d0
Commits on Dec 26, 2011
@drogus drogus Correctly display rack apps with dynamic constraints in RoutesInspector
If you used dynamic constraint like that:

  scope :constraint => do
    mount RackApp => "/foo"

routes were not displayed correctly when using `rake routes`.
This commit fixes it. If you want nice display of dynamic
constraints in `rake routes` output, please just override
to_s method in your constraint's class.
Commits on Dec 27, 2011
@gazay gazay Safe getting value from cache entry f7b1906
@tapajos tapajos Closes #4208 b3490d8
Commits on Dec 28, 2011
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4210 from tapajos/patch-1
Fix #4208
@tapajos tapajos Remove empty line. 7767159
@fxn fxn Merge pull request #4217 from tapajos/patch-2
Remove empty line
@bensie bensie Further simplify singleton_class checking in class_attribute 520918a
@spastorino spastorino Bump to rack 1.4.0 2004a13
@spastorino spastorino Add CHANGELOG entry a0fd9fb
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4196 from gazay/3-2-stable-marshalling
3.2 stable marshalling
@jonleighton jonleighton Revert "Further simplify singleton_class checking in class_attribute"
This reverts commit 520918a.

Reason: build failure
@fxn fxn app code in general wants Time.current, not 7a80ac0
Commits on Dec 29, 2011
@tenderlove tenderlove last named route wins. fixes #4164
This differs from route recognition where first recognized route wins.
This will not be supported in Rails 4.0 so that route recognition and
generation rules are consistent.
@tenderlove tenderlove Revert "Merge pull request #4196 from gazay/3-2-stable-marshalling"
This reverts commit df37018, reversing
changes made to a0fd9fb.
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4216 from edgecase/master_fix_reorder_with_limite…

allow reorder to affect eager loading correctly
@gazay gazay Backward compatibility with 3.1 cache storing b815676
@ugisozols ugisozols Remove unnecessary comma. bea4f9a
@joliss joliss Document that index names are made up of all columns, not just the fi…

index_name has been using the following expression

    "index_#{table_name}_on_#{Array.wrap(options[:column]) * '_and_'}"

since at least 2006 (bc7f231), and that's how they come out in my DB.

Please check that this is correct before merging into master, perhaps
I'm misunderstanding the section I changed.
@fuzzyalej fuzzyalej Fixed formatting of code examples in form_tag_helper.rb 5f57d2a
@kevmoo kevmoo Documented about using :path option for resources 2e533e3
@vijaydev vijaydev revise some doc changes 63c6fee
@tenderlove tenderlove fixing typo. Thanks Vijay! 766eda3
Commits on Dec 30, 2011
@lest lest refactor Range#include? to handle ranges with floats

@fxn fxn adds a comments that clarifies why Range#include? chooses the compari…
…son operator
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4227 from gazay/3-2-stable-marshalling
3 2 stable marshalling
Commits on Dec 31, 2011
@vijaydev vijaydev remove wiki link 0a048f3
@vijaydev vijaydev fix a couple of formatting issues ba19837
@sumbach sumbach Minor readability improvements 003d0ff
@sumbach sumbach SCSS processor is provided by the sass gem 95a83cc
@fuzzyalej fuzzyalej Fixed documentation error in code examples from form_tag_helper.rb 8be9d92
Commits on Jan 01, 2012
@vijaydev vijaydev DRY up guides index page
Use the list of guides available in documents.yaml to fill in the
menu in the index page instead of duplicating the list again. Also,
remove WIP guides from the menu.
Commits on Jan 02, 2012
@lest lest deprecate ActiveSupport::Base64
extend and define ::Base64 if needed
@fxn fxn Merge pull request #4267 from lest/3-2-deprecate-activesupport-base64
deprecate ActiveSupport::Base64
@lest lest fix base64 requires 4f440a3
@fxn fxn Merge pull request #4268 from lest/3-2-deprecate-activesupport-base64
fix base64 requires
Commits on Jan 03, 2012
@lest lest use pg 0.11.0 under ruby 1.8.7 0b5cda7
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4273 from lest/fix-pg-version
use pg 0.11.0 under ruby 1.8.7
@spastorino spastorino Deprecate Rails::Plugin in favor of gems 853de2b
@lest lest deprecate AS::Base64 methods without DeprecatedConstantProxy 1fc53df
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4275 from lest/3-2-deprecate-activesupport-base64
deprecate AS::Base64 methods without DeprecatedConstantProxy
@spastorino spastorino Merge pull request #4278 from kennyj/fix_rdoc_generating_problem
Use -e option instead of -c option (rake rdoc task).
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4279 from lest/fix-log
do not rewrite log during application bootstrap
@spastorino spastorino Add font_path helper method 0d7d3a6
@bogdan bogdan AS::Callbacks: improve __define_runner perfomance 9f8f4c2
@bogdan bogdan AS::Callbacks: improved __define_runner performance 4e8286f
@bogdan bogdan Refactor AS::Callbacks
Extracted `__reset_runner` from `__define_runner`
And call it in proper places
@bogdan bogdan AS::Callbacks: remove __define_runner 40c8aa7
@josevalim josevalim Override respond_to? since we are also overriding method_missing. d38dac8
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4280 from lest/3-2-backport-callbacks
backport changes in AS::Callbacks
@spastorino spastorino Pass extensions to javascript_path and stylesheet_path helpers. Closes 8c129f1
@lest lest add CHANGELOG entry for AS::Base64 deprecation 337ac05
@spastorino spastorino Merge pull request #4281 from lest/3-2-changelog
add CHANGELOG entry for AS::Base64 deprecation
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4283 from lest/fix-singleton-checking
use correct variant of checking whether class is a singleton
@tenderlove tenderlove Revert "Named Routes shouldn't override existing ones (currently rout…
…e recognition goes with the earliest match, named routes use the latest match)"

This reverts commit 71d769e.
@tenderlove tenderlove When generating routes, the last defined named route wins. This is in
contrast to route recognition where the first recognized route wins.
This behavior will not exist in Rails 4.0.


Commits on Jan 04, 2012
@kennyj kennyj Fix GH #4285. Remove options when we record calling creat_table 6012970
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4288 from kennyj/fix_4285-2
(3-2-stable) Fix GH #4285. Remove options when we record calling create_table
@imkmf imkmf Final grammar checkup on 3.2 release notes. 6bcc1b8
@vijaydev vijaydev updates to 3.2 release notes bc36613
@ffmike ffmike General editing pass over assets pipeline guide 20a4258
@elpic elpic improve doc in number helper options 00a27c5
@vijaydev vijaydev copy edits 4b2b595
@spastorino spastorino Revert "use pg 0.11.0 under ruby 1.8.7"
There's a new pg release, no need for this anymore
This reverts commit 0b5cda7.
@spastorino spastorino Use sass-rails 3.2.3 f8df37b
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4282 from edgecase/order_after_reorder
correctly handle order calls after a reorder
@jeremy jeremy Clarify vendor/plugins deprecation warning d9e0c4a
@jeremy jeremy Add release notes URL to vendor/plugins deprecation warning. Update C…
@josevalim josevalim Revert "AS::Callbacks: remove __define_runner"
Runners are used internally.

This reverts commit 40c8aa7.
@spastorino spastorino Bump to rc2 d268ef2
Commits on Jan 05, 2012
@kuroda kuroda Infer currency negative format from positive one.
When a locale file sets the format of the positive
currency value as '%n %u', the default negative
currency format should be '-%n %u'.

Cherry-picked from master (6724c8c)
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4311 from kuroda/3-2-negative_format
Infer currency negative format from positive one. (3-2-stable)
@spastorino spastorino Depend on coffee-rails 3.2.1 6005736
Commits on Jan 06, 2012
@kennyj kennyj Don't fork a process when assets:precompile:nondigest is invoked in a…
…ssets:precompile:all. Improve GH #3694.
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4352 from kennyj/improve_3694-2
[3-2-stable] Don't fork a process when assets:precompile:nondigest is invoked in assets:precompile:all.
Commits on Jan 10, 2012
@drogus drogus Add ORIGINAL_FULLPATH to env
This behaves similarly to REQUEST_URI, but
we need to implement it on our own because
REQUEST_URI is not reliable.

Note that since PATH_INFO does not contain
information about trailing question mark,
this is not 100% accurate, for example
`/foo?` will result in `/foo` in ORIGINAL_FULLPATH
@drogus drogus Add original_fullpath and original_url methods to Request 79b12a0
@drogus drogus Fix http digest authentication with trailing '/' or '?' (fixes #4038
…and #3228)
@spastorino spastorino Rails initialization with initialize_on_precompile = false should set…
… assets_dir
@spastorino spastorino Add CHANGELOG entry 6f48fb3
@spastorino spastorino Remove dead code bda0ae7
@josevalim josevalim Remove duplicated test line which was causing Ci failures on 1.8.7. ae14b71
@spastorino spastorino Add "What to update in your apps" section to the release notes guide
We should keep this up to date and the current version is probably wrong
and/or incomplete. HELP!!!
@tenderlove tenderlove deprecate the subdirectories parameter to `migrations`

@tenderlove tenderlove FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :bomb: 77785c7
Commits on Jan 11, 2012
@rizwanreza rizwanreza Edits to spastorino's additions in 3.2 Release Notes 7be7710
@spastorino spastorino Merge pull request #4404 from rizwanreza/edits-to-spastorino-upgrade-…

Edits to spastorino's upgrade notes
@spastorino spastorino Merge pull request #4408 from tomstuart/read-and-write-attribute-aliases
#[] and #[]= are no longer interchangeable with #read_attribute and #write_attribute
@codesnik codesnik Made an example a little more realistic 96d4da1
@al2o3cr al2o3cr add documentation explaining reorder behavior d0915ac
@vijaydev vijaydev Some revisions to the release notes guide

@spastorino spastorino Merge pull request #4412 from kennyj/fix_3743
Fix GH #3743. We must specify an encoding in rdoc_option explicitly.
@vijaydev vijaydev add some missing formats in the release guide ffc8e59
Commits on Jan 12, 2012
@spastorino spastorino on and ON are type casted to a true boolean column fc74a51
@spastorino spastorino Add CHANGELOG entry 3f16f5b
@vijaydev vijaydev minor revision in 3.2 release guide 8ff8ca7
@vijaydev vijaydev fixes in api docs e6b5943
@vijaydev vijaydev minor edits 03a7198
@vijaydev vijaydev add 3.2 release notes to the guides index 040c9e4
@tenderlove tenderlove depend on journey 1.0.0 6dac17f
@tenderlove tenderlove moving to arel 3.0.0 1d74af6
@vijaydev vijaydev remove hidden link in guides layout ddfd2cf
@vijaydev vijaydev prepare for 3.2 guides release :) ac153fe
@drogus drogus Fix table_name in ActiveRecord with more than one abstract ancestors
When subclassing abstract_class table_name should be always computed
based on class name, no matter if superclass is subclassing base
or another abstract_class. So:

class FirstAbstract < ActiveRecord::Base
  self.abstract_class = true
class SecondAbstract < FirstAbstract
  self.abstract_class = true

class Post < SecondAbstract
  self.table_name #=> 'posts' (not 'second_abstracts')
@vijaydev vijaydev add info about kindle guides in the release guide [ci skip] e4c7ebe
@drogus drogus Added note about [ci skip] tag to contributing guide a6dce45
@vijaydev vijaydev fix rails binary path when using --dev [ci skip] 700f778
@fxn fxn warns against using temporary subscribers 01c1127
Commits on Jan 13, 2012
@guilleiguaran guilleiguaran Update Railties section of 3.2 release notes 05367e6
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4451 from guilleiguaran/add-therubyracer-commented 70631e7
@josevalim josevalim config.force_ssl should mark the session as secure. b745fe1
@josevalim josevalim No AS::TestCase here. 4ca3592
@spastorino spastorino Use a BodyProxy instead of including a Module that responds to close.
Closes #4441 if Active Record is disabled assets are delivered correctly
@jonleighton jonleighton Fix race condition :bomb: 70b762d
Commits on Jan 14, 2012
@josevalim josevalim Add begin/ensure block since we are returning. 78ef738
Commits on Jan 15, 2012
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Pass a symbol instead of a block. This is faster and more concise.
At least Ruby 1.8.7 is required which is ok since 3.2.


require "benchmark"

enum = 1..10_000
N = 100 do |x| "inject block" do
    N.times do
      enum.inject { |sum, n| sum + n }
  end "inject symbol" do
    N.times do


       user     system      total        real
inject block   0.160000   0.000000   0.160000 (  0.179723)
inject symbol  0.090000   0.000000   0.090000 (  0.095667)
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4471 from semaperepelitsa/enum_sum
Pass a symbol instead of a block in Enumerable#sum
@mikel mikel Upgrade mail dependency to 2.4.0 95027d2
@drogus drogus Fix stack level too deep when model does not have attributes method.
Without that patch when using ActiveModel::AttributeMethods
in a class that does not respond to `attributes` method,
stack level too deep error will be raised on non existing
method. While documentation is clear that you need to define
`attributes` method in order to use AttributeMethods module,
`stack level too deep` is rather obscure and hard to debug,
therefore we should try to not break `method_missing` if
someone forgets about defining `attributes`.
@guilleiguaran guilleiguaran Don't hardcode assets route skipped in route inspector

@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4474 from guilleiguaran/fix-route-inspector-3-2-s…

Don't hardcode assets route skipped in route inspector (3-2-stable)
Commits on Jan 16, 2012
@drogus drogus Add ActiveModel::Errors#delete, which was not available after move to…
… use delegation
@guilleiguaran guilleiguaran Getting Started Guide: Update reference about JavaScript runtimes 30782e4
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Improve description of :allow_destroy option for nested attributes in…
… getting started guide
Dan Pickett change class to id per scaffold change 951d70d
@rhulse rhulse [docs] Update pipeline asset organization section.
* Calified how assets are included.
* Added information about using index manifests.
@vijaydev vijaydev copy editing asset pipeline changes 39d4878
@vijaydev vijaydev minor edits in getting started guide 48f9835
@drogus drogus Apparently asssert_empty is not available in 1.8.7 90aae07
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4462 from spohlenz/fix-routing-tests
Stub ip method of alternative request class in router tests
Commits on Jan 17, 2012
@pkondzior pkondzior Fix ActiveModel::Errors#dup
Since ActiveModel::Errors instance keeps all error messages as hash
we should duplicate this object as well.

Previously ActiveModel::Errors was a subclass of ActiveSupport::OrderedHash,
which results in different behavior on dup, this may result in regression for
people relying on it.

Because Rails 3.2 stills supports Ruby 1.8.7 in order to properly fix this
regression we need to backport #initialize_dup.
@drogus drogus Merge pull request #4492 from pkondzior/3-2-stable
Wrong behavior of ActiveModel::Errors#dup is causing regressions on applications using Rails 3-2-stable
@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca Add option to configure Sprockets logger c4c6beb
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4501 from rafaelfranca/assets-logger-3-2
Add option to configure Sprockets logger [3-2-stable]
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4487 from sarenji/fix-reset-counters
Fix bug where reset_counters resets the wrong counter cache.
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Add some deprecations for logic being removed in 4.0 20baeec
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Deprecate default_charset= at controller level 57be2cf
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Add default charset config to ActionDispatch 9d4fd61
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Deprecate AC::UnknownError and AC::DoubleRenderError
Use the constants AbstractController::ActionNotFound and
AbstractController::DoubleRenderError respectively instead.
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Remove duplicated constant definition
ActionController::ActionControllerError is already defined in
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Update changelog ed0f0ad
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4498 from carlosantoniodasilva/action-controller-…

Action controller refactor - deprecate Compatibility module
Commits on Jan 18, 2012
@guilleiguaran guilleiguaran Silent Sprockets logger when config.assets.logger is set to false 02e4d7f
@guilleiguaran guilleiguaran Update CHANGELOG and docs for config.assets.logger ae7037e
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4518 from guilleiguaran/silent-sprockets-logger-3…

Silent Sprockets logger when config.assets.logger is set to false (3-2-stable)
@vijaydev vijaydev updates to 3.2 release notes 0960eb9
@guilleiguaran guilleiguaran Update AM CHANGELOG 939a84a
@makoto makoto ActionController::UrlEncodedPairParser is deprecated. Replaced the ur… 619731f
@vijaydev vijaydev Merge pull request #4525 from guilleiguaran/am-changelog-3-2-stable
@guilleiguaran guilleiguaran Update Release Notes: sprockets-rails section should be inside of Act…
…ionPack section
@guilleiguaran guilleiguaran Adding Action Mailer section to 3.2 release notes 3bfbc45
@vijaydev vijaydev revise wording [ci skip] 2e6ca53
Commits on Jan 19, 2012
@vijaydev vijaydev select doesn't take multiple arguments - fixes #4539 [ci skip]
Didn't cherry pick the master commit because this one already had some
of the fixes made in master.
@fujimura fujimura update release note: timestamps is non-null as default ead04ee
@vijaydev vijaydev revising release notes [ci skip] c450833
@simonbaird simonbaird Fix small typo in mail_to docs in url_helper.rb 0055456
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4531 from exviva/pessimistic_with_lock
Add ActiveRecord::Base#with_lock
@vijaydev vijaydev update the getting_started guide code [ci skip] 6e311b9
@vijaydev vijaydev document AR::Base#with_lock in release notes [ci skip] a0e439f
@vijaydev vijaydev fix duplicate ids for the headers [ci skip] b259bf9
@vijaydev vijaydev add uglifier version info in the 'what to update' section ff813dc
@josevalim josevalim Do not deprecate performed? 08d6eb6
@josevalim josevalim Update CHANGELOG 5b90635
@vijaydev vijaydev update release notes [ci skip] 6c65676
Commits on Jan 20, 2012
@dhh dhh Preparing for 3.2.0 release f36dcaf
@jonleighton jonleighton Fix another race condition.
From 2c667f6.

Thanks @pwnall for the heads-up.


Commits on Jan 21, 2012
Jonathan Roes document `:raise` option support for several helpers [ci skip] c701358
@kennyj kennyj Fix GH #4580. Rails 3.2: uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::Tagged…
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4582 from kennyj/fix_4580
Fix  GH #4580. Rails 3.2: uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::TaggedLogging::ERROR
@waseem waseem Remove deprecation warning from console output when running
activesupport tests.
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4586 from waseem/assert_with_no_deprecation_warnings
Assert with no deprecation warnings activesupport tests.
Commits on Jan 22, 2012
@jviney jviney Fix `$rails_rake_task` global variable warning without replacing the …
…value of $rails_rake_task if it is already set.

Fixes #4591.

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Add missing require to Array#wrap in generators action methods d246da1
@iHiD iHiD Allow to accept ranges. c6dcc35
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4604 from ihid/3-2-stable
3-2-stable: Fixed regression - unable to use a range as choices for
@josevalim josevalim Support decimal{1,2} and decimal{1-2} and decimal{1.2} so it works fi…
…ne with bash, zsh, etc, closes #4602
Commits on Jan 23, 2012
@jviney jviney The deprecated ActiveSupport::Base64.decode64 method should call ::Ba…
…se64.decode64 not ::Base64.encode64
@vijaydev vijaydev Merge pull request #4611 from jviney/3-2-stable
Fix ActiveSupport::Base64.decode64
@vijaydev vijaydev test base64 encode and decode 912f144
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4601 from carlosantoniodasilva/patch-1
Add missing require to Array#wrap in generators action methods
Commits on Jan 24, 2012
@tenderlove tenderlove Added custom regexps to ASTs that have literal nodes on either side of
symbol nodes.  Fixes #4585
@tenderlove tenderlove work against 1-0-stable until a new journey is released 1a56a76
@kennyj kennyj Fix GH #4344. A defined callback in extended module is called too.

@indrekj indrekj Add failing test for date_select
date_select does not work when day is discarded, include blank option is
enabled and struct date itself is nil.
@indrekj indrekj Fix date_select nil and blank and order case d92b5fe
@joevandyk joevandyk datetime_select should work with -/+ infinity dates 59a408e
@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca Fix date_select with discard_month and discard_year options
Closes #4553 and #4633
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4514 from brainopia/update_timezone_offets
Update time zone offset information
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4641 from rafaelfranca/date_select-fix-3-2
date_select fixes [3-2-stable]
@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca Remove unused variables to avoid warnings 3cd28e2
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4643 from rafaelfranca/3-2-stable
Remove unused variables to avoid warnings
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4639 from joevandyk/datetime-infinity-select-fix
datetime_select fix for dates of -infinity and +infinity
Commits on Jan 25, 2012
@pwim pwim allow requiring of 'active_model/naming'
Requiring 'active_model/naming' will raise an uninitialized constant
ActiveSupport::Deprecation exception because the module core extension
doesn't require 'active_support/deprecation'. This require cannot be
added to the core extension because of circular dependency issues.
@josevalim josevalim Merge pull request #4654 from pwim/explicit-deprecation-require
Explicit deprecation require
@pwim pwim Test for unicode path support
This is currently broken due to a bug in journey.
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4658 from pwim/unicode-paths
Test for unicode path support
@damln damln example bracket error fd9d394
@rohit rohit remove extra 'the' a267090
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Fix custom validation methods section in AR validations and callbacks…
… guide

The methods validate_on_create and validate_on_update are not available
anymore in Rails, this removes them from the guide and adds an example
on how to use validate with the :on option.
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Change ActiveRecord::Errors to ActiveModel::Errors in guides
Use ActiveModel::Errors in inflection example docs as well.

Also fixes wrong information and link to locale file related to
Errors#full_messages in I18n guide.
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Improve field error proc example in validations guide 79a0488
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Fix callbacks order for destroying an object in validations guide
Also add around save to creating/updating callbacks order, and fix save
example with no validation
@lunks lunks Duping log handler. fixes #4668 c9cd0eb
@vijaydev vijaydev Merge pull request #4673 from carlosantoniodasilva/validation-guides-…

Validation guides update 3 2
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4675 from lunks/3-2-stable
Duping log handler on buffered logger silencer.
Commits on Jan 26, 2012
@lest lest call to_s on value passed to table_name=
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@brainopia brainopia Fix contributing guide to reflect preferred position on indentation 3a087b8
@fxn fxn disable automatic explain if there is no logger [closes #4671] 2483460
@fxn fxn registers 2483460 in the CHANGELOG 2809375
@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca Remove extra attributes from HABTM join tables in AR tests
HABTM Join tables should not have extra attributes

When extra attributes is needed in HABTM join tables is better to use
`has_many :through` association.

Fix #4653
@tenderlove tenderlove global variables may not be set depending on the match. fixes #4703 7ba3ecc
@tenderlove tenderlove Merge pull request #4696 from rafaelfranca/issue-4653
Remove extra attributes from HABTM join tables in AR tests
@tenderlove tenderlove bumping journey to 1.0.1 70cbb1c
@atambo atambo safe_constantize should handle wrong constant name NameErrors Fixes #…

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@josevalim josevalim Revert usage of safe constantize
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
@fxn fxn CHANGELOG revision for v3.2.1 97e8d1d
@fxn fxn updating RAILS_VERSION 67b8fbc