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Commits on Sep 14, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Bumping up to 3.1.1.rc1 3f9665b
Commits on Sep 15, 2011
Hendy Tanata htanata Fix: habtm doesn't respect select query method.
Patch for issue #2923.
Damien Mathieu dmathieu cherry-pick #1318 into 3-1-stable 5b20d4c
Jon Leighton jonleighton Merge pull request #3036 from dmathieu/cherry-pick-1318
Cherry pick 1318
Commits on Sep 16, 2011
José Valim josevalim Merge pull request #3040 from guilleiguaran/asset-host-should-not-be-…

config.action_controller.asset_host shouldn't set to nil during precompile
Commits on Sep 17, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Proper lines numbers for stack trace info 12a7dc4
Marcus Ilgner milgner Fixed Apache configuration for gzipped assets: FilesMatch and Locatio…
…nMatch cannot be nested.

(cherry picked from commit 5e2bf4d)

Signed-off-by: Andrew White <>
Andrew White pixeltrix Revert "Fixed Apache configuration for gzipped assets: FilesMatch and…
… LocationMatch cannot be nested."

This reverts commit 99f59f9.
Arun Agrawal arunagw Bump AR-JDBC version.
THis version is compatible with 3.1 and above
Commits on Sep 18, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3056 from arunagw/arjdbc_bump
Arjdbc bump
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3049 from brainopia/fix_to_query_edge_case
Fix Hash#to_query edge case with html_safe string on 1.8 ruby
Arun Agrawal arunagw fixed test for JRuby.
for Sqlite3 in AR-JDBC.It's Jdbc::SQLite3::VERSION
Commits on Sep 19, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3060 from arunagw/query_cache_test_3-1-stable
Query cache test 3 1 stable
Commits on Sep 21, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3065 from brainopia/fix_to_param_test
Fix test to reflect use of to_param for keys
Alexey Vakhov avakhov update guides, use html safe translations in i18n bcbc484
Guillermo Iguaran guilleiguaran Add reference about --skip-sprockets to Asset Pipeline Guide ce758e2
Kir Shatrov kirs "Passing variables into the translation" section added 6867150
Vijay Dev vijaydev minor edit e3b1d9a
Vijay Dev vijaydev Fixing incorrect notextile tags cde34fb
Uģis Ozols ugisozols sass-rails helpers - hyphenated in Sass, underscored in Ruby. a8501c1
Ryan Bigg radar Document ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#select c7ed6f3
Jan Vlnas jnv Locale code for Czech is ":cs" 5deb664
Vijay Dev vijaydev remove unnecessary markup f289404
Vijay Dev vijaydev copy edits 908f261 caf42a8
Vijay Dev vijaydev copy edits 302e570 03d3063
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Add jquery-rails to Gemfile of plugins, test/dummy app uses it.
Closes #3091
Commits on Sep 22, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3081 from guilleiguaran/move-precompile-to-class
Move precompiling from task to Sprockets::StaticCompiler
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3027 from alex3/assets-precompile-regex-fix
Default precompile regex was erroneously matching files
Pawel Pierzchala Fix named routes modifying arguments
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3096 from phuibonhoa/master
FileStore key_file_path does not properly limit filenames to 255 characters
Santiago Pastorino spastorino No need to create a range object 1b780cc
Terence Lee hone AR wants sqlite3 1.3.4 16b8fde
José Valim josevalim Merge pull request #3102 from hone/3-1-stable
Bump sqlite3 in Gemfile to 1.3.4
Terence Lee hone set env to let rails know we're precompiling d123489
José Valim josevalim Merge pull request #3103 from hone/precompile_flag
set env to let rails and co. (read gems) know we're precompiling
Commits on Sep 23, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3092 from asee/master
Sprockets to use config.assets.prefix, with tests
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3115 from guilleiguaran/refactor-rails-helpers
Remove Sprockets compute_public_path, AV compute_plubic_path can be used
Commits on Sep 24, 2011
José Valim josevalim `rake assets:precompile` loads the application but does not initializ…
…e it.

To the app developer, this means configuration add in
config/initializers/* will not be executed.

Plugins developers need to special case their initializers that are
meant to be run in the assets group by adding :group => :assets.
José Valim josevalim Remove the ENV flag, yagni. 2a68867
José Valim josevalim Add test for belongs_to? and group initializers. 0a4b8fb
José Valim josevalim Avoid using pathnames and automatically create the manifest directory…
… if one does not exist yet.
José Valim josevalim Fix spacing on Gemfile. 7f8f1f3
cablegram cablegram Re-launch assets:precompile task using (Rake.)ruby instead of Kernel.…
…exec so it works on Windows

The Kernel.exec method launches the current program ($0) after setting some environment variables.  This current ruby script has a shebang line and no .rb in its name. Launching a script this way does not work on Windows. By using the +ruby+ method that is included in Rake, we can launch the current script with the current ruby version and bypass the identified Windows issue.
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Revert "Make process reuse the env var passed as argument"
This reverts commit 0e4748c.
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3121 from cablegram/3-1-stable
Re-launch assets:precompile task using (Rake.)ruby instead of Kernel.exec so it works on Windows
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3123 from avakhov/patch-5-remove-superfluous-to-s
remove superfluous to_s in ERB::Util.html_escape
Commits on Sep 25, 2011
Alexey Vakhov avakhov escape options for the stylesheet_link_tag method
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Commits on Sep 26, 2011
Jon Leighton jonleighton CollectionProxy#replace should change the DB records rather than just…
… mutating the array. Fixes #3020.


Vijay Dev vijaydev remove stray line 7d603ff
Jon Leighton jonleighton Add deprecation for the preload_associations method. Fixes #3022. 6c5295f
Santiago Pastorino spastorino image_tag should use /assets if asset pipelining is turned on. Closes #… 0cb84f1
José Valim josevalim Encapsulate assets initialization in its own rake task. ef7de0c
Jon Leighton jonleighton Fix belongs_to polymorphic with custom primary key on target.
Closes #3104.
Jon Leighton jonleighton Forgot CHANGELOG entry. d25bee4
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3135 from christos/respect_assets_digest_value
Give precedence to `config.digest = false` over the existence of manifest.yml asset digests
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Just assert_equal here ceb56f3
Jon Leighton jonleighton Merge pull request #3030 from htanata/fix_habtm_select_query_method
Fix: habtm doesn't respect select query method
Jon Leighton jonleighton Add CHANGELOG ecf5584
Guillermo Iguaran guilleiguaran Avoid use of existing precompiled assets during rake assets:precompil…
…e run. Closes #3119
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Copy assets to nondigested filenames too 6ba472c
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3136 from guilleiguaran/clear-digests-on-precompile
Avoid use of existing precompiled assets during rake assets:precompile run
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3138 from christos/correct_image_path_with_pipeline
Correctly override image_path in sprockets rails_helper
Jon Leighton jonleighton Don't require a DB connection when setting primary key.
Closes #2807.
Commits on Sep 27, 2011
Xavier Noria fxn partial pass over the asset pipeline guide 9f080e4
Alexey Vakhov avakhov fix ActionMailer readme example ef0f6ce
Alexey Vakhov avakhov update ActionMailer example using last truncate helper method signature e9de9e2
Nicolás Hock-Isaza nhocki Alert about the new Bundler require for asset gems
If you are coming from a Rails 3.0 application, you won't have
the correct Bundler require statement.

This will cause the gems under the `assets` group not to be available
in the development and production environment.

I think this is related to the issue #39 in rails-sass
Diego Plentz plentz fixing docs for delete_sql where quotes should be used in this example. 0cebbf4
Xavier Noria fxn partial pass over the asset pipeline 7ebae12
Xavier Noria fxn the infamous detail only spotted in GitHub diffs no matter how carefu…
…l you were before pushing
Commits on Sep 28, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3150 from avakhov/patch-html-sanitizer-cqi-require
add missing require to html sanitizer
Vijay Dev vijaydev fixing typo in assets guide d76b79b
45north Fixed markup error. 8df638d
Xavier Noria fxn partial pass over the assets guide 05f0c41
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3156 from ihower/enhance_button_to_helper_v2
Make button_to helper support "form" option
Santiago Pastorino spastorino javascript_path and stylesheet_path should honor the asset pipelining 7e2de38
Commits on Sep 29, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Fix tests in 1.8.7 85f8458
Jon Leighton jonleighton Don't call self.class unless necessary. Closes #3171. 45c56bd
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Add CHANGELOG entries 8aee03b
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Bumping to 3.1.1.rc2 aead572
Commits on Oct 01, 2011
Arun Agrawal arunagw Warning Use of :: in void context Warning removed 32df5b6
José Valim josevalim Merge pull request #3186 from arunagw/void_context_warnings_removed_3…

Void context warnings removed 3 1 stable
Commits on Oct 02, 2011
Philippe Huibonhoa phuibonhoa Added fix so that file store does not raise an exception when cache d…
…ir does not exist yet. This can happen if a delete_matched is called before anything is saved in the cache.

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Philippe Huibonhoa phuibonhoa Improved testing so that it tests the real functionality and not the …
…private method.

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
José Valim josevalim TestCase should respect the view_assigns API instead of pulling varia…
…bles on its own.
José Valim josevalim Provide initialize_on_precompile which, when set to false, does not i…
…nitialize the app for precompilation. Defaults to true.
Santiago Pastorino spastorino capture was commented out e6156cb
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Precompile properly refers files referenced with asset_path test d2219c5
Xavier Noria fxn documents config.assets.initialize_on_precompile in the asset pipelin…
…e guide
Xavier Noria fxn rewords the docs of config.assets.initialize_on_precompile in the ass…
…et pipeline guide
José Valim josevalim :group => :assets should only run in the assets environment. ee8a37c
José Valim josevalim Update sass and coffee dependencies to latest. 41cbd15
Commits on Oct 03, 2011
Sam Pohlenz spohlenz Replace calls to capture(:stdout) with quietly in assets tests 29c2fc3
Sam Pohlenz spohlenz Ensure that enhancements to assets:precompile task are only run once a6614c5
José Valim josevalim Merge pull request #3192 from spohlenz/precompile-enhancement-fix
Fix regression in assets:precompile task when task is enhanced
Mark J. Titorenko mjtko add failing test for #3198
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
José Valim josevalim Fix #3198. 2db49c5
Jeremy Kemper jeremy Merge pull request #2801 from jeremyevans/patch-1
Fix obviously breakage of Time.=== for Time subclasses
Brendan Ribera abscondment Test demonstrating #3053: If-Modified-Since gets swallowed up by rack…

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Brendan Ribera abscondment Require rack-cache 1.1.
Versions prior to 1.1 delete the If-Modified-Since and If-Not-Modified headers when
config.action_controller.perform_caching is true. This has two problems:
 * unexpected inconsistent behaviour between development & production environments
 * breaks applications that use of these headers

Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Commits on Oct 04, 2011
Ben Woosley Empact Changing rake db:schema:dump to run :environment as well as :load_con…
…fig, as running :load_config alone will lead to the dumper being run without including extensions such as those included in foreigner and spatial_adapter.

This reverses a change made here: 5df72a2#L0L324

I'm assuming here that :load_config needs to be invoked separately from :environment, as it is elsewhere in the file for db operations, if not the alternative is to go back to "task :dump => :environment do".
José Valim josevalim Merge pull request #3208 from Empact/patch-1
Change rake db:schema:dump to load schema dumper extensions such as those used by foreigner and spatial_adapter
José Valim josevalim Fix failing tests and refactor assets.rake 360b8c4
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Bump sprockets to 2.0.2 8bf761f
Mark J. Titorenko mjtko add failing test: "digested assets are removed from configured path" 8093e38
Mark J. Titorenko mjtko correct path used in "digested assets are not mistakenly removed" test a5eca91
José Valim josevalim Merge pull request #3221 from mjtko/asset-tests
Failing test for assets:clean task issue
José Valim josevalim Fix failing test added in previous commit. 4bc6e2f
Mark J. Titorenko mjtko assets compilation task refactoring 63bab28
Mark J. Titorenko mjtko don't munge the environment, let rake do that for us bbdb7f3
Mark J. Titorenko mjtko only execute the nondigest task if needed 20173e2
Mark J. Titorenko mjtko only reinvoke if necessary 45cdb3e
Mark J. Titorenko mjtko added comment about why nondigest assets requires a reinvocation 871cbae
José Valim josevalim Merge pull request #3225 from mjtko/assets-compilation-refactoring-th…

assets rake task refactoring work - the sequel
José Valim josevalim Encapsulate common rake invocation logic in a method. 188d21c
Commits on Oct 05, 2011
José Valim josevalim Ensure default_asset_host_protocol is respected, closes #2980. db8db4a
José Valim josevalim Fix the lame config.action_controller.present? check scattered throug…
…hout assets_path.
José Valim josevalim Fix regression when calling helpers inside sprockets. c6d13b6
Akira Matsuda amatsuda override unsafe methods only if defined on String 9257a21
Akira Matsuda amatsuda ruby193: String#prepend is also unsafe aa11f73
José Valim josevalim Merge pull request #3230 from amatsuda/string_prepend_31
ruby193: String#prepend for 3-1-stable
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Class name specified in example is Person, not AttributePerson. 14e2fe2
Alexey Vakhov avakhov missed underscore in AV::TestCase helper_method documentation cf4d166
Santiago Pastorino spastorino stylesheet_link_tag('/stylesheets/application') and similar helpers d…
…oesn't throw Sprockets::FileOutsidePaths exception anymore
Jon Leighton jonleighton Raise an exception on unknown primary key inside AssociationReflection.
An association between two models cannot be made if a relevant key is
unknown, so fail fast rather than generating invalid SQL. Fixes #3207.
José Valim josevalim Revert "don't raise NoMethodError the tried method doesn't exists"
This reverts commit 29a5aea.
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Add missing CHANGELOG entried 162e13d
Commits on Oct 06, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Bumping to 3.1.1.rc3 57a01f3
Yasuo Honda yahonda Fixed test_nonexisting_method_with_arguments to revert commit 29a5aea
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Jared Mehle jrmehle Quoted path to <Rails.env>_structure.sql file in db:test:clone_struct…
…ure task.

Leaving the path unquoted causes errors in paths containing spaces or dashes.
Xavier Noria fxn revises the precompilation section of the asset pipeline guide (web s…
…erver configuration for gzipped assets pending)
Xavier Noria fxn Merge branch '3-1-stable' of into 3-1-stable 05386ce
Vijay Dev vijaydev fix a space in the assets guide 7bf12a1
Commits on Oct 07, 2011
Xavier Noria fxn asset pipeline guide: removes Apache config for serving pre-compresse…
…d assets, and expands the information about nginx support for this

A robust Apache configuration for this feature seems to be tricky,
one that takes into account Accept-Encoding, sets Vary, ensures
Content-Type is right, etc.
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Bumping to 3.1.1 ba70812
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3243 from mjtko/connection-pool-thread-fix
QueryCache/ConnectionPool thread fix (was #1670)
Nick Rivadeneira nickrivadeneira use Rails.root.join for assets guide 9e5b4f3
clay shentrup Clarifying ambiguous description of require_self in the asset pipeline 39c7b63
José Valim josevalim testing.rake should set the default task, closes #2564 e424906
Vijay Dev vijaydev fix bad formatting in the assets guide e740673
Commits on Oct 08, 2011
Arun Agrawal arunagw Fixed for tests! b5439b4
José Valim josevalim Merge pull request #3248 from arunagw/query_cache_test_fix_3-1-stable
Query cache test fix 3 1 stable
Arun Agrawal arunagw Sqlnet.log should be ignored 574a25d
José Valim josevalim Merge pull request #3253 from arunagw/gitignore_sqlnet_file
Gitignore sqlnet file
Arun Agrawal arunagw Sqlnet.log should also be ignored into the app gitignore d11769c
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3255 from arunagw/app_gitignore_sqlnet_log_3-1-st…

App gitignore sqlnet log 3 1 stable
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Revert "Merge pull request #3255 from arunagw/app_gitignore_sqlnet_lo…

This reverts commit d12af7a, reversing
changes made to 8199b99.
Jeremy Kemper jeremy Add comments to our generated .gitignore, including a note about when…
… to use a global gitignore. Remove .sass-cache since we use /tmp/sass-cache, which is already ignored.
Ian Leitch ileitch Postgres: Do not attempt to deallocate a statement if the connection …
…is no longer active.
Jeremy Kemper jeremy Disable 1.9.3 builds until upgraded from -preview1 to -rc1 a1fb214
Jeremy Kemper jeremy Don't notify IRC on every single build, just failures and first succe…
…ss after a string of failures
Jeremy Kemper jeremy Skip broken asset precompilation test on Macs. Issues with NFD vs NFC…
… normalization on the asset filename. Major red flag with asset lookups!
Jeremy Kemper jeremy The generator invokes rake with either the :env option, ENV['RAILS_EN…
…V'], or development. So if Travis has exported RAILS_ENV=test, it'll be used instead of development, breaking these brittle expectations.
Guillermo Iguaran guilleiguaran Test utf8 assets filenames with request instead of manifest lookup e63c05f
Guillermo Iguaran guilleiguaran Isolate rake action tests that should be run under default env 09bb9de
Commits on Oct 09, 2011
Alexey Vakhov avakhov Fix params hash example in AC::Base comment 4805a65
Roy Tomeij roytomeij Add note about how Sass & Sprockets don't match 0834102
Roy Tomeij roytomeij Fix a typo that was mysteriously entered in previous commit b2858e6
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Add 3.1.1 release date df03e1d
Commits on Oct 10, 2011
Dan McDonald mcdd ActiveRecordStore is now called SessionStore. 5bf183c
Ryan Bigg radar Fix rails/generators/base.rb documentation for generator lookup 1b6886a
Commits on Oct 12, 2011
José Valim josevalim Fix wrong identation and remove extra spaces. f23f5ec
José Valim josevalim Provide failing test case for #3298 #2509 86a5271
Bruno Zanchet bzanchet swallow error when can't unmarshall object from session
Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
José Valim josevalim Add some implementation docs. closes #3298. closes #2509. 4cdc31c
Commits on Oct 14, 2011
Alexey Vakhov avakhov Add ActionController#head example b336254
Rahul P. Chaudhari rahul100885 Fixed typos in active_support_core_extensions.textile 077dffa
Ev Dolzhenko dolzenko Use .add instead of << to add errors 78bab03
Stephen Pike Runtime conditions for associations should use procs
The association guide previously recommended using a trick with single
quote delaying of string interpolation in order to handle setting association
conditions that would be evaluated at runtime. Using a proc is the new way as
this no longer works.
Akira Matsuda amatsuda status is a number in Rails 3 a27f6ec
Steve Bourne change activerecord query conditions example to avoid 'type' as colum…
…n name

'Type' is a reserved column for STI.  Changed conditions example to
avoid using that column name as an example.  The example isn't
STI-related (and mentioning STI here is needless clutter), so changing
to avoid accidentally encouraging users to use 'type' as a column name
for other purposes.
Diego Carrion dcrec1 improved ActiveResource's .element_path and .new_element_path methods…
… documentation by specifing how .site should be declared in order to use prefix_options
Commits on Oct 18, 2011
Aaron Patterson tenderlove reset prepared statement when schema changes imapact statement result…
…s. fixes #3335
José Valim josevalim Update actionpack/CHANGELOG a5d3b90
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Use again Rack's ContentLength middleware 97b3d10
Commits on Oct 19, 2011
Jeremy Kemper jeremy Use toplevel Rack::ContentLength 960882f
Commits on Oct 20, 2011
Aaron Patterson tenderlove Merge pull request #3258 from ileitch/3-1-stable
Postgres: Do not attempt to deallocate a statement if the connection is no longer active.
Martin Svalin martinsvalin Fixed misleading docs for String#to_formatted_s(:db) 195fcd2
alindeman alindeman Fixes the defaults for config.cache_classes 2ab011a
Pascal Lindelauf plindelauf Clarified that the config.assets.initialize_on_precompile directive n…
…eeds to be set in application.rb
Alexey Vakhov avakhov HTMl -> HTML: html scanner comment fix d103161
Commits on Oct 22, 2011
Arun Agrawal arunagw rake about information updated for 3.1 branch 7cd5448
Vijay Dev vijaydev Merge pull request #3403 from arunagw/rack_doc_update
middleware doc updated
Arun Agrawal arunagw No need to check ruby version here
As rake is out with the same
fix as 0.9.3.beta having
Pepe Hipolito Fixed typo.
a long the way => along the way
Pepe Hipolito Fixed typo.
Ruby will know to look for this file at => Ruby will know how to look for this file at
Prem Sichanugrist sikachu Use new migration style in HABTM join table
Yes, we're on Rails 3.1 now.
Prem Sichanugrist sikachu Add some note on adding index to HABTM table 8ce3ff3
Guillermo Iguaran guilleiguaran Lock turn version to 0.8.2 if Ruby version is 1.9.2 6f7d4ae
Vijay Dev vijaydev Merge pull request #3409 from guilleiguaran/lock-turn-version
Lock turn version to 0.8.2 if Ruby version is 1.9.2
Commits on Oct 26, 2011
Brad Robertson bradrobertson correct documentation on initialize method to accept a single parameter 26b9e71
Vijay Dev vijaydev minor fixes in the composed_of doc c90a1d2
Commits on Oct 27, 2011
Joe Van Dyk joevandyk Added failing test case for changing schema in migration not clearing…
… the prepared statement cache
Aaron Patterson tenderlove clear statement cache when tables are altered 74fbbca
Commits on Oct 29, 2011
Jeremy Kemper jeremy Removing db/seeds.rb is fine. Don't blow up. 5275b5d
Commits on Oct 30, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #3463 from kennyj/fix_document_for_cache
fix a document for race_condition_ttl. ActiveSupport::Cache::MemoryCache isn't exist.
Bruce Adams bruceadams note that after_initialize is run for rake tasks 1acb0eb
Henare Degan henare Fix a little typo 0275946
Matt mjy Adds missing closing regex slashes. 58b0d50
Commits on Oct 31, 2011
Christopher Meiklejohn cmeiklejohn Ensure that the format isn't applied twice to the cache key, else it …
…becomes impossible to target with expire_action.
Aaron Patterson tenderlove this should never return nil, so no use for "try" 8e6f86e
Commits on Nov 01, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino Merge pull request #1796 from jdeseno/master
link_to doesn't allow rel attribute when also specifying method
Commits on Nov 02, 2011
Jeremy Kemper jeremy Revert "Disable 1.9.3 builds until upgraded from -preview1 to -rc1"
This reverts commit a1fb214.
Commits on Nov 03, 2011
Jon Leighton jonleighton Fix #3247.
Fixes creating records in a through association with a polymorphic source


Jon Leighton jonleighton Fix adding multiple instances of the same record to a has_many :through.
Fixes #3425.
Jon Leighton jonleighton Remove all revelant through records.
If a record is removed from a has_many :through, all of the join records
relating to that record should also be removed from the through
association's target.

(Previously the records were removed in the database, but only one was
removed from the in-memory target array.)
Jon Leighton jonleighton Fix #3271.
Building the conditions of a nested through association could
potentially modify the conditions of the through and/or source

This is a Bad Thing.


Jon Leighton jonleighton Stub find_template so that when handle_render_error is called in Acti…
…onView::Template, we get to see the actual underlying error rather than a NoMethodError.

This shows an encoding bug on Ruby 1.9.3.
Commits on Nov 04, 2011
Justin Mazzi jmazzi Preserve SELECT columns on the COUNT for finder_sql when possible.
Pull request #3503
Jeremy Kemper jeremy Merge pull request #3507 from jmazzi/issue-3503
Preserve SELECT columns on the COUNT for finder_sql when possible
Jon Leighton jonleighton Convert CHANGELOGs to Markdown format.

 * Markdown reads well as plain text, but can also be formatted.
 * It will make it easier for people to read on the web as Github
   formats the Markdown nicely.
 * It will encourage a level of consistency when people are writing
   CHANGELOG entries.

The script used to perform the conversion is at
Franck Verrot franckverrot Add the MIT-LICENSE to the Active Record gemspec
(cherry picked from commit 64d9773)
Franck Verrot franckverrot Add the MIT-LICENSE to the Active Resource gemspec
(cherry picked from commit 85283f0)
Franck Verrot franckverrot Add the MIT-LICENSE to the Active Support gemspec
(cherry picked from commit 4633772)
Franck Verrot franckverrot Synchronize the gemspecs since CHANGELOG has been renamed to CHANGELO…

(cherry picked from commit 1679aa5)
Jon Leighton jonleighton Merge pull request #3518 from cesario/gemspec-3-1-stable
Resynchronizing the gemspecs
Sean Kirby sskirby fixes bug with PostgreSQLAdapter#indexes
When the search path has multiple schemas, spaces were not being stripped
from the schema names after the first.
Commits on Nov 05, 2011
Arun Agrawal arunagw Doc Fix It should be :git not :path in Gmefile Fix #3527 eb5391c
Xavier Noria fxn Merge pull request #3528 from arunagw/doc_fix
Doc fix
Alexey Vakhov avakhov Update routing guides, root route should be at the top of the file 1389ebf
Alexey Vakhov avakhov Fix typo in constraints method documentation 740655c
Ryan Bigg radar [config guide] mention that config methods are to be called on Railti…
…e subclasses
Henrik Hodne henrikhodne Added bundle exec to rake test.
This is in response to rails/rails#3504.
Alexey Vakhov avakhov Fix javascript_include_tag examples in documentation 64122c7
Vijay Dev vijaydev Fixed after_initialize/after_find guide
Defining after_initialize and after_find as ordinary methods like
documented in the guide doesn't work with Rails 3.1.1; now macro-style
is used here, too.

Conflicted while cherry picking from master (Original Author: Florian Walch)
Toshinori Kajihara kennyj Barckport to 3-1-stable: fixed an issue id false option is ignored on…
… mysql/mysql2 (fix #3440)
Commits on Nov 06, 2011
Jon Leighton jonleighton Merge pull request #3533 from kennyj/fix_3440-2
Barckport to 3-1-stable: fixed an issue id false option is ignored on mysql/mysql2 (fix #3440)
Jon Leighton jonleighton Implement a workaround for a bug in ruby-1.9.3p0.
The bug is that an error would be raised while attempting to convert a
template from one encoding to another.

Please see for more details.

The workaround is to load all conversions into memory ahead of time,
and will only happen if the ruby version is *exactly* 1.9.3p0. The
hope is obviously that the underlying problem will be resolved in
the next patchlevel release of 1.9.3.


Jon Leighton jonleighton RUBY_ENGINE is not defined on 1.8 eef4679
Aaron Patterson tenderlove Merge pull request #3521 from nulogy/fix_postgres_adapter_to_handle_s…

Fix postgres adapter to handle spaces between schemas
Alexey Vakhov avakhov Docs cosmetic fixes in Action View form_helper.rb 12df79c
Commits on Nov 08, 2011
Brad Folkens bfolkens Fix trouble using :subdomain in development environment when using nu…
…meric addresses.

Otherwise the following occurs:

TypeError: can't convert nil into String
    /Users/bfolkens/dev/bfolkens-rails-core/actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/http/url.rb:75:in host_or_subdomain_and_domain'
    /Users/bfolkens/dev/bfolkens-rails-core/actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/http/url.rb:37:in url_for'
    /Users/bfolkens/dev/bfolkens-rails-core/actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/routing/url_for.rb:147:in test_subdomain_may_be_accepted_with_numeric_host'
    /Users/bfolkens/dev/bfolkens-rails-core/activesupport/lib/active_support/testing/setup_and_teardown.rb:67:in run'
    /Users/bfolkens/dev/bfolkens-rails-core/activesupport/lib/active_support/callbacks.rb:426:in send'
    /Users/bfolkens/dev/bfolkens-rails-core/activesupport/lib/active_support/callbacks.rb:81:in run'
Brad Folkens bfolkens Fixed ' and ' should be ' && ' 0fdcd54
José Valim josevalim Merge pull request #3561 from bfolkens/3-1-stable-url_subdomain_with_…

3 1 stable url subdomain with numeric host
Dalibor Nasevic dalibor Fixed stale doc in AbstractController::Layouts df43c98
Akira Matsuda amatsuda self.up, self.down => up, down 510e49b
Akira Matsuda amatsuda document fix: remove_column takes multiple column_names 23ca708
Alexey Vakhov avakhov Fix small typo in link_to_function doc cd14cbd
Joost Baaij tilsammans Replace example with SQL placeholder syntax.
This works just fine, is less code, and reduces the risk of someone implementing a SQL injection vulnerability.
Commits on Nov 09, 2011
Arun Agrawal arunagw CHANGELOG to a0676b6
Vijay Dev vijaydev Merge pull request #3576 from arunagw/changelog_changelog_md
Changelog changelog md
Commits on Nov 12, 2011
Sebastian Burkhard hasclass Properly cache value when it is "false" 551f313
Commits on Nov 13, 2011
Jean Boussier byroot Fix a tiny typo in custom validators documentation c27c783
Alexey Vakhov avakhov Cosmetic fix in number_to_currency docs b015d92
Commits on Nov 14, 2011
Jon Leighton jonleighton Revert "Properly cache value when it is "false""
This reverts commit 551f313.

Reason: see
#2010 (comment)
Jon Leighton jonleighton Add missing CHANGELOG entries e6d8ed5
Jon Leighton jonleighton Merge pull request #3625 from guilleiguaran/sprockets-2.1.0
Upgrade Sprockets to 2.1.0

Jon Leighton jonleighton Preparing for 3.1.2.rc1 release 68ed8ea
Jon Leighton jonleighton Put sass-rails 3.1.5.rc.2 in the default Gemfile.
Otherwise there will be dependency conflicts with sprockets.
Jon Leighton jonleighton Preparing for 3.1.2.rc2 release e29f27a