rake db:migrate broken #10345

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This commit broke my rake db:migrate


rake db:migrate just doesn't run, no errors are thrown but my db isn't updated.

I think its looking in the wrong place for the migrations.


robin850 commented Apr 26, 2013

@KevinColemanInc : Why have you closed this issue? Is it solved please?

My coworker started looking at it and we were trying to figure out if the change was intentional. We have an engine with a dumby app and rails suddenly stopped looking for migrations in db/migrate and starter picking them up in spec/dummy/DB/migrate. I also noticed it wasn't running the engine's seed file.


dmathieu commented Apr 29, 2013

Yes, that change is intentional. It's related to 20f1495
Which allows the inclusion of AR's rake tasks without the inclusion of Rails.env, for usage in projects outside of rails.

environment is a StringInquirer object. So using #development? is exactly the same as using == 'development'.
What is your engine doing ? Could you possibility overriding this class, the value ?

Hey, I'm the aforementioned coworker. I understand that the intention is to allow AR tasks without Rails, but there's still code adding migration paths based on the existence of ENGINE_PATH (https://github.com/rails/rails/blob/master/activerecord/lib/active_record/railtie.rb, line 47). Considering that ENGINE_PATH is still being declared in engine.rake, shouldn't this code block be executing?

I have no problem with dropping the ENGINE_PATH check, I think; we could easily just symlink /spec/dummy/migrate to ENGINE_ROOT/db/migrate. But if that block is never going to run, why is it there?

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