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3.2.14 - Partials not Rendering Properly #11605

bballer320xu opened this Issue Jul 26, 2013 · 13 comments

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Upon upgrading my application from 3.2.12 to 3.2.14, I noticed that many of my partials aren't rendering. Where I would expect my form, there is nothing being produced. Upgrading to 3.2.13 does not introduce this issue as partials are correctly rendered.

Copying and pasting the partial into the location where the partial is rendered appears to resolve the issue, though it is not a viable alternative.

Here is the index.html.erb code that renders the _form.html.erb file:

I have 2 form partials, one with a .js extension. I wonder if this is confusing the engine? Here is a screenshot of my directory


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Was the issue solved?


Not sure why this was closed. I'll reopen.

@bballer320xu bballer320xu reopened this Jul 26, 2013
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Could you create an application reproducing the issue? I have a project running on this same version and I didn't got this error


I'll try now and report back findings.


I can confirm that I can reproduce this issue on a new 3.2.14 application. Here is the index.html.erb template:

Here is the partial:

Here is the page output:

Here is the contents of the "test" view directory:

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Thank you for confirming.


My initial inclination is correct. It is in fact trying to render the .js file. I put this into the .js template:

Here is the page response:

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Yes. I was reviewing the commits list and this was one of my suspects.


Excellent. I'll let you drive it from here. Thanks for the quick response!


I think the question is, should Rails default to something, or is this up to the user to choose.

kassio commented Aug 9, 2013

IMHO rails should render html by default.

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@kassio kassio added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 24, 2013
@kassio kassio fix issue #11605 424a5a7

It doesn't look like this was merged into rails 4 (maybe because the files got moved around?). Can someone please check? Is this an error, or intended?

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