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3.1.0.rc1 Route Globbing with Format #1303

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The route in question looks like this: get "images/uploads/*path" => "images#serve" and works under 3.1.0.beta1 giving me the proper params[:path] and params[:format]. The line generated in rake routes is GET /images/uploads/*path(.:format) {:path=>/.+?/, :controller=>"images", :action=>"serve"}

However, on 3.1.0.rc1, I get a NoMethodError (undefined method 'ref' for nil:NilClass) with this stacktrace and the line generated in rake routes is GET /images/uploads/*path(.:format) {:path=>/.+?/, :controller=>"images", :action=>"serve"}.

When I change the route, under 3.1.0.rc1, to get "images/uploads/*path" => "images#serve", :format => false and the appropriate code in my app, it works as expected. The line generated in rake routes is GET /images/uploads/*path {:controller=>"images", :action=>"serve"}.

Thanks in advance and let me know if you need any more information.


I've fixed this already in #1324


Perfect. Thanks!

@tazsingh tazsingh closed this
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