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Mysql sets the time zone for all the connections as SYSTEM which is the time zone of the system where mysql-server is running. In my case it is +05:30. It stores all the values in UTC while it accepts and returns all values in the timezone set as session time_zone.

Default timezone for rails4 is :local whereas AR default for rails4 is UTC . So when I set a timestamp field by doing, AR converts the time into UTC and sends it to Mysql. Mysql assumes the incoming value to be in +05:30 and hence converts it to UTC before storing. So, the conversion to UTC is happening twice.

This problem can be solved by letting AR know what Mysql session time_zone is.
config.active_record.default_timezone = :local

But the problem is if mysql server is to be moved to a separate machine with different time zone setting, our rails application needs to aware of this change and config.active_record.default_timezone must be changed accordingly for a consistent behavior.

This dependency can be removed if AR sets the session time_zone to whatever is set as config.active_record.default_timezone while connecting to the mysql server.
It can be done at the same time when AR sets variables like wait_timeout and etc.

Please point out if I am missing something.


Aaron and I are taking this one!


@eric-chahin you can have a look at #13663


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I thought this was being worked upon.


@azitabh My apologies. I should have posted here that we did not end up working on this issue, and I can no longer work on any OSS project due to a company contract I recently signed.


I think this feature is needed, rails timezone is not always same with database timezone.

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This issue is very important.
If I use STR_TO_DATE in MySQL for example, I will end with the MySQL timezone in the datetime field, while in Rails I will end with the Rails app timezone when generating a datetime. There is no strict reason why this two timezone should match, so this feature is important.

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