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Session creation causes error with Rails engine generated under Rails 4.1 #14051

emclab opened this Issue Feb 13, 2014 · 2 comments

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emclab commented Feb 13, 2014

There are rails 4.1 and 3.2.12 installed on our system (windows). When generating rails engine with:

rails plugin new engine --T --mountable --dummy-path=spec/dummy

The engine is generated with Rails 4 by default. Under spec/dummy/config, we notice that it is:

Rails.application.configure do

Instead of in rails 3.2.12 engine:

Dummy::Application.configure do

It seems that the Dummy is replaced by Rails in rails 4 engine. Then we changed the gemspec to rails, '~> 3.2.11' and bundle install and replaced Rails.application with Dummy::Application in dummy/config (now it is rails 3.2.12 in gemfile.lock). However there is error when creating sessions under spec/dummy:

rake db:sessions:create

The error is undefined 'configure' or undefined 'migration_error=' even after replacing Rails.application with Dummy::Application. Is this a bug?. How to fix this problem? Thanks.

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@emclab emclab reopened this Feb 13, 2014
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Hello @emclab,

Actually I think that this is not really an issue. You can't simply change the Rails version in your gemspec to get the dummy application working with any version of Rails. I would advise you to add a Gemfile with gem 'rails', '~> 3.2.16' inside in the folder where you would love to store the engine and then run bundle exec rails new engine ....

I'm giving it a close but if I misunderstood your problem, let me know and I will reopen. Thank you!

@robin850 robin850 closed this Feb 16, 2014
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