Helpers and assets not respecting acronyms inflections #14232

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talski commented Feb 28, 2014

I've defined an acronym:

ActiveSupport::Inflector.inflections do |inflect|
  inflect.acronym 'RREO'

then I run the following rails generator:

rails g scaffold Contabilidade::RGF titulo:string ano:integer{2} semestre:integer{1} categoria:string descricao:text usuario_id:integer

but the result is not what I expected:

invoke  active_record
create    db/migrate/20140228190125_create_contabilidade_rreos.rb
create    app/models/contabilidade/rreo.rb
create    app/models/contabilidade.rb
invoke    test_unit
create      test/models/contabilidade/rreo_test.rb
create      test/fixtures/contabilidade/rreos.yml
invoke  resource_route
    route    namespace :contabilidade do
        resources :rreos
invoke  scaffold_controller
create    app/controllers/contabilidade/rreos_controller.rb
invoke    erb
create      app/views/contabilidade/rreos
create      app/views/contabilidade/rreos/index.html.erb
create      app/views/contabilidade/rreos/edit.html.erb
create      app/views/contabilidade/rreos/show.html.erb
create      app/views/contabilidade/rreos/new.html.erb
create      app/views/contabilidade/rreos/_form.html.erb
invoke    test_unit
create      test/controllers/contabilidade/rreos_controller_test.rb
invoke    helper
create      app/helpers/contabilidade/rre_os_helper.rb
invoke      test_unit
create        test/helpers/contabilidade/rre_os_helper_test.rb
invoke  assets
invoke    js
create      app/assets/javascripts/contabilidade/rre_os.js
invoke    css
create      app/assets/stylesheets/contabilidade/rre_os.css
invoke  css
create    app/assets/stylesheets/scaffold.css

I was getting some correct "rreos" and some "rre_os" in helpers, test units and assets.

So, did i do something wrong?

robin850 commented Mar 2, 2014

Hello @talski,

Thanks for reporting the issue. It's an interesting problem because it's how Active Support is supposed to work. According to #acronym's documentation:

# The acronym, however, must occur as a delimited unit and not be part of
# another word for conversions to recognize it:
# ...
#   underscore 'HTTPS'           # => 'http_s', not 'https'

At the very least, even if the output should be rre_os, the file generated by Active Record aren't consistent with the other ones.

A quick workaround to make the output as you want would be to add:

inflect.acronym 'RREOs'

I think that we can't do so much to fix the problem here unless breaking existing inflections.

/cc @fxn

talski commented Mar 3, 2014

the files were correct created, but now i get a uninitialized constant Contabilidade::RREOsController

and there is a controller app/controller/contabilidade/rreos_controller.rb: class Contabilidade::RREOsController < ApplicationController

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matthewd commented Oct 3, 2014

I think this is a duplicate of #8015, which means it should be fixed in master since ccbb481

@matthewd matthewd closed this Oct 3, 2014
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