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Misleading documentation for ActiveRecord::Scoping::Default.unscoped #14294

bquorning opened this Issue · 2 comments

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The documentation says that .unscoped “Returns a scope for the model without the default_scope”, giving the following examples:

Post.all          # Fires "SELECT * FROM posts WHERE published = true"
Post.unscoped.all # Fires "SELECT * FROM posts"

However, the following example would also be valid:

Post.where(id: 42).unscoped.all # Fires "SELECT * FROM posts"

Notice how the where condition is removed along with the default scope.

And an example with associations:

class Category < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :posts

category = Category.find(42)

category.posts.all          # Fires "SELECT * FROM posts WHERE published = true AND category_id = 42"
category.posts.unscoped.all # Fires "SELECT * FROM posts"

Again, notice how the association information is removed along with the default scope.

I am unsure of whether this is just a documentation issue, or if it is an actual bug.


This would be kind of a documentation issue. unscoped removes all scopes previously defined.
Please feel free to fix the phrasing and open a pull request.


Thanks :+1:

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