ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#order and ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#reorder doesn't work on association columns when :asc or :desc is specified #14311

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jhephs commented Mar 7, 2014

I am using Rails 4.1.0.rc1 and I have the following:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  default_scope { order(:created_at => :desc) }
  has_many :orders

class Order < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :user
> User.includes(:orders).order('' => :asc).to_sql
 => "SELECT `users`.* FROM `users`   ORDER BY `users`.`created_at` DESC, `users`.`` ASC"
> User.includes(:orders).reorder('' => :asc).to_sql
 => "SELECT `users`.* FROM `users`   ORDER BY `users`.`` ASC"

As can be seen above, is being assumed to be a column of the users table. Unlike below, where it's showing the expected order.

> User.includes(:orders).order('').to_sql
 => "SELECT `users`.* FROM `users` LEFT OUTER JOIN `orders` ON `orders`.`user_id` = `users`.`id`  ORDER BY `users`.`created_at` DESC,"
> User.includes(:orders).reorder('').to_sql
"SELECT `users`.* FROM `users` LEFT OUTER JOIN `orders` ON `orders`.`user_id` = `users`.`id`  ORDER BY"

The output above has been edited for readability.

robin850 commented Mar 7, 2014

Hello @jerielabayon,

Thanks for reporting the problem but it looks like your example is not expected to work according to ActiveRecord::Associations::ClassMethods' documentation:

# Since only one table is loaded at a time, conditions or orders cannot reference tables
# other than the main one. If this is the case Active Record falls back to the previously
# used LEFT OUTER JOIN based strategy.
# ...
# You must disambiguate column references for this fallback to happen, for example
# <tt>order: " DESC"</tt> will work but <tt>order: "name DESC"</tt> will not.

You should either use order(" DESC") or pass a lambda as the second argument of your has_many statement:

has_many :orders, -> { order(id: :desc) }

As the first workaround (i.e. with order) doesn't work with 4-0-stable, I will leave it as open until we know whether the resolving commit hasn't been backported intentionally.

robin850 commented Mar 7, 2014

Ok, after bisecting the repository, it looks like the following commits are involved:

I don't know if it's safe to backport these changes to the 4-0-stable branch though.


The correct is User.includes(:orders).reorder(' asc') and it will work as expected.

@jerielabayon thanks for reporting.

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