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has_one through: :collection should work #14321

bughit opened this Issue Mar 8, 2014 · 1 comment

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bughit commented Mar 8, 2014

a regular has_one is really a has_many.with_has_one_scope.take, i.e. it considers all records referencing the owner, applies an optional scope, and takes one

so why can't has_one through: :collection work analogously, has_many.apply_scope.take

Ruby on Rails member
robin850 commented Mar 8, 2014

Hello @bughit,

We're sorry but this tracker is only for issues/bugs. For feature request please post on the rubyonrails-core mailing list.

By the way, unless I'm missing something, this used to work in previous versions of Rails but this has been removed (c.f. this lighthouse ticket).

@robin850 robin850 closed this Mar 8, 2014
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