has_many :thought order ordering problems #1660

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My problem is:

A default_scope :order => "position ASC"

B has_many BJoinA
B has_many A :through BJoinA, :order => "BJoinA.position ASC"

I have A to ordered in a certain way.
and I have B's As ordered in a different way (though the join model).

But B.first.as does not return me As ordered by BJoinA position because the select include A's default_scope ordering first.

Is there a way to ignore default_scope (order) in has_many :through association?
Or should the join order be respected first?

the resulted select is:
SELECT "AS".* FROM "AS" INNER JOIN "B_AS" ON "AS".id = "B_AS".A_ID WHERE (("B_AS".B_ID = 3)) ORDER BY position ASC, B_AS.position ASC

I would like the B_AS.position AS to be the first condition

Using 3.0.4 or 3.0.7


@pixeltrix pixeltrix was assigned Jun 12, 2011
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Please can you test using a 3.1 RC and let us know if the problem still exists?

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Jon, yes it does - I was thinking of adding :reorder to the list of association options as a way of fixing it, but it's too late for 3.1. We can't change the behaviour either since it's been this way for quite a while.

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+1 on adding :reorder. seems like the only solution. agree too late for 3.1

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Is this still an issue @anyware? We're past 3.1 now. :)

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It appears that, at the least, #2083 has superseded this issue. It's not even a bug, exactly, just a change in behavior that may make more sense. Therefore, I'm closing this in favor of that.

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