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require_tree * includes .scss~ files #1863

DirectXMan12 opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Solly Guten Ye Odin Dutton Santiago Pastorino

I use VIM for writing rails code. As you may know, VIM puts a temporary copy of the file blah.ext in blah.ext~ to indicate that the file is being edited. Rails, for some reason (I will see if I can figure out why), decides to include these files in application.css, verbatim, as if they are just plain css files. So if I go to test a layout change locally, I get a very annoying double include of, for example blah.css.scss: one copy translated to normal css, and one not translated. Very odd...


P.S. this is for rails 3.1

Jake Varghese jake3030 referenced this issue from a commit in jake3030/rails
Joshua Peek josh Move checkbox hidden field before the actual checkbox so the actual v…
…alue doesn't get clobbered [#1863 state:resolved]
Guten Ye

require_tree . compile both a.css. and a.css~. besides, it happends in javascript files, too

Odin Dutton

A fix on the Vim end is to switch where vim keeps its swap files like this set dir=~/.vim/tmp.

Santiago Pastorino

Can you provide a patch with tests?

Guten Ye

I think this issue is belong to 'sprockets', it handles by process_require_tree_directive in lib/sprockets/directive_processor.rb

Guten Ye

I have sent a pull to 'sprockets'. sstephenson/sprockets#119

Santiago Pastorino

Great so closing it here

Santiago Pastorino spastorino closed this
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