Rails 3.0.9: edit_resource_path refers to parent resource in recursive associations #1919

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This bug is fairly situational; here's some fictionalized background on my project.

I've set up a resource; let's call them Nodes. A Node has_many children (:classname "Node") and belongs_to a parent (:classname "Node"). So it's a recursive, treelike association.

The top-level parents are listed in a table which leverages the partial "/shared/node". The show action for each node displays its children using the same partial.

Here's where the bug comes in: I've added an edit_node_path link to the Node partial. However, with the exception of the top-level Nodes, each edit_node_path refers to the parent of the Node I actually want to edit! This is odd and inconsistent, particularly since Show and Destroy refer to the correct node.


Specifying the node with edit_node_path(node) will link to the correct node. It still seems as though Rails should do this by default, though.


How were you calling it in the first place? Doesn't edit_node_path require an argument?


No, edit_node_path doesn't require an argument.

Let me see if I can make the problem clearer...

Imagine I have two resources: Tree and Node.

In the show view for Tree, I render a collection of Nodes using /shared/_node.html.erb, which looks something like this:

    <li><%= link_to "Show", node %></li>
    <li><%= link_to "Edit", edit_node_path %></li>
    <li><%= link_to "Destroy", node, :method => "delete" %></li>

Each of these, including edit, takes me to the correct page for the Node being rendered by the partial. So far, so good.

Now imagine I call the show action for Node A. The show action for a Node also renders a collection of Node partials using the same view.

Nodes D and E are children of Node A, so from A's show page I can see Nodes D and E, each with the same three links as I saw for A. The show and delete links for D and E are correct, but clicking the edit links for either D or E will take me to the edit action for A!

Since edit_node_path by default works correctly for Node A (but not D and E), I believe that, when not given arguments, edit_node_path will first try to link to the resource referenced by the variable @node. If @node is nil, edit_node_path will then try to link to the resource referenced by the variable node. As far as I can tell, edit_node_path will only require an argument if neither variable exists.

My concern is that this behavior is inconsistent: if the show and destroy links within the partial for a resource call the show and destroy actions for the partial's resource, why should the edit link be any different?

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Not sure if I follow you but edit_node_path requires a node which is the one that the edit will point to.
Please explain a bit more the issue and I can reopen it.

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@jthemphill thanks for doing your best to explain the issue :).
Can you provide an app in order to reproduce the problem?.

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@jthemphill push it to github and send us the link


Okay, you were right.

I made a sample app, but edit_node_path doesn't work without any arguments in a brand-new app. I'm going to dig through my app to see if it overrides the built-in function somewhere, but the issue is definitely not in Rails. Sorry for the false alarm.

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