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Inflector should classify('status') to 'Status' - not 'Statu' #2317

pzol opened this Issue Jul 28, 2011 · 2 comments

3 participants

pzol commented Jul 28, 2011
ActiveSupport::Inflector.classify 'status'
 => "Statu" 

instead it should return

ActiveSupport::Inflector.classify 'status'
=> "Status"
@pzol pzol closed this Jul 28, 2011
Ruby on Rails member

I'm assuming you closed this as classify works on a plural name like 'statuses' and not a singular name where you need to use camelize - if you close a ticket please give the reason so that it helps other people who might be searching for something similar.


"status".pluralize.classify.constantize # => Status

"statuses".pluralize.classify.constantize # => Status

the "classify" method singularizes the string and camelizes it if its snake case...

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