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ActiveResource undefined method `collect!' for #<Hash:0x0000010367cc90> #2318

erikkallen opened this Issue July 28, 2011 · 11 comments

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Erik Kallen Gary Moore Jean-Philippe Boily Arun Agrawal Tom Rossi Ryan Marsh Vasily Mikhaylichenko rilian
Erik Kallen

When trying to load a ActiveResouce xml collection I get the following error:

undefined method `collect!' for #Hash:0x0000010367cc90

This is the xml it tries to read:

<projects type="array" offset="0" total_count="55" limit="25">
<name>Automatic TM charts</name>

I traced the error to this method in ActiveResource::Base line 922

def instantiate_collection(collection, prefix_options = {})
collection.collect! { |record| instantiate_record(record, prefix_options) }

if I replace it with this it works:

def instantiate_collection(collection, prefix_options = {})
collection = collection[element_name.pluralize] if collection.instance_of?(Hash)       
collection.collect! { |record| instantiate_record(record, prefix_options) }
Gary Moore

Hey Eric, you ever put in a pull request for this? We're having the same problems here when trying to interpret xml that isn't from us.

Erik Kallen

No sorry I haven't I'll try to make one tomorrow I used an evil hack for now which I can hand you if you want for the time beeing

Gary Moore

Yeah would love to take a look. Send it over.

Erik Kallen

I found the evil hack sorry it took so long

add this to your config/boot.rb:

class Hash
  def collect!(&block)
    ret = []
    self.each {|key,val|
      if val.kind_of? Array
        ret = val
    return ret

and remember its an evil hack

Jean-Philippe Boily

Thanks for your evil hack @erikkarllen!

Arun Agrawal

Just found same bug reported here #1498

Tom Rossi

I'm turning to the darkside and using the evil hack!!!

Ryan Marsh

Using the evil hack.... yuck.

Vasily Mikhaylichenko

Don't do it folks! ActiveResource lets you specify a custom formatter for you data which you can use to expand your hash:

class ProjectXMLFormatter
  include ActiveResource::Formats::XmlFormat

  def decode(xml)

class Project < ActiveResource::Base
  self.format =
Erik Kallen

Thanks that is indeed a better solution

Erik Kallen erikkallen closed this January 19, 2012


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