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[3.1.0.rc5] ActiveRecord doesn't find record created with CSV info #2352

nathanborgo opened this Issue Jul 29, 2011 · 4 comments

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When creating a record from a CSV file, Record.find_by doesn't find them. This might not have anything to do with creating records from a file, but that's how I ran into the problem.

Demo apps:

The app using 3.0.9 works as expected.

Action in question:

def create
  file = params[:record][:file].tempfile

  CSV.foreach file, :headers => true, :header_converters => :symbol do |row|
    Record.create row.to_hash

  redirect_to records_url

Examples from rails console:

> Record.find_by_email "matching@asd.asd"
=> nil     # Should return record created through the CSV file

> Record.create :email => "matching@asd.asd"
> Record.find_by_email "matching@asd.asd"
=> <Record id: 4, email: "matching@asd.asd">
> Record.find_all_by_email "matching@asd.asd" 
=> [<Record id: 4, email: "matching@asd.asd">]    # Should return both

Output from debugging row.to_hash:

{:email=>"Matching@asd.asd", :first_name=>"First", :last_name=>"Last"}
{:email=>"Notmatching@asd.asd", :first_name=>"Matching", :last_name=>"Name"}
{:email=>"asdasdasdasd@asd.asd", :first_name=>"asd", :last_name=>"asd"}

Output from querying the database directly:

sqlite> SELECT "records".* FROM "records" WHERE "records"."email" = 'Matching@asd.asd' LIMIT 1;
# This one should have returned the CSV record, but it returns nothing
sqlite> SELECT "records".* FROM "records" WHERE "records"."email" = 'nomatch@asd.asd' LIMIT 1;
5|2|match|this|nomatch@asd.asd|2011-07-29 17:13:13.821972|2011-07-29 17:13:13.821972

Hopefully that's enough information for now. If I missed something, let me know.

Ruby on Rails member

Hi, are you using Ruby 1.9?


Yea, I'm on 1.9.

Ruby on Rails member

Check the encoding of the strings you're inserting:


If they are marked as binary, sqlite will store them as blobs. You should either tell the CSV reader the input encoding, or change your strings encoding to UTF-8.

@tenderlove tenderlove closed this Jul 29, 2011

Well that was anticlimactic. It was an encoding issue, after all. Everything works fine after forcing UTF-8.


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