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Assets mapping of URL to filename is cached between Capistrano releases #2397

andyjeffries opened this Issue · 4 comments

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We have an application that is deployed frequently by our CI environment. The other day (having upgraded to 3.1.0 RC5) I noticed that it was breaking in serving images.

The reason seems to be that somewhere there is a mapping that converts URLs like "/assets/logo.png" (generated by asset-url() in SCSS files) to /some/where/project/releases/201108021104/public/assets/logo-19ae....png.

The problem is that this cache is around long after that folder has been cleaned out by Capistrano only keeping the last 5 deployments.

It seems to be in Memcached (as a restarted of Memcached fixes it), but we don't want our clients to have to wipe out Memcached after a new deployment. For this reason in our code we prefix a cache_namespace value to the start of all cache keys, so we can change that value for a single application and not have to wipe out the whole of Memcached.

Is it possible to do this for Rails 3.1's asset pipeline? This might just be a documentation issue - there may be an easy way to do it, but it's not obviously documented (to me).

I saw in Sprockets::Digest the comment:

"The Environment#version is a custom value used for manually expiring all asset caches."

But I can't see a way to set this as Rails.application.assets only returns a Sprockets::Index (immutable Sprockets::Environment).

I also noticed there is a private method "cache_key_namespace" on Sprockets::Caching, but that when I request a static asset with Memcached in -vv mode, it doesn't actually seem to have that cache_key_namespace value at the start anyway.




@andyjeffries Is this still an issue?


Hasn't been an issue for a while for me now. You can close this ticket as far as I'm concerned (or I'll close it if it needs to be the opener).

@arunagw arunagw closed this
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