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MySql connection adapter forces int(11) for primary keys #2573

maletor opened this Issue Aug 17, 2011 · 9 comments

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maletor commented Aug 17, 2011

This line freezes such that I cannot make my primary column a varchar(255).

Is there any good reason for this? If yes then why allow set_primary_key to non integers within the model?


Same problem here. Most notably, every time we dump the schema

:id => false 


t.string "id" 

get stripped out of the schema


@maletor Is this still an issue?

maletor commented Apr 30, 2012

Yes, I add these lines to my spec_helper.rb before(:suite).

ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute('ALTER TABLE comments MODIFY code varchar(255) NOT NULL')
ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute('ALTER TABLE subcomments MODIFY code varchar(255) NOT NULL')
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This also makes auto_increment to be added by default, which doesn't seem to be configurable.

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I would ❤️ the ability to use a UUID from postgres for my primary keys, but unless we have some docs that says otherwise, this looks like a feature request instead of a bug report. WDYT?

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@schneems I have been working on a PR to close this. Something allowing configurable primary keys. Would like feedback on if

create_table :testings, :id => false, :primary_key => { column definition here } do |t|


would be considerate.

Support for previous :primary_key => :column_name would still be maintained.

Not sure, if I should be asking for feedback here or on rails-core.

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This can be closed since @tenderlove implemented series of patches upto bc8ebef

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senny commented Apr 30, 2013

Thanks @vipulnsward. closing this one.

@senny senny closed this Apr 30, 2013
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