No asset filename hashes in ActionMailer views #2584

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This is occurring on 3.1.0rc6. Basically the md5 hash that gets appended to assets when using image_tag is not present when used in ActionMailer views. So the resulting url does not work.

I created a vanilla rails app to make sure something I did isn't causing this.

Here is the result using the same erb view to render via ActionController and ActionMailer:


<img alt="Rails" src="/assets/rails-ccbe0ffcfe6f841608020ae576f7ac1c.png" />


>> TestMailer.test_email.body
=> <img alt="Rails" src="" />
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Does this happen in 3.1.1 ?


@iamveen Are you still having this problem?


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I'm closing this issue since it's pointing to a release candidate of 3.1 version, and got stale. Please let us know if you are able to reproduce this with 3-2 stable version, and we'll gladly reopen. Thanks!

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