Rake isn't running Railtie initializers in 3.1.0 #2900

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I'm using enum_column (git://github.com/electronick/enum_column.git) because I'm working with a legacy database that is using enums in MySQL.

In 3.0.9, if I do rake db:schema:dump, I can see with instrumenting that the main lib file is loaded, and the on_load trigger for :active_record is fired, so it works.

After upgrading to 3.1.0, this no longer works, because the on_load trigger is never fired when running rake. It's fired when I load up the rails console, but not when running rake.

I don't know enough about the underpinnings to provide any more insight than this. I'm running rake 0.9.2 in both cases, so it has to be a change in behavior in the transition from Rails 3.0.9 to 3.1.0...

Am I'm missing something/doing something wrong, or is this really an issue?


I found the change. In active_record/railties/databases.rake the prereq for :dump changed:

In 3.1.0 (doesn't work):

task :dump => :load_config do

In 3.0.9 (works):

task :dump => :environment do

So... why was this changed, and is it actually appropriate?


Looks like this line should be task :dump => [:environment, :load_config] do like the earlier tasks are defined...


Closing this, because the title is misleading (now that I figured out what it really was) and I ended up duplicating it as #2903 when I submitted a fix.

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