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3.1.1rc1: Sass helper image-url for scss uses digest:ed filenames even if disabled #3112

avocade opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Even when I set config.assets.digest = false in development.rb the scss compiler uses the digest:ed filenames:


background: image-url('bg_control_nav.png')

Resulting in in compiled css, and error when image can't be found.

I'm not sure if this is expected behavior?


Try clearing out your cache:

rake tmp:cache:clear

Tried that too, and deleted the entire tmp/ folder.

But it's still got to do something with the cache; I modified the images slightly in Preview, which should give them new digests, but when reloading the generated css file still used the same urls as before.

SOLVED: I noticed the stylesheet returned a 304 in the Chrome web inspector, so edited it a bit which must have released the browser cache. Now when it regenerated from scss it didn't use the digest, so I guess it was cached before when I ran the server in production mode locally...

A bit of a tricky situation, since I supposed double-reloading in Chrome would fully delete the cache...


Closing issue, nothing to do with rails. But something to be aware of (as always with caching, it can make you tear your hair out).

@avocade avocade closed this
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