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I just upgraded from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1 and I noticed the assets (i.e. images, javascripts, and stylesheets) are not properly loaded when running production locally in Mac OS 10.7.1:


source ''
source ''

gem "rails", "> 3.1.1"
gem "pg", "
> 0.11.0"
gem "execjs", "> 1.2.6"
gem 'jquery-rails'
gem "therubyracer", "
> 0.9.4"
gem 'formtastic', '~> 1.1.0'

Gems used only for assets and not required

in production environments by default.

group :assets do
gem 'coffee-rails', "> 3.1.1"
gem 'sass-rails', "
> 3.1.4"
gem "uglifier", "~> 1.0.3"

gem 'closure-compiler'


group :test do

Pretty printed test output

gem 'turn', :require => false


load 'deploy' if respond_to?(:namespace) # cap2 differentiator

Uncomment if you are using Rails' asset pipeline

load 'deploy/assets'

Dir['vendor/gems//recipes/.rb','vendor/plugins//recipes/.rb'].each { |plugin| load(plugin) }

load 'config/deploy' # remove this line to skip loading any of the default tasks
load 'deploy/assets'

Next, I noticed the 'cap deploy' started failing when attempting to deploy to staging. Thus, I'm seeing the following error message:

$ cap -V
Capistrano v2.9.0


*** [err ::] /usr/local/rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-head/bin/ruby /home/smartn/ assets:precompile:nondigest RAILS_ENV=production RAILS_GROUPS=assets
*** [err ::]
*** [err ::] rake aborted!

BTW, I have the following set with the production.rb:

config.assets.compile = true
config.assets.digest = true

Thus, I'm not sure why the 'assets:precompile:nondigest' when I have specified a digest to be enabled when deploying to a production test environment.


you should have config.serve_static_assets = true in production.rb if you want run the app locally in production mode

This resolves the issue of trying to run a production environment locally but deploying to staging is more of a concern at this time.


what's your problem deploying to staging?

$ cap deploy


*** [err ::] /usr/local/rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-head/bin/ruby /home/smartn/ assets:precompile:nondigest RAILS_ENV=production RAILS_GROUPS=assets
*** [err ::]
*** [err ::] rake aborted!

This task needs to publicly documented.


what's the output of "bundle exec rake assets:precompile --trace" (running it on staging server)?

Guillermo Iguaran

On Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 1:41 AM, Conrad Taylor wrote:


*** [err :: (] /usr/local/rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-head/bin/ruby /home/smartn/ ( assets:precompile:nondigest RAILS_ENV=production RAILS_GROUPS=assets
*** [err :: (]
*** [err :: (] rake aborted!

This task needs to publicly documented.

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this is failing also in 1.9.2-p290?

bundle exec rake assets:precompile fails running locally?

$ ruby -v
ruby 1.9.2p312 (2011-08-11 revision 32926) [x86_64-darwin11.1.0]

$ bundle exec rake assets:precompile

completes without error

The following command actually completes without errors on the production server:

$ bundle exec rake assets:precompile:nondigest RAILS_ENV=production RAILS_GROUPS=assets

However, capistrano executes the following command when dealing with the no digest and fails in production:

$ /usr/local/rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-head/bin/ruby /home/smartn/ assets:precompile:nondigest RAILS_ENV=production RAILS_GROUPS=assets

For now, I have disabled the Capistrano deploy recipe by doing the following:

load 'deploy/assets'

Thus, my deploy goes something like this:

Locally, I do the following:

$ bundle exec rake assets:precompile RAILS_ENV=production RAILS_GROUPS=assets
$ cap deploy
$ rsync -avz public/assets/ user@host:/parent_directory_of_assets/assets/

I may integrate this into my Capistrano recipe at some point depending on the forthcoming status of this issue.

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