Dynamic find_or_create_by_x_and_y calls always create a new record in Rails 2.3.11 #330

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This is a regression that was introduced in fdfc8e3.

Any create_or_find_by_x_and_y call on an association will aways create a new record.

To recreate:

Say you have two models, one has_many of another:

class Author < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :posts

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :author

Jump into the console and enable AR logging. Then run the dynamic find_or_create_by twice:

Author.first.posts.find_or_create_by_title_and_published('Post Title, true)
Author.first.posts.find_or_create_by_title_and_published('Post Title, true)

You'll see that the query looks generates something like

select * from posts where title IN ('Post Title', 1) and published = '' and author_id = 7

i.e. the title is getting passed an array of the input.

Failing test and patch coming shortly...

@daphonz daphonz added a commit to daphonz/rails that referenced this issue Apr 28, 2011
@daphonz daphonz Fixing dynamic finders on associations to properly send arguments to …
…the find_by_* method. Closes issue #330.

Commit fdfc8e3 introduced a bugfix to prevent additional values passed
to a dynamic find_or_create_by_x methods from confusing the finder.
This patch also broke the essential behavior of this method on an
association by incorrectly sending arguments to the find_by_x methods.
The finder method would always see its inputs as a single array of
values instead of individual arguments, almost guaranteeing that the
finder call would be incorrect, and that we'd always create a new
record instead.

This patch adds a splat operator to the parameter array we send along to
the dynamic finder so that it receives its inputs correctly, and
includes an additional test to ensure that repeated calls to
find_or_create_by_x only creates one new record.

I apologize about the duplication. Unfamiliar with GitHub's issue tracking. Please reference Issue #331 as that contains the pull request.

@daphonz daphonz closed this Apr 28, 2011
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