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Controller should be responsible for choice to show exceptions #3323

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In Rails 2 we could override local_request? on the controller, so you had access to a wealth of info to decide whether to show exceptions like the current account, current user, etc.

In Rails 3 that moved to a middleware and the local_request? check moved to the Request itself, which can't see shit.

It'd be great to have a better way to tell ShowExceptions to actually show the exception. It's a patchwork of constructor args, rack env vars, and Request#local? right now. It shouldn't have to know about any of that except a rack env var, ideally.

Leave it up to the controller to tell it whether to kick in or not.

Example: on every request, set env['action_dispatch.show_exceptions'] = show_exceptions? and wrap up the typical local-request checks in a default #show_exceptions? that controllers can override and super to.

Targeting 3.2 for a fix. Pull requests welcome!

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@jeremy, there are 3 ways in ShowExceptions:

  • raise exception (now controlled through env['action_dispatch.show_exceptions'])
  • rescue locally
  • rescue in public

Should we somehow change behaviour of env['action_dispatch.show_exceptions'] or add another one (e.g. env['action_dispatch.rescue_action_locally']) ?


I'll provide pull request for it.

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@lest Thanks. It may help to split these into separate middleware, too.


@jeremy I've looked at sinatra sources (it has the same functionalily) and decided:

  • use action_dispatch.raise_errors to raise exceptions or not
  • use action_dispatch.show_exceptions to render detailed diagnostics for exception (as in your example)

PS. I've almost done this and added show_exceptions? method to ActionController::Metal (is it ok?), I have to reorganize tests and test it carefully.


Please see pull request #3717

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Closed by #3717

@jeremy jeremy closed this
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