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pokonski commented Oct 19, 2011


I'm using Rails 3.1.1 and Passenger to deploy an application to /community sub-uri. In regular views this:

<%= asset_path "image.png" %> 

transforms into proper path:


But the same helper in my style.css.erb file produces:


I've seen a lot of older issues similar to this one, but none of them fixed this, so far. This basically renders asset_path useless in stylesheets, for now I'm resorting to asset_data_uri for inline inclusion.

EDIT: Same thing applies when using <%= asset_path "image.png" %> inside .js.erb files.

pdfrod commented Nov 6, 2011

I'm having the same problem. Using:

<%= asset_path('menu/down.gif') %>

renders the path:


instead of the expected:


ginjo commented Nov 10, 2011

I've been having the same or similar problem since 3.1 was released. Resolution of relative url roots for assets using css/sass/scss/erb appears to be on-again-off-again. There are several similar threads about this issue. Some of them:

With Rails 3.1.0, I solved the problem with the Sass::Rails::Helpers#public_path fix, mentioned in the above links. But with Rails 3.1.1, this fix no longer appears effective.

For me, with a fresh install of Rails 3.1.1 and all of it's dependencies, "image-url" in a scss file ignores the ENV['RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT'] environment variable, even though all of my view helpers resolve it correctly. Interestingly, "asset-url" DOES work.

In application.css.scss


resolves to



asset-url('myImage.png', 'image')

resolves to


I'm having the same problem with

<%= asset_path('zurb-nub-shell-hover.png') %>

But as ginjo said, asset-url works correctly so long as you are running the monkey patch here:

I'm running Rails 3.1.3.


pokonski commented Nov 30, 2011

But image-url requires SASS and I don't use that. Issue still stands, seems like a strictly Passenger+sprockets+erb issue.

I agree, it's still an issue. We don't use SASS either, but it's the only workaround we currently have short of not using the asset pipeline.


pokonski commented Nov 30, 2011

I guess it's time to dive into the code and fix it...

awendt commented Dec 1, 2011


Resolution of relative url roots for assets using css/sass/scss/erb appears to be on-again-off-again

That's my impression, too. Would be great if this could be fixed for good. Plus, Stackoverflow is full of work-arounds which all appear to be outdated despite their young age.


pokonski commented Dec 11, 2011

Gonna go ahead and harras José for a second. @josevalim, would you merge a fix for it if I made one? Don't want to code in vain so just asking!


pokonski commented Dec 12, 2011

Ok guys, I have some good news. I managed to fix the asset_path(and every other that generates paths as all use it) method in .erb assets in development mode. Basically what was happening is that Passenger uses ENV['RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT'] which was ignored by Sprockets.

With my fix ( it now generates proper paths for assets in sub-uri.

For production you still need to set that ENV variable before precompiling assets, just do this:

RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT="/suburi" rake assets:precompile

josevalim closed this in 5266eb9 Dec 12, 2011

josevalim closed this in af308ff Dec 12, 2011


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