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Replace memcache-client with dalli #3538

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"Reopening" #722.

memcache-client is deprecated in favor of dalli. In #722 it was suggested to maybe not ship mem_cache_store in Rails and require the user to include this if they want it.

Also, memcache-client throws warnings when running the tests.


@dvyjones what tests? Are you saying the rails test suite fails with memcache-client or your application test suite fails?

Ruby on Rails member

Rails Test Suite gives a warning when you run tests. This needs to be done. We have to replace memcache-client with Dalli.

This is a feature request.

@arunagw arunagw was assigned

Yes, I meant the Rails test suite.


@rafaelfranca what do you think of this? Is it worth it to delete the MemcacheStore class and replace everything with Dalli? This remove code from rails which is good.

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@guilleiguaran is already working on it. I'll assign to him.

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See #6903

Ruby on Rails member

I'm closing this one and moving the discussion to #6903

@spastorino spastorino closed this
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