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DateTime tests throw warning "invalid start is ignored" #3540

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Several of the tests testing DateTime objects throw the warning "invalid start is ignored". After looking around for a bit I've isolated this to only the calls to with 8 arguments, where the 8th argument is 0. The 8th argument is the Julian day number for when the calendar reform happened. From the ruby docs:

An optional argument the day of calendar reform (start) as a Julian day number, which should be 2298874 to 2426355 or
-/+oo. The default value is Date::ITALY (2299161=1582-10-15). See also sample/cal.rb.

0 is not -/+ infinity, nor between 2298874 and 2426355. Is there any reason we're passing this at all? It's ignored completely, so I see no reason why to keep it.


Closing this in favour of #3541, which has some code to fix this.

@henrikhodne henrikhodne closed this
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