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If set_table_name specifies the same name but with diferent upper and lowercase combination don't use the epecified table_name continues with normalized rails table_name.
All in uppercase or different name, then accepts the assigment ...

Postgresql Table example named as "KaKaTua",

class Kakatua< ActiveRecord::Base
self.set_table_name "KaKaTua" # DON'T WORKS, sql ouputs as "kakatua". (need consistent set_table_name with "KaKaTua" sql output)
#self.set_table_name "KAKATUA" # WORKS, sql ouputs as "KAKATUA"
#self.set_table_name "KaKaxxxTua" # WORKS, ouputs as "KaKaxxxtua"



steveklabnik commented Apr 30, 2012

Are you still seeing this issue on 3.2?

Seems to issue the right sql, tested with Rails 3.2.6:

class Kakatua < ActiveRecord::Base
  self.table_name = "KaKaTua"

>> Kakatua.table_name
=> "KaKaTua"
>> Kakatua.where('1=1').to_sql
=> "SELECT \"KaKaTua\".* FROM \"KaKaTua\"  WHERE (1=1)"

Given this test and the issue status, I'm going to close it for now. Please let us know if you still find this is an issue, thanks!

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